REPORT: Before She Died On January 6th Was Rosanne Boyland Beaten By Female Officer? (VIDEO)

(Liberty Bell) – A lot of folks out there don’t know a whole lot about the death of Rosanne Boyland, which happened during the Jan. 6 riots and was, like the horrific murder of Ashli Babbitt, caused by the actions taken by the U.S. Capitol Police.

Rosanne was killed after being severely beaten, pepper sprayed, and trampled on by folks on the steps of the U.S. Capitol building. A man named Philip Anderson spoke with the Gateway Pundit about Boyland’s death. He was by her side when she was killed. Police kept pushing protesters on top of the poor woman while she was on the ground.

A new report from the Gateway Pundit says, “Rosanne Boyland was a 34 years old young woman, beloved daughter, middle sister and proud Aunt. She journeyed by car from Kennesaw, Georgia with a close friend to support the President of the United States that she loved. She was seen smiling happily as she marched to the Capitol in a black hoodie, ripped jeans, tube socks with American flag sunglasses, and clutching a ‘Save America’ sign.”

Boyland never returned to the state of Georgia, to her family.

Her family gave a statement concerning her death, saying, “Rosanne cared deeply for her family and friends— she ALWAYS greeted and left them with a hug saying, “I love you!” She was dedicated to her sobriety, attending meetings regularly — even the night of January 5th. When most meetings were canceled due to COVID-19, she would arrange to meet informally (usually outside) with her support network because she knew the lock-down was stressful for everyone. Her goal the last several years was to become a certified counselor. She spent a lot of time researching and finding assistance for others to improve or save their lives. Rosanne genuinely cared for anyone in need and went out of her way to help others — often ignoring her needs in the process. (For example: Several times Rosanne collected extra blankets and coats, drove into Atlanta, and gave them out to any street people in need.)”

What’s even more tragic, sad, and just plain maddening is that the mainstream media has been quick to slander Boyland after her death, meaning she is not able to defend herself from their twisted nonsense.

That bastion of journalistic integrity (sarcasm) known as the New York Times reported that Boyland was trampled to death by an angry mob of Trump supporters. Other news networks and outlets have focused on Boyland’s past troubles with drugs.

And, of course, other news publications, like USA Today have tried to paint her up as some sort of QAnon wacko obsessed with conspiracy theories. However, that’s not the truth.

“This reporter released an article with testimony and our investigative team at ‘The People’s January 6th Commission’ released video last month to illustrate that the mainstream media was wrong. According to multiple eyewitnesses, Boyland was allegedly not trampled by an angry Trump mob but rather these witnesses stated that the police pushed protesters on top of her and would not allow fellow protesters to pull her out. The men that say they tried to pull her out and fight for her are now in jail with no voice to speak out,” the report from GP said.

“The Washington DC Chief Medical Examiner Dr. Francisco Diaz came out and said Boyland’s first cause of death was “Acute Amphetamine Intoxication” and the media gleefully reported. As previously stated, it has been confirmed that Boyland had an Adderall prescription, which is an amphetamine. It is hard to fathom how the Medical Examiner missed the blunt trauma that should have been obvious after the police allegedly pushed the crowd on top of Rosanne, would not allow anyone to pull her out, and then beat her with a stick to the body and the head repeatedly as she lay motionless. Unfortunately, Boyland was cremated shortly after her autopsy. It may still be possible to order a second autopsy based on pictures and other forensics, something the people should demand, and Nancy Pelosi’s “House Select January 6th Committee” should be focused on,” the report continued.

It’s become rather clear to a lot of Americans that the Capitol Police and other DC Police departments are both allegedly responsible for the deaths of two unarmed female protesters, Ashli Babbit being the other one. So why isn’t the January 6th House Select Committee showing basically zero interest in these deaths?

That kind of attitude and disrespect is what is forcing regular individuals and alternative media sites to launch their own investigation into what happened.

The mainstream media has had no qualms about repeatedly slandering a dead woman’s name without doing any proper due diligence or research, so they need to take back their statements about Boyland and issue an apology to the nation and to the woman’s family.

It’s taken a long, long time, but the folks over at GP believe they might have finally identified the officer responsible for Boyland’s death on the Capitol steps, the individual who brutally beat her down.

“After combing over the evidence for the past months, a team of investigators have concluded that Officer Lila Morris (Badge Number 5869) of the DC Metropolitan Police in the 6th District is the officer seen in a video we previously released seeming to aggressively beat an unarmed, defenseless and unconscious woman on the steps of the West Terrace of The United States Capitol with a long stick. That woman, Boyland, died at the Capitol- more than likely on the steps as she was unable to be resuscitated by her fellow protesters after the attack. It is not clear in the video if the blows were what killed Boyland, if she was already dead as she was beaten, or if she died shortly afterwards,” the report claimed.

“Officer Morris was honored at the Super Bowl LV in Tampa, Florida in February for her “heroism” at the Capitol and called a ‘superhero’ by D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser. Officer Morris never made mention of the violent encounter with Boyland on January 6th,” the report added.

Here’s a picture of Morris.

Here’s another photo of her helmet number.

It took the government almost eight months to release the name of the police officer responsible for the death of Ashli Babbitt, though GP and other conservative media outlets had uncovered and confirmed it long before.

“Waiting on the government to release the name of an officer who might be culpable in another death on January 6th is simply not an option. As concerned citizens, we deserve to know if an officer is responsible for another protester’s death, and who that officer is. Whether this is ultimately the case or not, police officers must be investigated and held accountable to the public, especially when a video like this emerges,” GP said.

Take a look at the video below that was discovered in June, which features footage of Boyland being beaten by a police officer on the Capitol steps:

A Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request was filed right after forensic video analyst Gary McBride went all over the internet in an attempt to find video footage that would feature a close up of the badge number (5869) on the helmet of the officer who is seen beating Boyland as she lay unconscious on the Capitol Steps.

In the FOIA, which was filed by a researcher named Randy Ireland, “general information on the Metropolitan Police Officer for badge number 5869” was then requested. The request asked for the officer’s first and last name, how many years they have been in service, and other publicly available information regarding the tenure of the officer with the Metropolitan Police Department.

“The FOIA request for the identity of the officer was flat out denied and the file was closed. This appears to be in direct violation of the rules of the Metropolitan Police, according to DC Code 5-331.09 (Identification of MPD Personnel Policing First Amendment Assemblies),” the report said.

This code requires police to provide the first and last name, along with the badge number, upon request and have that information displayed while they are in uniform. It’s worth nothing that Morris’ was nowhere on her uniform on the day of the riots.

However, requests for this set of information was not granted by FOIA Specialist Mr. Bob Eckert who works at the Freedom of Information Act Office at the Metropolitan Police Department. GP then reached out to Lisa Archie-Mills, who is the current acting FOIA Officer the Supervisor at the Metropolitan Police Department, to get clarification behind why this public information was denied.

She went on to say that the request made for the name of the officer and public information is a “privacy issue for the officer.”

“Coming through FOIA seeking information on a specific police officer is a privacy issue and we do not normally release that information through FOIA,” she said.

“After the FOIA request denial, this reporter decided to simply call one of the local police stations and ask the desk officer the information. Desk officers at multiple district offices told the reporter that badge number 5869 belongs to Officer Lila Morris. After the red tape encountered with the DC Police Freedom of Information Office denying a simple request, it is notably strange that the on-duty desk officers gave this information yet the higher officials at the FOIA Office at Metropolitan Police Headquarters chose to withhold it,” GP’s report continued.

“After obtaining Officer Morris’ name, a search engine revealed her photo in articles pictured alongside fellow D.C. Officers Mike Fanone and Daniel Hodges (both witnesses at the January 6th House Select Committee Hearing) at Super Bowl LV “in recognition of their heroism” during the Jan. 6 “attack at the Capitol building”. D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser also showed her support in honoring the officers at the game, tweeting, “Thank you, @NFL, for honoring our (super)heroes from @DCPoliceDept at the #SuperBowl,” the report added.

DC Police Acting Chief Contee went on to state that Morris “fought like hell” on the day of the riots. Video footage reveals that this is indeed an accurate statement, but it’s not exactly complimentary the way Contee meant it to be.

There needs to be an investigation into this officer and the actions she took that day, which led to the death of Boyland on those steps. We need to hold folks, especially in law enforcement, accountable for their actions when they cross the line.

And we need to know why these officers reacted so violently and would continue to harm someone physically while they are unconscious. It’s the very definition of a heinous crime.

The media has been trying to say that Boyland’s death was caused by an “amphetamine overdose,” because Boyland had a prescription for Adderall, which is an amphetamine.

“Any logical person viewing the video can see that Boyland more than likely did not die of a drug overdose,” Forensics Video Analyst Gary McBride went on to add. “I have viewed it hundreds of times. The videos show probable cause that her death is more than likely related to other causes including police actions, to include the beating by the police officer seen swinging a heavy stick down on her body and head in an overhead hatchet-like motion multiple times. The strikes are so powerful that the stick actually breaks after the final fourth blow seen on video, and you can see Boyland’s body twitch from the impact.”

“Last month, this reporter exclusively reported for The Gateway Pundit the emergence of three additional eyewitnesses to the death of Rosanne Boyland after Gateway Pundit reported on the first two eyewitnesses. All said that law enforcement at the Capitol were responsible for Boyland’s death. Two of the eyewitnesses interviewed are still being detained indefinitely in a D.C. Jail, the other is under house arrest for Capitol charges. It was also reported on the exclusive video of Boyland being bludgeoned by a police officer and asked that the officer’s name and body camera footage be released,” the report proclaimed.

We need to see all of the footage that is available on this incident. Justice needs to be served and Boyland’s family deserves to have closure in the death of their loved one.

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  1. Andrea Iravani September 14, 2021 At 1:48 am
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    Andrea Iravani

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    Andrea Iravani

    • Maybe they already planned on doing it which would explain the massive buying programs by the Fed. Probably. Outsiders and Main Street are always the last to know, which places me in both camps.

      Andrea Iravani

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