Professor Who Accused ACB Of Being A “White Colonizer” For Adopting Haitian Children Gets Bad News

(Liberty Bell) – While this era of American politics has seen the total decline of decorum and respectability, it still seems a step too far to attack someone’s children.

Especially their adopted children of color.

This is the sick, race-obsession of the progressive left, and two perfectly innocent children just became victims of it.

And it just might cost a professor his job, for very good reason.

Calls are mounting for Boston University professor Ibram X. Kendi, a professor of humanities at Boston University, to resign after he compared Supreme Court Justice nominee Amy Comey Barrett to a “white colonizer” for adopting two children from Haiti.

I’m sure had Barrett not adopted two children, she’d be accused of not caring about POC. So there’s absolutely no winning for enemies of the progressive left.

It began with a tweet from Tea Party Patriots co-founder, Jenny Beth Martin.

“With two adopted children from Haiti, it’s going to be interesting to watch Democrats try to smear Amy Coney Barrett as racist,” she said following ACB’s nomination last week.

Kendi, in response, suggested–sickeningly–that the kids were kids were just “props.”

“Some White colonizers ‘adopted’ Black children,” the professor observed. “They ‘civilized’ these ‘savage’ children in the ‘superior’ ways of White people, while using them as props in their lifelong pictures of denial, while cutting the biological parents of these children out of the picture of humanity.”

“And whether this is Barrett or not is not the point. It is a belief too many White people have: if they have or adopt a child of color, then they can’t be racist,” Kendi said in a subsequent tweet.

The backlash was swift, as well it ought to have been.

“Ibram Kendi launches a cruel, racist attack against Judge Barrett and her family,” wrote Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR). “But what else would we expect from a fraud like him?”

The New York Times’ Jonathan Chait tried to run cover for Kendi, to no avail.

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  1. Just another Democrap showing their TRUE feelings about Blacks. I say that because had the Children been White they would have nothing to say. He is just trying to make her the BIGOT He is.

  2. The sad thing is, the only reason why we know this professor has so much hatred in him and teaches our young people is because his covert racism came out overtly. How many of these opinionated professors have been indoctrinating our children in these so called higher learning institutions? College’s have become the propaganda machine for the communistic party…

  3. I wonder what plausible explanation he comes for the sport athlete raised by a white family ? Or the marriage of Kenney West marriage to one the karsdashian. It’s racism on both mr west and Kim ? Sad that a professor cannot withhold his own personal opinion of his own deep imbedded racism . As an individual who teaches he of all should be more careful to put his own personal opinions out here. Teachers no longer use decorum honesty and unbiased mannerism but like to think that they have to change the minds of those who they’re teaching . I hope he gets fired for his racist vitriolic commentary.

  4. Last comment (for now): Would this A****E say this IF the latest Supreme Court nominee were BLACK, (conservative), and had adopted WHITE children?!? Just asking…

  5. At risk of my job, my one link to independence as a tax-paying, contributing American, will just say that we at the state-funded university where I now work (unnamed, for obvious reasons) we will be “treated” to a lecture on how race, racism, etc. impacts…get this…..Dance Education, presumably at this or any other institution of “higher learning.” Can hear it now – why aren’t we teaching hip-hop instead of ballet? Actually, now we do teach hip-hop as a dance form….so, I, for one, am SO DAMN SICK of it all, and IF were a dance instructor, student, heck, even as an appreciator of dance as an art form, would likely vomit all over their…tap, hip-hop, ballet, (whatever) shoes in response…

  6. The are the type of professors that teach trash that need to be removed from our education system completely. They themselves are the real racists and They hate America. Say goodbye

  7. Professor Ibram Kendi has an attitude that no matter what one does, if you are white, then you are a racist, and Boston College employs professors and people with this type of attitude to teach our children that attend Boston College?

    Professor Ibram Kendi makes these charges of racism against a very reputable judge, without even ever investigating, or talking to those he insinuates are the victims of this racist accusation, the children who have been adopted, to find out if they believe they are living in a loving home with a loving family, that have accepted them as their own real children, and are and have been treated as such.

    The problem has proven always to be the same, when liberals and Democrats can’t find any actual good reasons to object to an appointment that is proven extremely competent, they make up lies and attempt to smear the character of the appointee, most of the time as being a racist, just because that person may happen to be white.

    This is the Democrats and the liberal biased mainstream media’s modus operandi when objecting to a very appropriate, competent, and professional appointee to the SCOTUS, as is proven by the recent historical records of such appointments by Republican Presidents, and is apparently now the modus operandi of professors employed by Boston College.

    You can always obtain an apology for spreading such bias, but you can’t change the attitude of that bias, or stop the spread of that bias to those who must learn from the person with the biased attitude.

    • White people — get a clue! According to the Left, Demoncrats, Joe Biden supporters – BLM, Antifa, whatever/whoever-the-heck CLAIMS sympathy for black Americans, YOU are the problem, now and forever more! As an ostensibly “white” American I can take offense at this form of blatant racism (yes it is!) or just say nothing, until and unless sanity overtakes this discussion. Am NOT holding my breath….

  8. The acid test will be any response Ibram X Kendi delivers to the students he PROFESSES to, now that he has outed himself as the racist he accuses ACB of being

  9. Kendi is a sad reflection of the sorry state of what used to be higher education in America. Several hundred college presidents, including the president of the U. Of RI, have claimed that our country is dominated by “systemic racism” without any evidence. Sure, there are still racists, both black and white, but they are now marginalized and have no power. To the contrary, there is much black privilege now since a black is far more likely to be admitted to an elite college, or hired, than a white with comparable credentials. That is just a fact. Sadly, this has created a well documented mismatch problem for blacks who might have done fine in a second or third tier school, but fail at a top tier school because they cannot keep up with their peers. But top tier schools are so anxious to signal their virtue in admitting them that they do them a serious disservice. As Heather Mac Donald argues in “The Diversity Delusion,” this is creating serious problems for the system of meritocracy, in which people are judged by their ability and character, not their race. MLK is rolling over in his grave.

  10. Kendi’s race-baiting remarks are typical of the lying history deniers of 1619 Project.
    Facts: no plantation owners or racists ever adopted non-white children.

  11. This is all about Trump. The left is embarrassed that Trump came along and showed them up as the plantation masters they really are. Biden and Obama did nothing for POC because they were too busy filling up their bank accounts by embezzling money from the rest of the world. The left is good at that. If the progressive communists can give the USA a knockout blow then the rest of the world will be ravaged by them and the terrorists.

  12. These liberals are just plain sick. Number 1, The children should be out of the equation altogether. If you ever search for a racist then Ibram X. Kendi’ is a poster child. This clown is a “Professor of Humanities” and allowed to present a curriculum to students. What a sad pathetic excuse of a man much less a Professor. Doesn’t say very much for Boston University.

  13. I for one do not see a problem with white people adopting black children. No one criticized Angelina Joli of racisim for adopting a black child. I wouldn’t have mind being adopted by a white couple as a black man. But then again I don’t have a prejudice bone in my body.

  14. I wonder how Ibram X. Kendi’s big-money donors think of him now . . .
    Will they pull their funding of his race-bating curriculum?
    I think the college should ask him to leave too . . . He’s not good for their image.


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