Rand Paul Issues Scathing Statement After Being Falsely Accused Of Risking Other Senators With Exposure To Coronavirus

(Liberty Bell) – On Sunday, Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky (R) announced that he had tested positive for the COVID-19 virus.

Almost as soon as the news came out, Paul was accused of putting the Senate at risk by attending to his regular work in the Senate while he awaited the results of the test by two of his fellow Senators.

Paul, who has a damaged lung after being violently attacked by his angry liberal neighbor a few years ago, explained he’d taken the test out of an abundance of caution due to his increased risk factor and as he travels the country as a senator.

The Senator, who is a medical doctor, says that because of these factors he believed he was at low risk for exposure and had carried on with his job, same as the rest of his colleagues who were just as likely to be exposed themselves.

Paul’s statement:

Given that my wife and I had traveled extensively during the weeks prior to COVID-19 social distancing practices, and that I am at a higher risk for serious complications from the virus due to having part of my lung removed seven months ago, I took a COVID-19 test when I arrived in D.C. last Monday. I felt that it was highly unlikely that I was positive since I have had no symptoms of the illness, nor have I had contact with anyone who has either tested positive for the virus or been sick.

“Since nearly every member of the U.S. Senate travels by plane across the country multiple times per week and attends lots of large gatherings, I believed my risk factor for exposure to the virus to be similar to that of my colleagues, especially since multiple congressional staffers on the Hill had already tested positive weeks ago.

“As for my attendance at the Speed Art Museum fundraiser on March 7, unlike the other Kentucky government officials there, I had zero contact or proximity with either of the two individuals who later announced they were positive for COVID-19. The event was a large affair of hundreds of people spread throughout the museum.

“There was an announcement by the Museum and Metro Louisville Communicable Disease department that “those who public health officials consider at higher risk from possible exposure are being notified.” Louisville’s health director put out a statement in The Courier Journal that “most of the people at the Speed Ball were at ‘very minimal risk.’” I was not considered to be at risk since I never interacted with the two individuals even from a distance and was not recommended for testing by health officials.

“I believe we need more testing immediately, even among those without symptoms. The nature of COVID-19 put me – and us all – in a Catch-22 situation. I didn’t fit the criteria for testing or quarantine. I had no symptoms and no specific encounter with a COVID-19 positive person. I had, however, traveled extensively in the U.S. and was required to continue doing so to vote in the Senate. That, together with the fact that I have a compromised lung, led me to seek testing. Despite my positive test result, I remain asymptomatic for COVID-19.

“For those who want to criticize me for lack of quarantine, realize that if the rules on testing had been followed to a tee, I would never have been tested and would still be walking around the halls of the Capitol. The current guidelines would not have called for me to get tested nor quarantined. It was my extra precaution, out of concern for my damaged lung, that led me to get tested.

“Perhaps it is too much to ask that we simply have compassion for our fellow Americans who are sick or fearful of becoming so. Thousands of people want testing. Many, like David Newman of The Walking Dead, are sick with flu symptoms and are being denied testing. This makes no sense.

“The broader the testing and the less finger-pointing we have, the better. America is strong. We are a resilient people, but we’re stronger when we stand together.”

According to an early report on Sunday from The Washington Post’s Seung Min Kim, “During the Senate GOP lunch today, (Sen. Jerry) Moran (R-KS) told colleagues that Rand was at the gym this morning, per two sources briefed on the lunch, and that he was swimming in the pool. Rand got his COVID-19 results back this morning.”

On Sunday evening, CNN’s Jake Tapper posted a Twitter thread which claimed, “A source close to Senator Rand Paul explains the events of the last couple weeks: A week and a half or so ago, Sen. Paul shut down his offices because of the coronavirus, telling his staff to work from home. 1/…”

…2/ On March 15, it was reported that two individuals at an event he attended in Kentucky — Speed Art Museum’s March 7 “Speed Ball” event — tested positive for coronavirus.

3/ The source close to Paul says the senator was confident he hadn’t interacted with the two so he didn’t think much of it, but then he thought about the particular vulnerability of those with respiratory and lung issues.

4/ Last August, as a result of complications from the neighbor who assaulted him in 2017, Paul had surgery that removed part of his lungs; he still occasionally experiences shortness of breath. Given that, source says, even though he was asymptomatic, he decided to play it safe.

5/ He got the test six or seven days ago, this source says. He felt fine, had no symptoms, and did not think he had coronavirus. He went about his daily life, including lunching with colleagues last week and going to the Senate gym this morning.

6/ Afterwards he got the results of the test and learned he had tested positive. As soon as he heard that, the source says, he left the Senate immediately.

Manu Raju of CNN reported that, “A number of Senate aides and senators are angry Paul did not go into isolation after he took the test or after he leaned about the positive cases at the event he was at. Instead, he continued on with his schedule, attending GOP lunches, going to gym, etc”.

Sen. Martha McSally (R), “I couldn’t agree more @kyrstensinema. As we ask all Americans to sacrifice their livelihoods and alter their behavior to save lives, we must ourselves model appropriate #coronavirus behavior. No one is too important to disregard guidance to self-quarantine pending test results.”

These women should have waited until the facts came out before accusing their colleague.


  1. I will not say Right or Wrong for speaking up, maybe this goes to show that NO matter who you are or where one lives, WE all are at risk, maybe, just maybe this will open some EYES and tell people in BOTH house you need to stop playing games with each other and work with each other and find a PLAN or a Way to STOP this BUG, before YOU all just might be working from Home, or HEARING those words ” Stay Home and don’t come to WORK until YOU are told to do so.

  2. While the current rules require Congress members actually be present to vote, perhaps it is time to consider a change. With current technology what would be wrong with allowing voting via technology under special circumstances such as the coronavirus.

  3. Last week I was in a doctors office waiting for him to be done with another patient. I overheard him through the door telling the other patient that “liberals are programmed to fear.” Not only does this doctor have super medical credentials, but common sense as well.

  4. Paul Rand is in a compromised situation, it was business as usual until the results came in! HOPEFULLY NOW HE IS IN QUARANTINE?! The President took the test and he tested NEGATIVE. Should he have been Quarantined until the results came in? I don’t think so! I have heard many DIFFERENT reports that the test is $2,000! 90 Percent of those that take the test are NEGATIVE! That tells me that people are panicking.I don’t have any of the answers but this is America and WE WILL GET THROUGH THIS! Steven Hines, THANK YOU for your service.

  5. To both sides of the aisle. We have a crisis in this country. And once again here comes the partisan politics. Im tired of the games of who has the bigger D***. Fill in the blank. If you dont’t get your crap together, were not going to forget when November comes and throw everyone of you up for reelection out of office. I got layed off in December and nobody wants to hire a 60 year old veteran. Yesterday my wife got notified she is layed off due to Covid-19. If you think i have an attitude, you are correct. Im a pissed off vet tired of the PC, BS.

  6. Hang in there Rand. You will be surprised how many of us will support you and the real Republicans in Congress and elseware.

  7. To paraphrase what Senator Kennedy of Louisiana said so eloquently: …America was founded by geniuses, by is being run by idiots…

    • I will translate for you S L O W people, America was founded by Republicans and Run by Democrats. I hope that I did not type to fast, for you Dumb Ass Democrats to keep up! HA HA. Vote Trump 2020 and Republican forever.

  8. Regrettable that hype, hysteria, paranoia, panic, fear pervade in some politicians & most media rather than working together, cooperating in mitigating this outbreak & contributing positive measures over unhelpful contrarian “Debbie downing”. Let’s so we can move on for better, step forward & retake our lives in routine even to higher purposes..We trust that this peak contagion will now abate as epidemics eventually die out in the past and soon.

  9. But by the grace of God go these presumptive people. Compassion should be extended always not a rush to judgment. The turn around for testing was very long somehow was Random to know? Shame on the nay sayers.

  10. I have a suggestion for all members of Congress: All of you stay home And work by computer and closed circuit for speeches and voting! No more exposure and all members of both parties vote!
    Just a suggestion that might work!

  11. We should ask that testing be made available for every American who wants to know if they have it so precautions are made, and definitely for those who have symptoms and go to a dr or hospital for an evaluation. We need lots of test kits available. What’s the solution for the lack of tests? Build a temporary plant to start production in the USA until a permanent one is built to meet the demands. Rand Paul’s situation sounds ordinary for me as maybe I too carry it but show no symptoms. No one is immune. No one! Follow the orders and directives. Stop mingling. The only reason Senator Paul was there is because the bipartisan bill cannot be passed. They all were supposed to be home by now! For God’s sake, some mentally ill neighbor tackled him and caused partial loss of a lung! You could even say he never should have been tackled, but this is what happened, very unfortunately. He is doing a good job and HE chose to get tested out of an abundance of caution. Sounds like another infected unknown person was at the museum and coughed droplets to suspend in the air or land on a surface that held germs for 9 days and he caught it there or anywhere really. Just count how many times you touch your face today for example. You could have infected yourself too! Be kinder to people and stay home!

  12. I am so sick of those rushing to judgement when they don’t know what the Hell they are
    talking about! And these women should not be in the limelight as in Cnn or McSally who is a Republican Senator. Step down sisters! i thought it was only the Dems who were lacking in brain cells but some republicans are certainly related!!!!!!!

  13. Doubtless said “colleagues” were Democrats – known perveyors of misinformation and misdirected ire – in other words finger pointers of the very worst kind, therefore whose opinions do not matter nor for which those wishing to know the TRUTH care less than for a rat’s ass…well, they need to shut the H up, get a life, and do what they were elected to do, work or all the people.Shut up AND put up. Am SO very tired of the lies, lies, LIES enemies of our POTUS and his colleagues have had to endure. They should all be thrown out of congress, forthwith.


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