President Trump Handed Small Impeachment Victory By…Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

(Liberty Bell) – Well, this is surprising.

Friday, President Donald Trump won a very brief, and yet completely unexpected respite from the impeachment efforts when notoriously left-wing Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg issued a temporary order blocking some of the subpoena requests made by the Democrats.

“Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg temporarily blocked a lower court ruling ordering two banks to release President Donald Trump’s financial records to House Democrats,” Politico reported.

“Trump had asked Ginsburg to consider the emergency request earlier Friday. The temporary stay sets the issue on hold pending full consideration by the high court, it does not reflect how judges will rule in the underlying case.”

So….will the left soon be calling the Notorious RBG a “Russian asset”?

The order will reportedly last through 5:00 pm this coming Friday, and Democrats on the House Financial Services Committee and Hosue Intelligence Committee have until December 11th, Wednesday, to respond to the legal arguments put forward by the president.

“Upon consideration of the application of counsel for the applicants, it is ordered that the mandate of the United States Supreme Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, Case No. 19-1540, issued December 3, 2019, is hereby recalled and stayed until 5 p.m. on December 13, 2019. It is further ordered that a response be filed on or before December 11, 2019 by 11 a.m,” the order signed by Ginsburg reads:

This very unexpected ruling came after a federal appeals court in New York “ruled on Tuesday that Deutsche Bank and Capital One should comply with subpoenas from the House Financial Services and House Intelligence committees seeking information about Trump’s finances,” according to Politico.

The Democrats have reportedly been seeking access to bank accounts, transaction details, and investment portfolios from POTUS along with the Trump organization and his three oldest children in a far-reaching effort to bolster their paper-thin impeachment case against the Trump administration.

In response to Tuesday’s ruling, the president’s legal team reportedly argued on Friday that the subpoenas from Democrats “do not fall within the [House committees’] constitutional or statutory authority.”

“The Court should grant this application to recall and stay the mandate,” they reportedly said. “The Court concluded that a stay is warranted in Mazars and, as House Counsel correctly explained to the Second Circuit, ‘Mazars involves the same legal issues presented here.’”

Mazars is the president’s accounting firm and in October, a federal appeals court had ruled that the firm must turn his financial records over to the House Democrats. In response, the president’s legal team convinced the Supreme Court to apply a temporary stay on that decision, through December 5th.

“The application for stay of the mandate presented to The Chief Justice and by him referred to the Court is granted,” the high court ruled. “The issuance of the mandate of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, Case No. 19-5142, is stayed pending the filing and disposition of a petition for a writ of certiorari, if such petition is filed on or before December 5, 2019, by noon.”

This means that the Trump team has been given through December 5th to file a formal appeal.

In Thursday’s appeal, POTUS’ legal team argued that, by granting the Democrats their subpoenas, they’d be granting them legal power that no legislator should have.

“Under the D.C. Circuit’s decision, Congress can subpoena any private records it wishes from the President on the mere assertion that it is considering legislation that might require presidents to disclose that same information,” they wrote.

“Given the obvious temptation to investigate the personal affairs of political rivals, subpoenas concerning the private lives of presidents will become routine in times of divided government. It is unsurprising, then, that the one thing the district court, the panel, and the dissenting judges all agreed upon in this case raises important separation-of-powers issues. At its core, this controversy is about whether — and to what degree — Congress can exercise dominion and control over the Office of the President.”

Here is the full writ:

Biz Pac Review notes:

Congressional Democrats have acted as if their impeachment fantasy lends them the authority to do whatever they please, regardless of ethics and legality.

Last week House Intelligence Committee chair Adam Schiff published the phone records of the committee’s ranking member, of the president’s attorneys and even of a non-establishment journalist. He now faces a possible lawsuit of his own over this.

And prior to the official start of the impeachment hearings, Democrats passed a widely criticized resolution granting Schiff the powers of an independent counsel, when in reality he’s no such thing.

It’s unclear whether even a Supreme Court smackdown would be enough to quell the Democrats’ unrelenting demands for power.


  1. “Last week House Intelligence Committee chair Adam Schiff published the phone records of the committee’s ranking member, of the president’s attorneys and even of a non-establishment journalist. He now faces a possible lawsuit of his own over this.”
    Please, put me on the JURY in that suit. I will award UNGODLY amounts of money to the plaintiff. I would bankrupt Schiff altogether and possibly assure that his annual retirement is seized as well.
    He abused his power when releasing private phone information, because of the way he got it this makes it HIGHLY ILLEGAL. TO use it for political benefit, he should be SHOT instantly. This is exactly how Hitler and all the others started…we know who and what Schiff really is.

  2. The Democrats are so scared that Potus will win and their real scandals will appear before The People they will destroy America just to stop him!
    America wake up fight for Our Nation!
    The Democrats are The Evil in Our Land of The Free
    God is with us Amen

  3. This whole impeachment battle is not worth the $60 million it is costing the American taxpayer.

    If the American public had any guts, they would demand an end to all this, LET THE NEXT ELECTION DETERMINE IF TRUMP IS FIT FOR OFFICE OR NOT!

    Is this country for the working people; OR for the politicians in Washington who use their position to show their power over us? AMERICANS, LET’S BAND TOGETHER AND TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK. Are you with me?

  4. Ginsberg is liberal but still goes by Constitutional Law, at least as she sees it, but make no mistake she is no friend of conservatives or President Trump. My hope is she will retire some time after the first of the year do to failing health. That will open a vacancy which President Trump can fill with a conservative though I fear she will try to hold on until after the 2020 election.

  5. RBG is indsputably liberal but does not always vote with the nutcase left. In about a hundred cases of which I know, she voted against Obama. Another consideration: given the Democrat record of questionable finances and the very real possibility that the Republicans may control the House in 2020 her decision may be to protect the Democrat party from itself, giving Trump benefit of the law in order to protect the Democrats from the same abrogation.

  6. Hillary was caught on a hot mic before the 2016 election saying “if he (Trump) wins, we’re all going to jail.” That’s what this whole impeachment circus is about. This is what draining the swamp really looks like, and their denizen are trying to keep him, and us (US), from finding out. So far, all they have done is seal their own fates by giving “we the people” a glimpse into how corrupt the Democratic Party is.

  7. The Dem house committees appear to be over stepping their powers and exceeding what they are legally allowed to do. HMMM. It’s this what they are accusing DJT of doing??

  8. I’d like to know what this ridiculous democratic smoke screen is trying to hide from the American people. And I can’t believe there are enough gullible, naïve people in this country to allow it.

  9. Democrats in the House think their only purpose in life is to impeach the Republican President regardless of whether there is sufficient reason for that or not. So far what I’ve seen are pumped up charges that are as hollow as a sewer pipe and contains about as much sewage. Their constituents need to vote them out in November. Frankly, I’m sick of them.

  10. See what happens President Trump when you ask nicely? Let this be a lesson to you! Stay off Twitter, and get an advisor that can guide you! You must find someone that can get you to listen! Being POTUS isn’t easy, and although business minded people make better POTUS’s there are times when calm, and collected, works better than demanding!
    The DNC is full of criminals and Soros needs to be kicked out of America, he hasn’t lived up to the stipulations he agreed to when he was awarded his dual citizenship in America! Kick him back to Hungary! Soros is the unelected leader of the DNC because anyone evil with money is at home at the DNC! Soros has been around since God kicked him out of Heaven, for trying to overthrow, God!

    • Agree! This guy is a cancer on America’s sole. Take away his money before he boards his private jet to pay for some of the damage he has done.


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