President Trump Makes Hilarious Crack About Lightbulbs That Don’t Make Him “Orange”

(Liberty Bell) – You’d think that a president who just found out he will soon be impeached by a pack of angry, spiteful House Democrats would be in a bad mood.

Of course, in Trump’s case, he knows there isn’t a shred of evidence against him and that the impeachment efforts are likely to die, quickly, in the Republican-controlled Senate.

So no wonder he was in a jovial mood on Friday, making cracks about being “orange” as he touted his administration’s great economic success.

In reference to his decision to overturn the removal of most incandescent bulbs from sale beginning in January, Trump noted that the new, supposedly energy-efficient bulbs “make you look as good.”

“Of course, being a vain person, that’s very important to me,” he said to laughter from the press.

“It gives you an orange look. I don’t want an orange look,” Trump then quipped.

“Has anyone notice that? So we’ll have to change those bulbs in at least a couple of rooms where I am in the White House.”


He went on to explain that the new bulbs will be available, but “we’re going back to the old bulbs.”

“Many people were complaining that the new bulbs were much, much more expensive,” he said.

“And they are considered a hazardous waste. You have to bring it to a hazardous waste site. How many people do that?”

Ultimately, with the old bulbs, you’re “better lighting for a lot less money” he explained.

This is entirely correct, as well!

He said that the EPA is also reviewing inefficient standards that have restricted water use in toilets and showers.

“A lot of the things we do are based on common sense,” he explained.

“Some said is that a conservative thing, a liberal thing, what are we doing? I said, ‘It’s a common sense thing.”

WND notes:

The phaseout of the incandescent bulbs was part of the Energy Independence and Security Act signed in 2007 by President George W. Bush in 2007. It required new light bulbs to use about 65% less energy to emit the same amount of light.

Consumer and lobbying groups are suing to block the Energy Department’s decision to overturn the phaseout. They argued that while incandescent bulbs can cost only $1 to buy, compared to $8 for an LED bulb, they are more expensive and inefficient over the long term because they need to be replaced more often.

Meanwhile, Trump’s administration announced Friday that 266,000 jobs were added in November, for a total of 7 million since the election. It was the 16th consecutive month of wage growth at or above 3%. And unemployment was at a 50-year low, the 21st consecutive month at or below 4%. It’s the longest streak in nearly five decades.


  1. Bill Strickland
    Damm man how did you get here with the common sense you are exhibiting?
    Conservatives have more than 80% of the guns out here.
    Military cannot really fight a Gorilla war as proven in Vietnam and now in the Mid East.
    A determined majority of conservatives can and unfortunately probably will have to just beat them into the ground. Lot’s of blood but conservationism will by the laws of nature hand them their butts. Cost will be very high in terms of blood but look how much it cost the North Vietnamese but they now control the whole country.
    The military technology won’t be able to handle city building to building fighting.
    One reason is the conservatives will blend right in with the crowd to fight another day.

  2. Kamicka, you are right on the Kennedy thing.
    He was not their kind so they killed him.
    As far as the lighting thing goes, I’m an Electrical engineer and I can tell you that I will never buy another incandescent bulb unless forced to do so.
    Why, well from the statements I see here you would not as a majority understand it.
    Florescent can be made very white not yellow you just have to know which to choose. However I won’t buy them either given a choice of LED.
    Led saves a huge amount of energy as a very large part of the light they emit is tuned to be mostly in the range of what the human eye can see. The Incandescent lights put out as much or more infra red which you can’t use except to keep warm. In hot weather every single watt of that infra red has to be pupped through your AC system. No I will not use them except when the choice is not available.
    I see someone had the sense to mention that water heaters are the single most wasteful things in our home. Electric heating that water is horrible inefficient. However the heat wasted by storing hot water in the heater tank is much more efficient in the electric verses the gas heater which uses the same heat exchanger that heats the water to just cool it back down when not running. A damper to shut that flue down when not actually heating would save a lot but it’s dangerous. Not going to talk about that.
    What you can do to save huge amounts of energy is go to demand only heating. To really save do it with a gas heater. I did and my monthly water bill went way down. I love my demand only heater. You can take a shower long as you want without running out. You don’t have to have an ever increasing take size the more people in the house trying to bath. It just makes sense. You can buy them in small sizes for under the sink etc or you can just repace your old tank whole house system. I chose the whole house. It’s biggest waste is flushing the just cooled back down water in the pipes when you need a half gallon or so at the sink, for example.
    If you have around three brain cells working you can use an old gas heater tank to make tons of hot water via home built solar heating.
    I save a ton of energy as my deck just outside the kitchen door is facing South.
    I use the highly reflective chip bags as mirrors to do solar cooking.
    Example using card board boxes I glue the bags mirror side out to them and shape them so that I get three to four surfaces reflecting into another box lined with the mirrors with an old fashioned black pot to cook beans etc.
    The only thing I have to buy is tape and spray glue.
    Refrigerators and freezers should be out side if you live in a warm climate so you don’t dump the heat from the inside of the device into your home to just be dumped out side through your AC system. Double the work, double the cost.
    If you live in a cold climate put them inside to supplement the heat in your home.
    I could go on and on how to use the environment to save energy.
    I love useful idiots.
    They are so easy to spot.
    We will have that advantage when the SHTF

  3. Before Trump is gone all this could happen.
    If the Demogods get their way and completely outlaw self defense via confiscating guns there will be a left verses right civil war.
    The right has an estimated 80% of the guns and will not stand by and just hand them over. They will start a gorilla style civil war.
    The left has not a snow balls chance of winning if so and the right really does it like the Vietnamese did in that civil war. The military cannot fight that kind of war with technology. Besides a very large part of the military population is conservative and about a minimum of 35% will immediately desert to fight on the right.
    Some will stay but they will be on the side of the Conservative right. They will be in a position to help from inside.
    It’s even more complicated much more than that but I fear if I go farther I’ll be talking over the heads of the useful idiots.
    So when it starts put on your Ho Che Min sandals and get it done.
    It will be long and very bloody.
    Do I understand the far left? Nope its beyond my ability to understand why they would want to destroy the best system ever put together on this poor old Earth.
    Why they would want to try what has historically failed every single time some idiot gets to power and tries. Look at Venezuela. It’s just the latest in centuries of failed attempts at the Utopian Social society. It won’t work! It’s impossible. When will they every learn?
    NEVER! The blood will forever be flowing thanks to people like, Obama, Clinton, Soros and many others. The latest generation of these power crazy idiots is the AOC gang.
    It just keeps on and on and on. The death tole will be un fathomable.
    Even they will be completely surprised but being at the top of the food chain they will be relatively safe and Never Ever let it stop.

  4. This is actually an excellent way to reduce the cost of LED bulbs for everyone. Let the manufacturers know that if the price is too high or the perceived value ratio too low then people will purchase older tech!
    It means that we will get cheaper and better products through competition.

  5. To Kamicka : You are so right on. Wake up The rest of you media brainwashed Americans. Fight to save your country from the cancer of atheism and socialism that is destroying the family, free speech, and religious freedoms.
    Sadly Canada has politely caved in to the corrupt One Word Government
    Elite and free speech is rapidly disappearing.

  6. “They argued that while incandescent bulbs can cost only $1 to buy, compared to $8 for an LED bulb, they are more expensive and inefficient over the long term…” – So let the market decide! If they’re what the customer wants, it’s what they’ll buy. Like this three year Progressive impeachment waste of time in Congress at the taxpayer’s expense – there’s an election coming up – Let the voters decide!

    • My experience has been that the CFL lights are NOT as bright as the incandescents of the same “wattage.” And then there’s the mercury content that makes them a hazardous waste. My feeling is that the Government made me buy them, the Government can come recover them. In Germany, they have green battery collection boxes all over the place — at entrances to grocery stores, shopping centers, etc. Why wasn’t the same thing done when they foisted these hazardous bulbs on us?

  7. if president Trump is impeached or attacked, or this nations constitution set aside, you cant imagine how many patriots will arise from the hinterland, cities, small towns, forests and fields and will step forward as needed to enforce the constitution. Those who step forward to destroy it, no matter how strong you are or who you employ, it wont nearly compare to the patriotic citizens and ex soldiers who have the means, know how, purpose, energy, and determination to retake the nation. Take note if you will and watch it come to pass. Your grandkids will be telling the tale when they are grandparents, years from now.

  8. I have not yet seen many of these new bulbs last over a year while they are guaranteed for 10 years. The recessed GE led bulbs want last a couple of months and then star blinking on and off. You buy these 10 to a pack, how do you return 1, then 2?

    • I agree I have these bulbs and if they last a year it is a long time. I haven’t figured out how to return them yet either.
      Considering the extra cost of the bulbs they damn sure aren’t cost-effective and I have very little proof that they actually save power.

    • IF THEY ARE BLINKING I would venture to say that you have them on a dimmer switch that is NOT designed for the bulbs. It takes a special dimmer switch (about $35).
      Also an LED bulb works or doesn’t. If the LED fails the bulb dies. Flickering is something to do with the power delivery system to the control board.
      Most likely your own issue, not the bulbs’.

  9. Butch, I’m sure you’re a liberal woman without a thought in your head. Is that the best comment you can make??? Apparently uneducated as well.

  10. If you think this is a load of rubbish, then just check out what is happening in Sweeden . . . That beautiful country is going to hell in a handcart . . . When did sound common sense and honest become such a rare commodity. Cut out this impeachment crap and get down to the work you were elected to do . . . If we want this President out of office, WE WILL VOTE HIM OUT . . . We the voting public, are not the idiots you think we are.

  11. It should be clarified that the only “hazardous waste” bulbs are the CFL (spiral and fluorescent bulbs) and NOT the old incandescent bulbs or the new LED bulbs.

  12. Had to he Chinese. I have outside lights (yellow) that stayed on for years, all the time, . Anyway is this old. Been using led lighting forever, at least it seems.

  13. Kamicka, I agree with you. President Trump is not perfect, but he is doing the best he can on his own to make things right for America. The obstructionist can’t stand it. It’s shame thrown right on their faces for being in politics for so long and did nothing except fattened their bank accounts. There’s a saying that goes, “ Dollars just go round and round in WDC. It never leaves there.”

  14. Like most American Families, we try to spend our money wisely and I will buy a Dollar Light Bulb as opposed to Eight Dollars to buy a HAZARDOUS MATERIAL that requires taking the burned out bulb to a HAZARDOUS MATERIALS DUMP.
    Thank you President Trump for again thinking of The Middle Class and America.
    Remember this in 2020 and Vote for Common Sense and continuing to:

  15. Kamiicka,
    The last person purported to be 100% perfect was hung on a cross. I don’t think Trump is into that stuff…and rightfully so!

  16. Thank you President Trump for your sense of humor during these horrible times. America will never become a socialist country. Schiff should be impeached and that is our goal.

    God Bless and Merry Christmas
    Manatee County Trump Committee Member,

  17. Hah, another Kool-Aid sipping Liberal trying to seem relevant, really? he is The President Of The United States Of America! I couldn’t stand our last President. But I did not make ignorant little comments about him. The blatant intolerance by people is so disgusting. Your not being cute. Enjoy the next election when he again shows just how tired the people of America are with intolerant actions of the untruthful people that have been elected. Yes the President is brutally honest. But at least he telling us lies. Any common sense would tell you that.

    • Next do away with this power and fuel robbing emission crap on diesel trucks that cost taxpayers thousands of dollars extra when they buy and thousands of dollars to maintain.
      Has any government agencies looked into how much extra pollution is produced to manufacture and destroy the extra parts to meet government emissions. How much more emissions are produced due to the extra fuel these vehicles use to meet emissions standards. How much pollution and extra cost is added when the owners of these vehicles have the emissions cleaned or replaced and the shop has to landfill the hazardous waste.

  18. Hooray for common sense!!! The average person has no idea of the dangerous content of those light bulbs, not to mention the lack of dependability. My last purchase of a package of four, at an astronomical price, had only one working bulb. Not an isolated event!!!

  19. Thank you POTUS Trump for bringing common sense back! . . . It’s a scientific FACT that lighting a home is the SMALLEST expenditure in a household’s electric bill. The LARGEST expenditure is A/C, water heaters and COOKING – especially ELECTRIC. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

    • If Clinton had won or Pelosi gas her way, your comment towards one of them would have landed you in prison for “Hate Speech”. So enjoy your freedom of speech while you can.
      Besides, truth be known, tell me what president was 100% perfect? 0bama gave billions if tax payers money to countries who shouted Death to America and claims America belongs to Muslims.
      Clinton was a womanizer and a rapist.
      Both Bushes are for the World Government and promoted underground drug pushing.
      JFK had an affair with Marilyn.
      EVERY President has or had a skeleton in his closet.
      Why does everyone think Trump is the one president who should be perfect?
      I can promise you this and I pray you’ll remember this … Whenever Trump leaves office, by hook or crook or completes his time, whoever comes in after him, you’ll be wishing for Trump again. Everything you ever considered sacred or right or morale, will disappear. Tyranny will reign. Freedoms will be gone. American citizens will become 3rd class nobody’s. Illegal aliens will become 1st class citizens and if you buck the system, bye-bye Charlie.
      You may think I’m full of it, but sadly, it will be true. You’ll be forced to accept a mark to show your alligence to your new government for else.
      Write this down. Save it. Frame it on your wall so that you’ll see it everyday to remember these words. I can’t date set or even year set, but if I were to, I’d say within the next 1- 5 years. Depending upon what happens to Trump.
      If he’s forced out…within 1-2 years. If he’s re-elected, within 3-5 years. I don’t see him completing his 2nd term.
      They’ll do to him like they did to JFK. Gun him down in the streets and find a patsy to blame it on.
      But then this all my opinion, which means absolutely nothing to you. And still my freedom to have and voice that opinion.


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