Progressive Fuddy-Duddies At The NY Times Call Thanksgiving A ‘Myth;’ Tom Cotton Puts Them Back In Their Place

(Liberty Bell) – It seems there are a lot of folks out there, mostly on the radical left end of the spectrum, who are bound and determined to ruin the holidays for the rest of us, whether it be Democratic governors instituting lockdowns and curfews or the politically correct crowd hating on Thanksgiving as a “racist” holiday.

Always someone in the liberal movement who is ready to rain on everyone’s parade and make something that the majority of people love and transform it into something controversial, you know, so they can have a cause to fight in order to feel like their lives have meaning, even if it is ridiculous.

According to The Post Millennial, the New York Times has disparaged the holiday of Thanksgiving by referring to it as nothing more than a “myth.”

This didn’t sit too well with Sen. Tom Cotton of Arizona who let the liberal news rag have it with both barrels blazing.

“The New York Times called the [pilgrim’s] story a myth and a caricature. In the food section no less,” Cotton fired off.

“Maybe the politically correct editors of the debunked 1619 Project are now responsible for pumpkin pie recipes at the Times as well,” the senator continued.

Cotton’s comments were in response to an article published by the NY Times called, “The Thanksgiving Myth Gets a Deeper Look This Year,” which was put out as part of the news organization’s food section.

The article focuses on buffalo hunting and then, as you probably already guessed, discusses “racial inequality.”

The piece quotes a Wampanoag historian who is also a member of the Aquinnah Tribe, who believes that the story of thanksgiving was something folks made up to ease a sense of “cultural guilt.”

“There was an event that happened in 1621,” the historian said. “But the whole story about what occurred on that first Thanksgiving was a myth created to make white people feel comfortable.”

The author of the article, Brett Anderson is all on board with the claims made by Coombs, calling the story of Thanksgiving a misrepresentation of the real, tragic, and harsh truth concerning the relations that took place between settlers and Indians.

Thankfully, Cotton doesn’t buy into this mess.

“I for one, still have the pride and confidence of our forbearers. So here today I speak in the spirit of that cabin and I re-affirm that old compact. As we head into the week of Thanksgiving, I’ll be giving thanks this year in particular to our Pilgrim fathers and the timeless lessons that they bequeathed to our great nation,” the Arizona senator said.

This is proof that those who are all about political correctness must be the most miserable people on the planet.

As for me and mine, we’re celebrating Thanksgiving, one way or another, with a heart full of gratitude, even in the midst of this horrific year in human history.

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  1. Remember Jerry “the Penguin” Nadler…he was videoed saying the looting and ensuing damage was a myth……remember the member of Congress who wears a dishrag on her head and married her brother that, in reference to 9/11, somebody did something to somebody…..and regarding the New York Times, my bird cage is lined on the bottom with it and the parrot smiles every time he takes a dump

  2. ‘Member, folks, how President Trump was castigated, by several of the media, other collusive POS people, for saying “There is a war on Christmas?” I certainly do, and now Thanksgiving…all the while giving some kind of secular blessing to the 1619 project, a trope that truly has little or no basis in fact. All of it is a plan by the Left/Progressives of any political stripe, though mostly the Dems, to remove Christian influence from American life. Mark my words, folks, IF Mr. Biden were to preside over this country for any length of time, however long or short, maybe hand the whole thing over to an even more rabid radical like his VP, Ms. Harris, we are, indeed in for a bumpy ride…

  3. THANKSGIVING is an American Holiday observed to give THANKS FOR OUR BLESSINGS. Since they did not have our “glorious modern day media” to tell them what to record and believe the details are different. However America was eventually founded and the long bloody wars for Freedom were begun. America has been a Blessing for many lost souls who had lost hope and became a world power !!!! NOW we have people who do not know or care about the struggles to win and maintain the foundation of America and her Ideals. They only see the benefits they can grab for themselves to feed their greed …NOT what is necessary to keep America and our heritage strong…We should be thankful everyday and if we want to designate one day to be VERY thankful be it !!!! It can be in our hearts if nowhere else. GOD BLESS AMERICA AND PLEASE KEEP HER SAFE for our future generations !!!

  4. Do people actually buy the NYT or is it distributed free as long as advertisers pay the bills. If so, I guess the NYT is not a newspaper but an advertising agency not deserving of government press benefits.

  5. There is ample contemporaneous historical evidence of the origins of Thanksgiving in 1621, including William Bradford’s “Of Plymouth Plantation.” If R Philipson wants to look for idiots, he need only look in the mirror.

  6. Everybody likes Thanksgiving, but does anybody believe in the myth of its origin? Tom Cotton believes in Santa Claus so he probably does but apart from idiots like him does the origin matter? Isn’t it just a nice day to celebrate family and the good things that have happened in the year? So shut up about political correctness because it’s Cotton who is being politically correct.

  7. I could very easily be wrong, but I could have sworn that Tom Cotton was from ARKANSAS, not ARIZONA! Like I said, I could be wrong.

    • You are correct, the person who wrote this liberal article is an idiot. Happy thanksgiving! FYI most people could care less if thanksgiving is a myth or Santa clause is real, all people care about it’s a day off from work to enjoy with your family! I’m retired so every day is a holiday!


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