Rand Paul Gives Stern Warning To Senate Leadership, Says One Third Of Party Will Leave

(Liberty Bell) – The Senate’s resident libertarian-leaning Republican, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), is warning that one third of the party is set to leave if the upper chamber goes along with the push to impeach President Donald Trump after he’s left office.

If they go forward with it, he says, it will “destroy the party.”

The January 6th violence at Capitol Hill at the hands of both pro-Trump and far-left protesters has been hyped up to the point of the entire pro-Trump camp being slandered as insurrectionists and traitors.

The manner in which dozens of Republican lawmakers have fiercely turned against Trump in spite of his calling for peaceful protest and condemning the violence immediately after it happened has disgusted those who still firmly support the president.

This could turn out to be highly politically disadvantageous for the GOP, Rand warned Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle” when he was asked by host Laura Ingraham about whether or not the Senate may hold a trial after Trump has already left office.

“They will destroy the Republican Party,” Paul said. “If leadership is complicit with an impeachment, or if leadership votes for impeachment, they will destroy the party. And like I said, I opposed President Trump when he was wrong and for him when he was right. We did a lot of good things throughout the Trump presidency and impeachment is purely a partisan thing.”

Paul firmly denounced the professed moral outrage coming from those who have turned against Trump and derided the clearly political move that is the second attempted impeachment.

“I didn’t agree with the fight that happened last week. I voted against over-turning the election,” he said “But at the same time, the impeachment is a wrongheaded, partisan notion. If Republicans go along with it, it will destroy the party. A third of the Republicans will leave the party.”

He explained that regardless of how one feels about the electoral college, the party won’t survive booting out someone with so many enthusiastic and loyal supporters.

“This isn’t about whether this was a right or wrong debate, this is not about anymore the electoral college,” he continued. “It’s about the future of the party and whether you are going to ostracize, excommunicate President Trump from the party — well, guess what, millions of his fans will leave as well.”

Ingraham astutely pointed out that, to Trump voters, such an excommunication would take a decidedly personal note.

“American voters who supported President Trump will feel that they have been impeached and called a white supremacist too,” she noted.

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  1. “The only difference between the JFK removal is that “LIVE ROUNDS” were used on JFK and “PAPER BULLETS” were used to remove President Trump”! “
    Evidence: Quote to wit: “We have put together, I think, one of the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the History of American politics”! “Joseph R. Biden, Jr. 10-24-2020”! “The democrats will stop at “NOTHING” to destroy “Our Family America Love and Our Posterity”! Quote me for IAM the Real Deal protected by “THEMIS” and Copyrights” “UNCHALLENGED”!

  2. It isn’t going to really matter. the dems got away with cheating in the election. Do you think it is going to change now? There is nothing to stop them. unfortunately I believe that the new Socialist States of America will be ruled by 1 party.

  3. I wish Trump had found another way to defend his loyalty to the USA but I have no idea what that would have been. I do believe that his actions as our President to make all things better for all of us that love this nation confirmed his intention.

  4. I suspect that it would be a good idea for the few constitutional minded, “law-abiding” Republicans to switch parties now. Since most politicians of both major political parties (at the local, county, state and federal levels) seem to live in a perpetual state of corruption and delusion. The politicians who believe in upholding and abiding by the United States Constitution should consider joining the constitutional or the libertarian parties. Or consider creating a new party altogether whose members believe in honesty and integrity in life and government.
    Otherwise we, the people may remain on the merry-go-round of treachery and false hope. It is what it is.

  5. The only way we will ever be able to mount a resistance to the new communist Democrats is if we stick together. It isn’t the party causing the problems for us. It is several people within the party that are doing that. Consequently, the main goal should be in replacing those individual RINOs during the next election with true, conservative, Republicans. In the meantime, we should push them hard to do the right thing.

  6. I suppose a huge amount of us have left already. If enough leave and start a new party then those true patriots in the rnc will come over. the rhinos will be removed or join the left where they belong. another thing, the left has set up the right to be silent and bow down by accusing all trump supporters. If anyone on the right protest anything they will be charged or targeted. welcome to obama chapter two. a fundamental change.

  7. Republican Party has already shown true colors. The ones who want to support our true President may want to move to a true party that supports Patriots. We feel betrayed and we know they knew the President wasn’t guilty these last 4 years but let them harass him anyway. They really think we are stupid.

  8. I believe it is time to mount an investigation into the foreign intervention obvious in 2020 election. We cannot allow the false, coerced narrative of the left to stand. The counterintuitive position that Arturo d’Ello (Leonardo it Tech) confessed to a crime the left maintains didn’t happen (vote manipulation by internet) requires a willful suspension of disbelief. I believe Sidney Powell, LtGen Mike Flynn, LtGen Gerry McInerney, Jovan Pulitzer and Patrick Byrne have been right all along. Proving the election was stolen and that President Trump was right would go a long way to righting the Republican ship.

  9. The RHINOS do not belong in Congress . They are hurting America .did they ever work for American people? The question is: do I want to vote for republicans again? I do no trust them!!!!!

  10. I left the party when Trump first entered the race for President. The party didn’t support him so I changed my party affiliation to Independent. After this last farce that was called an election, I’ve decided I will never vote again. The Democrats are too corrupt and the Republicans are too weak

  11. I will definitely leave the party if you vote for impeachment of Trump!!
    I have supported about 30 congressmen, at least 20 senators, gave to the RNC,
    RNCC, the RNSC, MAGA, the Great America PAC, Donald J Trump For Peesident throughout this Entire Campaign & I will not give $1
    To anyone voting for impeachment or ever support the Party Again or Cote for them!! Act like you have A backbone & Stand Against
    Anyone Who Would Vote to. Impeach!!

  12. If the Republican Senate members stood by President Trump like the Democrats stick together almost 100% of the time. President Trump would have been re-elected for a second term. There are to many RHINOS in congress. If you Republicans vote to impeachment. I will leave the Republican Party. No more monetary support either.


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