President Trump Calls Out “Two-Faced” Justin Trudeau After Trudeau Gets Caught Red-Handed

(Liberty Bell) – Justin Trudeau was caught at an event at Buckingham Palace, mocking President Trump and his decision to hold a press conference before the event. What’s interesting to note is for how much the press seemingly hates Trump, they never turn down a chance to listen to him talk. Trudeau was involved in the press conference, at Trump’s behest, but appeared to feel inconvenienced by the setback.

Gateway Pundit reports:

During a little break at the NATO meetings in London Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was seen mocking US President Donald Trump with other world leaders — while President Trump is out of the room.

Trudeau, who acts like a shy school girl in Trump’s presence, mocked Trump to French President Macron, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, and Boris Johnson from the UK over drinks.

On Wednesday President Trump responded to the Canadian leader, “Well, he’s two-faced.”

The US President then went on to add, “And honestly, with Trudeau, he’s a nice guy. I find him to be a very nice guy but the truth is I called him out on the fact that he’s not paying 2% (to NATO) and I guess he’s not very happy about it… Look I’m representing the United States and he understands that.”

First of all, President Trump is right in calling out Trudeau for not paying NATO’s 2% defense spending target. Something that past US Presidents have also lobbied other NATO countries for. Canada is a wealthy country, just like the United States. There’s no reason for them not to be stepping up to the same level as the US. Why aren’t any other NATO world leaders calling Trudeau out too?

That being said, perhaps what is more entertaining than Trump calling Trudeau out for being cheap and two-faced, is the way in which liberal media outlets have reacted to the incident and reported on it.

CNN said, “Trump reacted angrily earlier Wednesday calling Trudeau ‘two-faced,’ before adding, ‘honestly with Trudeau, he’s a nice guy.’” While Politico said, President Trump “lashed out at the Canadian prime minister.” NBC News reported that Trump “blasted” Trudeau while going on to say Trudeau was caught on a hot mic “discussing” Trump’s lengthy press conference.

It’s comical the way the liberal media paints Trump out to be the bully when he was the one being disparaged by Trudeau on camera. They gingerly describe the way Trudeau was making fun of Trump by using words like “discussing” instead of “mocking” to ensure readers don’t develop a negative impression of leftist Trudeau while dragging Trump through the mud.

CNN said Trump responded “angrily” and Politico said he “lashed out” but anyone who has watched the video can clearly see Trump was calm and collected and simply responding to a question asked by reporters.

Had Trump been the one caught on video making fun of Trudeau, the world would have demanded a formal apology and would have said much, much worse than “two-faced” about Trump. It’s all such a sham.

The liberal media is using words to paint false pictures. Then the left has the audacity to accuse Trump of election meddling in collusion with Russia. The Democrats are literally colluding with not only the mainstream media but Big Tech to meddle in the upcoming 2020 election. It’s time Americans stop buying into their false narratives and start seeing the media for what they really are: the Democrats sycophant propaganda machine.


  1. I am a 78 y o female, and I have seen the many types of government coming down the pike for our wonderful America, but I have never seen anything as asinine as what is taking place in government now, and I am not alone.
    I don’t care who our president is, his office should be respected by the people. This president, Mr Donald Trump, may have a mouth that utters things disturbing, at times, but that has surely happened with others in the same office, and not without provication. President Trump may not be who you want in office, but he is our President and he is a man with heart for Americans and is trying to fulfill his promises to the people. So we, as Americans should be quiet and let him do the things he needs to do FOR US. HE LOVES AMERICA Y’ALL!

  2. No one could possibly deny the Clinton Foundation (CF) is still involved in the Democratic Party, which they took over to beat Bernie in ’16. So, who is the queen of the Democrats/Clintons: of course, Hillary. And who is still upset at her devastating loss: Hillary. Can anyone deny her spite? And whom do the Democrats worship? It seems this whole Impeachment circus is too keep everyone’s attention focused away from: the Clintons & their foundation: what about all the Middle-Eastern donations, the Russian Uranium deal, the interesting sudden deaths of ‘inside-people’ when the doo-doo hits the fan. I pray for this country that we survive this assault on our freedoms and traditions by those Democrats so willing to sell us out.

  3. Parents, grandparents, you and I had better START NOW TEACHING our children history ,civics , and our Constitution . They’ve stopped teaching these important subjects in schools nowadays- we’ve seen AND heard what these so-called teachers and (laughable) college “professors” spew out that they’re trying to brainwash our kids and young adults with!!!! We need to GET WITH IT – if we don’t teach them early these mindless ,ignorant, sociopaths will !!! START NOW for our children and our children’s children sake

  4. The best that the Liberal party of Canada, aka the socialist SJW’s could eek out the last election (2019) was a Minority government. Meaning, the tax & spend Liberals need the truly awful extreme left wing NDP party to continue as the gov’t.
    The British Parliamentary system hoisted on Canadians is a horrible form of democracy.
    Trudeau is in over his head, is a know-nothing former drama teacher with no experience.
    The only thing keeping Canada alive is the Trump economy! The TSX stock market flatlines, Trudope has halted energy production & oil pipelines, gives C$8 billion unaccountable tax dollars to hostile indian tribes every year……..
    Canada is lost! Beware!

  5. We know it’s a sham. We know the Democratic Extreme Left has taken over their party. We know the Liberal media is biased against Pres. Trump, this all has been from day one. We know the impeachment is a joke, just like the Russian collusion was. The questions is, what is the GOP prepared to do about it? So far, it appears the answer to that is little to nothing. Unfortunately, a lot of Americans aren’t so bright and buy all that nonsense mentioned above as reality. The GOP better get off their butts and start investigating the previous administration and their real actual crimes, from Obama to Biden on down the line. Crimes like weaponizing our intelligence agency/FBI against American citizens, Crimes like the Biden son fiasco, Crimes like Clinton’s Ukraine involvement in the 2016 election. Things that can be proven with little effort I believe.

    • From what I see the GOP is a bunch of spineless wimps that are giving in to the dims every chance they get. Or they are communist dims in disguise.

    • This whole Impeachment thing is to distract the minds & occupy the hands of anyone who would think to look into the Clinton Foundation. Nothing to see here (ya, right)…… move on…………………

  6. Justin Trudeau comes across as an immature and fickle person. This man is the Prime Minister of Canada only because his father was PM before him. If he had to fight for it along with other candidates in an election this guy would not get anywhere near the position he has today. He should really consider the fact that it is an inherited legacy and not gained through merit. This guy needs to be ‘woked.’

  7. People who talk behind others backs and mock them are not intellectuals and should not be taken serious. Trudeau’s actions are what children do when they can’t handle truths about themselves.

  8. The Liberal Media is no different than the Democratic Party in that It is corrupt, full of pathological liars, hypocrites and could careless about the well being of US Citizens. As I lifelong Independent, there will never be another vote cast for a Democrat until they rid the party of the human scum that now represents it. They have been financially raping and pillaging their constituency for decades. See Pelosi, Waters, Sharpton, Cummings etc.

  9. I saw a documentary not long ago about a mature Psychology professor who demonstrates how quickly Canada is becoming a totalitarian regime. He is taking his campaign to the streets. I look at Trudeau over Canada, and see a child, much like the ones here who are unqualified and inexperienced. These have no idea what they are doing and what tragedy lies ahead because of their ignorance. They were taught philosophies and ideologies, however the history and fruit of those was omitted. Thus the absolute destruction of a free country. God help Canada find a real leader.

  10. MAYBE TRUDEAU should wear his BLACK FACE more often
    and hide hie other face!!!!
    President Trump is a real man and will call you out, Sissy Mary!

    • AMEN! This idiot is also destroying Canada by allowing Islamic invasion and special previleges to Muslims, just as Macron is doing and Johnson is a patsy who goes along with those two fools.

  11. At least Trump had balls to call him out unlike anyone else. But you’re right the media is not bias and they should stop making a mockery of the USA by blatantly disrespecting our president. Is it any wonder why other countries don’t respect us

  12. Justin Trudeau acts like a “ladies man” away from President Trump and around other world leaders but he’s a bumbling idiot while in his presence. Of course CNN and MSNBC just love the guy because he makes fun of the president. CNN and MSNBC also act like little children who are spoiled brats who can’t get their own way. I gave up on those two fake news media long ago.


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