Report Reveals That Wisconsin’s ‘Indefinitely Confined’ Voter Status Does Not Include Voter ID — Check Out How Many Of These Ballots Were Cast In 2020

(Liberty Bell) – The 2020 presidential election is proving over time to be one of the most corrupt in the history of our great republic. Evidence continues to mount that massive voter fraud resulted in the theft of the election from Donald Trump and by extension the American people. Especially in the key battleground states where Democrats changed a lot of voting laws using COVID for justification.

According to Gateway Pundit, Wisconsin’s “Indefinitely Confined” voter status is a virtual breeding ground for all kinds of election fraud. There’s no doubt in my mind that you’ll start to see this particular status and rule begin to be championed by Democrats in the rest of the country very, very soon.

This status, which is available for Wisconsin residents, excludes the requirement of providing an ID when applying for it. An individual seeking “indefinitely confined” status does not have to prove their identity, which means that an illegal alien could settle in the state of Wisconsin and end up with this status which will allow them to cast a ballot in the election. Again, Democrats will love this.

According to a report from the state of Wisconsin, the number of absentee votes skyrocketed in 2020.

Back in 2016, less than 28 percent of all the votes that were cast were absentee votes. However, in 2020, the number surged to almost 60 percent of all votes. Let that sink in for just a moment. A whopping 60 percent of votes coming in for the 2020 presidential election were from voters that, due to this status, did not have to provide verification of their identity.

Almost 2 million ballots were cast in Wisconsin in 2020, compared to the 800,000 just four years earlier. That’s an increase of almost 250 percent. Of these votes, only 4,000 or 2 percent of all absentee ballots were returned or rejected. Around 85,000 or 4 percent were not returned at all. Back in the 2016 election, 2.5 percent of ballots were rejected, which would be the equivalent of 50,000 in the 2020 election.

Of all the ballots cast in 2020, a staggering 265,000 were cast as indefinitely confined status, compared to the 67,000 in 2016. For those into all these numbers and mathematics, you’re looking at an increase of 200,000 indefinitely confined voters.

Now, the Wisconsin Election Commission is claiming that the vast majority of folks who have the indefinitely confined status “have a photo ID on file or have otherwise previously presented photo ID to vote in a recent election. A review of election records found that approximately four fifths of the voters meet these criteria.”

The Election Commission is also reporting that 57 percent of voters voted by mail in Dane County and almost 50 percent in Milwaukee. Almost 60,000 of the Milwaukee ballots were from indefinitely confined voters.

What makes this whole thing really suspect is how both Dane County and Milwaukee county clerks issued identical orders that allowed all voters to go ahead and consider themselves indefinitely convinced due to illness.

“I have informed Dane County Municipal Clerks that during this emergency and based on the Governors Stay at Home order I am declaring all Dane County voters may indicate as needed that they are indefinitely confined due to illness. This declaration will make it easier for Dane County voters to participate in this election by mail in these difficult times. I urge all voters who request a ballot and have trouble presenting a valid ID to indicate that they are indefinitely confined,” the order said.

However, the Supreme Court has ruled that a county clerk cannot declare any elector to be indefinitely confined due to a pandemic. The Election Commission has not addressed invalid indefinitely confined voters that participated in the 2020 presidential election. The only way to begin to sort out this egregious mess is by requesting a valid and comprehensive forensic ballot review.

As you can, this voter fraud mess has a lot of different aspects to it. It’s likely going to take years to get to the truth.

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  1. If you read wikipidia, these voting machine systems only need a name to generate a voter registration and ballotl. Then they can vote for you without you doing anything . Just search voting machine systems and read how they operate.

  2. Working on a legitimate, observed ballot count is one thing. Fudging the numbers after hours in secrecy, unobserved, to favor Biden 95 to 1 to remove an insurmountable mathematical lead is not an accidental ballot counting error. Communist China is Biden’s BBF after ‘most favored nation’ status for trade. Five million U S jobs went there. Coincidence that a Wuhan virus arrives here at the right time to necessitate mail-in ballots which can be counted in secrecy at Democrat controlled places. And with Voting machines designed to allow votes to be switched(per a Venezuelan election) Should be called the ‘Biden Virus’ ! Biden was about a popular as a cow pie on your dinner plate, except among hard-core Marxists. But whoever controls the counting controls the result.

  3. Hey, Dumbass R. Phillipson. Did you miss the part where it is against the law for some peon LIBTURD POS to change the law to allow lazy scum to vote. Trump virus you [email protected] MORON, it is the Chinese Virus. It is a shame you weren’t one of the LIBTURD Morons Aborted by your Mom.

    • There is no law that prevents people from applying for absentee ballots. Perhaps you should apply for a ballot, and see how difficult it is, to test your rather strange views. By the way it is probably a bat virus, generated by an Australian bat, infected by a flying fox that happened to fly via Washington to Wuhan, with a London stopover.

  4. You once again talk of a stolen election spreading lies like chaff. The increase in absentee voting was entirely due to the Trump virus, you know that so why dress up a lie in charts? The will certainly be an increase in “indefinitely confined” voting because we have an aging population and people are living longer. No one can get on that list unless they are already registered to vote and a signature already exists at the Board of Election. Fraud, accidental and deliberate, does occur but it is of no significance at all.

    Your continued propagation of a lie is disgusting and damaging to the country and certainly unpatriotic.

    • No significance BG simply means it does not affect the result of an election. In any case most so-called election fraud is accidental not deliberate. Work on an election count sometime and find out.

      As for Mr. Vinson he seems to have something against facts and reality. May he be happy in his own world for he certainly is not in this one.


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