President Trump Got Some Great News About Approval Rating In The Midst Of Coronavirus Pandemic; Liberals Will Cry Themselves To Sleep Over This

(Liberty Bell) – If you happen to flip on mainstream media networks like CNN or MSNBC, you’d swear up and down the entire country hates President Trump, even more so now that we are in the midst of this horrific coronavirus pandemic. The coverage these organizations offer is nothing but around the clock Trump Derangement Syndrome, a desperate attempt to slam the commander-in-chief over anything and everything they can nitpick about.

However, despite their best efforts to create a negative spin and pin the blame for this whole situation on Trump, it seems the American people are pretty well satisified with how he’s been handling things.

In fact, his approval rating shot up to its highest in two years. It now currently sits at 61 percent.

Here’s more from BizPacReview:

While the Left and their media henchmen have been fear-mongering and catastrophizing every facet of the coronavirus outbreak to attack Trump, the crisis underscores that the public sees through media gaslighting.

“People are rallying around him though, of course, we see differences between Democrats, Republicans, and independents,” Karlyn Bowman, a public opinion analyst at the American Enterprise Institute, told The Hill. “Those could become powerful over time as the coronavirus continues.”

Fifty percent of registered voters approved of President Trump’s job performance, while 50% disapproved, according to the latest Harris/Hill poll.

Not surprisingly, the approval ratings were split down party lines: 85% of Republican voters approved of Trump, while just 19% of Democratic voters felt the same. Independent voters were evenly split at 50-50.

Mainstream media outlets have thrown everything but the kitchen sink at President Trump since he took office in 2017, but they’ve really ramped up the attacks on him ever since the coronavirus outbreak reached out shores. They’ve called him racist for using the term “Chinese virus” and went so far as to label him “xenophobic” for limiting travel to Europe, despite the fact that such a measure being necessary to stopping the spread of the virus.

Then, of course, the World Health Organization comes out and says that Europe is actually the “coronavirus epicenter” and then Trump is heaped with praise. The media are sycophants to the core when it comes to their cause. And right now, their cause is destroying Donald Trump and his presidency.

And yet, despite the best efforts of liberal journalists, 61 percent of American citizens are happy with how Trump has handled the situation. That’s got to leave progressives feeling quite irritated, wouldn’t you agree?

Now, the fact his approval rating is going up doesn’t mean he’s starting to soften up Democrats toward voting for him. That’s probably not likely to happen anytime soon. In fact, despite the great efforts and leadership he’s showing in the middle of this crisis, Democrats are still unwilling to let go of the past and focus on the future.

Trump still has his work cut out for him election wise.



  1. There is no lala land in God… suggest, if you have a bible you need to read it, if you don’t have one, go buy one. Prophecy is real…. be careful about criticizing what you do not understand. There is a real devil & a real God. God Word never changes, it’s the same yesterday, today & tomorrow.
    It’s a fallen angel who hates God & those who are Christian’s, its satan/a fallen angel who brings division. Fear causes us to say & do things which we do not understand. America is under attack by a real enemie, who does not care who you are, where you live, color of your skin, your poor or rich, this virus can kill you. United we will win this war agains the citizens of America or if we fight each other, then divided we will fall. We are watching in live feed who loves America & who only care about their power to rule. The choice is so clear… good & evil. I remember Lindsay Graham’s commitment during the Supreme Court nomination to the Democrats, I pray to God you never get the power to rule this country! He was & is right. We are better than this as a nation. Let’s rise above the hate of other who wants a President dead, continue to spew their evil. Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi are filled with hate of a President. Pelois brought shame on the office she holds as speaker & spit on our Constitution.
    Both of these women should resign if they can not up hold the office they are elected with honor. The hate must stop, it’s a cancer & it is destroying our nation. Everyone has a right to free speech, we do not have the right to use your powers to kill, steal or destroy others whom you disagree with.
    We The People live in a blessed Nation… what other nation live under a Constitution that protect your rights? Your free to make choices without someone watching over you, telling you what job, where you can live, or even what faith you can believe in? You are free to vote in or out those who you elected out of office, if they are not voting what you believe in. If, we are not careful this election 2020, we can become a socialist/communists nation in November. Then we will no longer be free!
    Let’s continue to pray for our leaders & let’s try to love one another!

  2. SGA, I agree. When this “pandemic” has passed (could be sooner than we’ve been led to believe)Trump will have passed the test again which will not silence his critics, mostly idiots on the other side of the aisle. Doctors around the world are finding that anti-malaria drugs show promise. Isn’t it amazing that the world can come together to solve a problem…but political parties can’t.

  3. LET’S ALL GET TOGETHER AND REASON…PRESIDENT TRUMP IS DOING A FANTASTIC JOB!!!! Remember, God anointed him to be in this position and Pres. Trump is implementing God’s plan. Anyone hear of prophesy???? If you have one, read your Bible. After reading you have a chance as to whether you want to go up or down…hell is HOT! What is wrong with the American people who would vote for a moron BIDEN…the only reason he is running and choosing some idiot of a running mate, i.e., Billary Clinton or Michael Obummer…then he cannot fulfill his duties and one of those witches would take over our country. Then socialism will be displayed to its fullest…even the rich will have to share their money…ever think of that…no one is protected!!!! If you are a Christian, God will protect you!!! Please, voting is forthcoming…do some soul-searching and vote for President Trump…he is the only one who can run our country…he loves our country and the people. The demoncrats (commies) might be getting their way for a while but their time is coming!!!! The virus is something they think will get them into the presidency…WRONG…the only one that can handle this is President Trump, Vice Pres. Pence, all others in his cabinet and the wonderful medical team he has gathered…May God Bless America and President Trump etal.

  4. Bob must have had his head in the Toilet all of the last 3 years to not see how the country has progressed and the economy has greatly improved. That is why Trumps approval ratings have increased so much, no thanks to the liberal media, Hollywood and all other hate groups!!

    • “The economy has improved” as the Dow plunged to its lowest point since the Great Depression. What world are you living in? Stop inhaling Traitor Trump’s crap and rejoin planet earth.

  5. Must have been a Fox News poll. Every American with a brain sees right through Traitor Trump and his greedy BS. VOTE BLUE NO MATTER WHO BECAUSE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT!

    • “VOTE BLUE NO MATTER WHO?” Son, you are seriously UNWELL! YOUR life may depend on it, but MINE sure as hell doesn’t!

    • Vote RED
      TRUMP 2020
      Go To Venezuela and take your socialist ideas with you.
      Your life may depend on but not ours. We know how to take care of ourselves. You socialist Libs think you need the government to care for you. Those of us with a brain that works and have not been socially engineered prefer the constitution. Read/learn what it and the bill of rights are, say, nd mean.

    • Bob, where the hell do you live the last 3 years? Either you were dead or your brain cells are all dead. Before the Coronavirus virus infected the country, Trump accomplished more than any other president ever. Unemployment is the lowest ever, stock market history high, no war started during the President Trump‘s term, trade deals with Canada, Mexico, Japan, China etc, the country is respected again internationally, illegal immigration is down, and so many other accomplishments you’re very afraid to realize.What the hell the Democrats did the last three years? The only thing they wanted to do is impeach the president that it was failed miserably. They have done nothing, absolutely nothing for the country and it’s citizens. Did you hear that? They have done absolutely nothing except to sabotage the president.The Democrats behavior guarantees Trump’s re-election and you’re going to swallow the poison pill one more time. Be patient, 2024 is just 4 years away. By then the archaic statues Pelosi and Schumer you have as leaders hopefully will be dead.

      Vote 100 % TRUMP!!!!!!!


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