Potential DNI Pick Raises More Red Flags With Biden Administration Nominations

(Liberty Bell) – Joe Biden, as he prepares to usurp the White House, has been making some pretty controversial and concerning picks for his administration, not the least of which is his pick for Director of National Intelligence (DNI), Avril Haines (pictured at top).

While Haines may look good on paper, in reality, she is exactly who the US does not want to be in the role of DNI. Zero Hedge calls her a “neoliberal intelligence apologist” and highlights just how abysmal her record really is.

Haines first started working for Biden as Deputy General Counsel of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee when Biden was its Chairman. Haines moved to the State Department when Biden became Vice President in 2009, where she served as the assistant legal adviser for treaty affairs.

Soon after, she moved to the White House where she worked as the deputy assistant to the president and deputy counsel to the president for national security affairs, the National Security Council’s chief attorney.

Zero Hedge points out that her role was essentially to “legally justify President Barack Obama’s decisions on such intelligence issues as drone strikes and whether to release the CIA Torture Report.” She served under CIA Director John Brennan, who we know is Deep State, and in 2013 Obama named her the deputy director of the CIA.

Under Brennan, she adopted his attitude of disdain towards congressional oversight and is no doubt a full-fledged member of the Deep State.

Zero Hedge points to three controversies involving Haines and for which she should be required to provide answers for during a confirmation hearing.

The first is the CIA’s refusal to release the Senate Torture Report and the decision to hack into the Senate Intelligence Committee’s computer system.

The next is the CIA’s decision to forego punishment of the officers who carried out the hack and who also tortured and killed prisoners beyond the point that the Justice Department deems permissible.

The last is the government’s drone program which killed hundreds, if not thousands, of innocent civilians.

Haines was the one responsible for taking the calls seeking permission to initiate drone strikes which claimed the lives of thousands of innocent people. She has yet to answer for her decisions and her actions. She has yet to offer any reasonable justification for so flippantly giving permission to use deadly drone strikes.

As Zero Hedge has put it, Haines has committed crimes against humanity and is absolutely unfit and an inappropriate choice to run the intelligence community.

Like many of the selections Joe Biden has made for his administration, Haines is just another Deep State loyalist who has no concern for law and order or putting American interests first.

There is still a chance to defeat her if she is denied a role through confirmation hearings but at this point, it’s hard to tell if there are many left in Washington DC willing to stand up against the crooked Deep State swamp and do what’s right.

The best case scenario would be Congress preventing Joe Biden from fraudulently usurping the White House.

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  1. Despite every form of proof that the GOP is a bunch of cheating underhanded criminals, why is it that Federal judges aren’t allowing this sham of an election to be reversed?

  2. They should all be tried for treason and given the maximum penalty. We all know they are guilty of treason. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris should NOT be allowed to take office

  3. As expected, Biden is re-stocking his ” administration ” with all of Barack Hussein Obama’s sycophants and deep state globalists in an effort to continue the destruction of America. Rest assured, he will appoint Obama to a post of influence where he will dictate policy and not ” presidents ” Biden/ Harris, thus making this Barry Hussein Obama’s third term in office.


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