President Biden Signs EO Mandating Masks On Federal Property — And Then Immediately Violates It

(Liberty Bell) – President Joe Biden is already proving that the Democratic Party totally has the corner market on hypocrisy and he’s only been in office for a day. That has to be some kind of new record in the realm of politics.

As soon as Biden was sworn in as the 46th president, he went on a spree signing executive orders left and right. One of those orders was a mask mandate for federal property. This is part of his overall strategy for helping to combat the coronavirus pandemic. Not sure how this helps the vast majority of us right now, but hey, he’s the president. What do I know?

According to Gateway Pundit, the first batch of executive orders signed into law by the president do little to nothing to help the American people. Along with the mask mandate and social distancing order, there was also an executive order concerning racial equity and “support for underserved communities,” and then another that features us rejoining the Paris Climate Accord.

Nothing helpful for the American people at all. Just tools to help the president play better politics with.

However, what really seems to be chapping people’s backsides has to do with Biden violating his own executive order concerning masks just hours after signing the order into law. Video was taken of Biden without his mask as he visited the Lincoln Memorial with friends and family.

Perhaps the problem is we just don’t understand what liberals are going for with their choices? We have seemingly forgotten that we are just poor, ignorant rubes. We are not elites like our politicians are. Therefore, we all just need to accept that the rules aren’t for those who are in charge.

Yeah. That’s a no from me too.

I’ll give you three guesses how the left-wing media handled this story, but you won’t need two of them. That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. Mainstream media networks have been coming to Biden’s defense. You know they wouldn’t do this for former President Donald Trump.

Instead, they’d be dedicating whole hours of programming to slamming and shaming the president for not following mask protocols. When Biden does it, they fawn all over him.

That’s a perfect example of a double standard and it’s sickening to watch. One good thing about this whole mess is that it could lead folks to stop obsessively watching the news. That means less brainwashing going on, which is always a good thing.

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