Rand Paul Drops Huge Bomb On Senate Floor, Throws The Curtain Off Crooked Adam Schiff And CIA “Whistleblower”

(Liberty Bell) – Last week, Supreme Court Justice John Roberts refused to read a question from Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) that dropped the name of the suspected CIA “whistleblower,” Eric Ciaramella.

Justice Roberts is presiding over the Senate impeachment trial of Donald J. Trump.

Sen. Rand’s question came during the question and answer portion of the proceedings when Senators were submitting written questions to the Justice to be asked of the president’s legal team and the House Democrat impeachment managers.

The question was simply about an individual named Eric Ciaramella, who worked for the Obama administration and was a holdover in the Trump White House when POTUS 45 first entered office.

Paul Sperry over at RealClearInvestigations identified Ciaramella as the most likely candidate for the anonymous whistleblower who submitted a complaint to the intelligence community inspector general about Trump’s July 2019 phone call with the president of Ukraine, on which the Democrats would go on to base their impeachment claims.

It is known that the whistleblower who has yet to be officially identified by the federal government approached House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff’s (D-CA) staff before filing his complaint with the IG.

It is also known that Schiff’s staff most likely helped this individual draft the very complaint, based on hearsay and gossip, that his committee would then claim was rock-solid evidence of an impeachable offense.

It is also well known that Ciaramella is closely linked to Schiff, as well as a number of other Deep Staters, that he sat in on a meeting between a Biden adviser (the same Biden adviser who flanked the former VP when he bragged to the Council on Foreign Relations about extorting the Ukrainians to fire the prosecutor investigating Burisma Holdings), and that he sat in on a meeting addressing concerns about Hunter Biden working for a Ukrainian company (Bruinsma Holdings).

There is absolutely nothing illegal about naming this man’s name.

It’s not like he’s the whistleblower…or is it?

Chief Justice Roberts seems to have given this away when he refused to read Paul’s question about Ciaramella, who is not officially confirmed to be the whistleblower.

So why not read his question if he’s not the whistleblower?

This is exactly what Paul did.

Senator Paul later tweeted out his impeachment question… And President Trump later retweeted him!!

On Tuesday during his closing comments Senator Rand Paul read out his question on the floor of the US Senate.

And Rand Paul named the anti-Trump CIA operative Eric Ciaramella on the senate floor.

This was an AMAZING SPEECH by Rand Paul!

Featured image credit: Gage Skidmore – flickr.com/photos/gageskidmore/17068555452


  1. Yes I was watching judge he read rand Paul question very lightly almost to u couldn’t hear do I’m not a lover of that judge he plays both sides just like the governor baker in Massachusetts republic but more of the Democratic it’s rhino glad it’s over and they all can shut and do their job for us the public and the (smelly wall art voters)which is TRUMP SUPPORTERS get it

  2. Congress critters go into Washington DC and earn about $175k per year average salary, and somehow end up multimillionaires on that salary in only a term or two or three. Politicians starting out as middle class and upper middle class when first elected, are routinely becoming multimillionaires on $175k yearly salaries in just a few terms or so. Easily. Even if you got $175k per year and saved every single penny of it with no taxes at all to pay on it, it would still take almost 6 years ($1,000,000 / $175,000 per year = 5.714 years) to save that much up. But congress critters live very comfortable luxurious lifestyles and for most it would simply be impossible NOT to spend most of that income just to maintain that high standard of living. Gee, I wonder where all of that additional money that they are obviously raking in is coming from in corrupt “pay for play” Washington DC.

    Notice I didn’t specify democrats or republicans. If you really want to understand the level of fear that Trump is causing as an outsider, with all of his talk of “draining the swamp”, you only need to look at all of the congress critters who are mysteriously somehow magically becoming wildly successful multi-millionaires and billionaires, and all on their limited upper middle class salaries. Never Trumpers on the right and socialist anti-Americans on the left, they all have their sticky fingers in the publicly funded tax payer pie, and people like Trump who are not part of their corrupt easy money system absolutely terrify them.

    If former Vice President Biden can be investigated and found guilty of corruption as it appears may be the case, then virtually all of Washington DC is in very real danger of being exposed and going down in flames as well. Unfortunately that is a very big IF, because for congress critters to expose other dirty congress critters is to also expose themselves. Nasty business that nobody is suicidal enough to want to do. But if you want to understand the fear that is driving this hysterical hatred and psychotic raging need to utterly destroy Trump even if it makes them look like fools in the process, then this is all you need to see, hiding right there in plain sight. The easy money corruption is obvious but carefully left unspoken by our incestuous corporate media, and that is why all we get is…

    No News At 11.

  3. Paul had a reason just like all the democrats had reasons for their illegal ways. Bought and paid for sorocrats always jump for the almighty greenback

    • I don’t understand why the GOP isn’t getting the word out. Maybe the left isn’t so far off when they call them spineless.

    • So true! The media morons would try to make you think otherwise! Not very patriotic Americans are they? Must be Dumbocraos!

  4. So New York Schmucky thinks sweeping anything under the rug pertaining to Trump is awful, while he helped dispense the brooms for all things related to the Clintons.

    • and still doing it and no one will tell us why Hillary continues to be defended no matter how many scandals have been exposed. I thought Donna Brazile would maybe come clean but didn’t happen. Did anyone watch Wray get grilled, sounded just like Hillary.

  5. He has the right to ask that question if no one knows who the but wipe whistle blower is then p_ _ s head Roberts should have aloud and read it goes to show that he is a pisshead


  6. YouTube censored Rand Paul’s speech, before the senate.
    ☭Leftist☭ bullschiff needs to be removed from America, reinstate the HUAC & rid the US of Un_American activities of the Socialist cum Communist tyrannical attempts to takeover of our Nation
    !rewolbeltsihw suonosaert eht si allemaraiC cirE ,tegrof t’nod dnA

  7. Rand Paul was right and as he was involved in the impeachment proceedings and he had the right to demand the name of the fraud that made the false claim. Granted this is a senate trial and not a justice trial. I’m not sure of the senate rules but in the justice system you have a right to face your accuser.I believe Roberts had a reason, is that I’m not what it is.

  8. Excuse me, Mickey, but every US Senator was required to participate in this ridiculous and unconstitutional event. By law. So he was doing the job he was elected to “due” [sic] and I’m sure he would be delighted to get a life. We all would. Talk to your friend Nancy about that.

  9. Yes, he is covering for the corruption. Roberts is another rhino republican just like Romney. I think Roberts actions were disgraceful,prejudicial and biased on the side of the democratic party.At least he had the forethought to recuse himself from voting to break any tie on witnesses. This action was correct as he does not answer to the people like the rest of Congress and therefore should not get a vote on matters of substance.

  10. It is important to understand that under prior regulations a person wanting Whistleblower protection needed direct knowledge of the event. However just prior to the appearance of the whistleblower the regulations were changed to allow “secondhand knowledge” aka hearsay to fall under protection

  11. Thou shalt not expose the minions of criminals, commies, and Nazi collaborators …

    You do know this video has been censored, don’t you?

    • Why did Adam the pile of Shift always keep bringing up the idea that Judge Roberts could judge this trail. Did they something cooked up between themselves. Shift is an expert as a deceiver & liar.

  12. Amazing that Supreme Court Justice Robert’s would not read the question. It appears very significant while exposing prejudicial behavior on Justice Robert’s part. Could there be a connection between the demonrat party and the Justice?


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