Reports Indicate Trump Attending Huge Event In Trump Country…This Is A Great Move

(Liberty Bell) – Despite being a 5th Avenue real estate mogul for most of his life, President Donald Trump, despite so many coastal elites these days, has his finger on the pulse of the average American.

This is because in his heart, he is a true American, from a generation that still appreciated that everyone from the average NASCAR to the New York billionaire was part of the same great country and could be cut from the same cloth.

Of course, now coastal city dwellers have absolutely no idea how most Americans live our what matters to them, despite living in the paradise of freedom that is the United States, thanks to the hard work and sacrifice of generations before them who still understood these things despite class divides.

Now, as he comes off two weeks of awesome wins, President Trump is expected to attend the famous Daytona 500 NASCAR race in his new on Saturday, according to reports.

Breitbart reports:

The Orlando Sentinel reported the FAA advised the DeLand Airport there was a strong possibility that President Trump would fly into the area to attend the 62nd annual running of the race.

The White House did not confirm the visit in a response to a request from Breitbart News.

The last time a president visited a NASCAR race was President George W. Bush in 2004.

The president praised NASCAR and its fans while honoring champion driver Joey Logano in April of 2019.

“NASCAR is not only a thrilling display of skill and power but a celebration of the American spirit. So true,” Trump said. “No matter who wins the race, you never forget what matters most: God, family, and country. And nobody embodies that more than you folks, I’ll tell you.”

In 2018, President Trump praised NASCAR drivers for showing patriotism for their country, unlike athletes in other sports who have disgraced the flag of the country in which they’ve enjoyed so much wealth and fame.

“One thing I know about NASCAR, they do indeed, stand for the playing of the national anthem,” he said. “Right? They do indeed.”

This is a great move.


  1. I kinda hope President Trump does attend the race. Simply for the entertainment factor of the meltdown the liberal left will have.
    You know, Whining about how Mr. Trump is just pandering to the ignorant, racist, beer swilling planet destroying, fossil fuel wasting, white trash red neck base.


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