Postal Service Signals That This Huge Factor Could Totally Upset 2020 Election

(Liberty Bell) – Republicans have been warning of potential complications to the voting process that is the Democrats’ entire approach to the voting system for years.

The Democrats oppose voter ID laws as “racist” because of either a disgustingly condescending attitude towards people of color or a desire for people who may not otherwise be given a ballot to be able to vote for them.

Maybe both.

They support allowing felons and children to vote, knowing that both groups are likely easily ushered into their camp with idealistic promises and lax attitudes towards crime-fighting.

And now, they’re going all-in for mail-in voting, because, you know, coronavirus.

In reality, widespread mail-in voting opens up a dangerous floodgate of fraud potential, one that Republicans have been loudly warning about for months now, but is dismissed by the left and the fake news media as an “attack” on mail-in voting.

As if it’s political to want to protect the integrity of our elections? Tell me, why would Republicans oppose mail-in voting for political reasons…unless it’s more likely that it’s the Democrats would benefit from mail-in voting schemes, in which case, why would that be?

Well, in another mail-in voting shake-up, the U.S. Postal Service has sounded the alarm that those who mail in their ballots may not even be counted.

Newsmax reports that, as per The Daily Beast, USPS officials said during a Thursday meeting that we could have major issues up ahead.

“With the dramatic increase of ballots compared to previous elections, in some cases a tenfold increase in the number of ballots in some states, there are some issues in the supply chain,” a senior official at the agency said during the meeting.

“Despite the heroic efforts I know you guys will pursue to get that ballot in the hands of voters, the reality is, that’s going to be a difficult situation for that voter to have their vote counted,” another official said.

The Daily Beast noted that Postmaster General Louis DeJoy and several other high-ranking officials from the service were at the meeting.

Newsmax explains more:

Among the worries discussed were issues with printers who produce mail-in ballots.

“Some of these printers … just don’t have the capacity they were used to in prior elections,” one official said.

With the coronavirus pandemic continuing to affect Americans’ daily lives, many states are opting to mail ballots to voters for the November election. President Donald Trump and other Republicans say that could lead to voter fraud and a poor ballot count.

Democrats say voting by mail is necessary because of guidelines pertaining to social distancing related to COVID-19, which has infected 6.3 million Americans and killed more than 191,000.


  1. IN CA we have no choice, newscum has deemed we must all mail votes! And to be sure the FRAUD is already working! Take a look at what we have so called, people speaking for us. NOT NEVER And the threat of trouble if biden does not win is also BS! WE REAL AMERICAN CITIZENS HAVE HAD ENOUGH! Keep seeing that to try and scare those to vote for 2 proven criminals who DO NOT CARE OR HAVE OUR COUNTRIES INTERESTS FIRST! Their mantra MONEY POWER GREED CONTROL with them calling all the shots! Hope the man upstairs hears our prayers.

  2. No to mail in vote . If we can go to Walmart and other places where I only see the social distancing when you’re in front the cashier then we can all vote . If democrats who are scare of the virus want to vote by mail then let them do so and vote by mail and leave those who want to vote in person alone . I take responsibility for my health and will go to vote in person .

  3. J – WIth most mail-in ballots not being counted until the polls close, you cannot make sure it will be counted by the time you go to the polls. Therefore you will be voting twice on purpose, a felony in many states.

  4. All mail-in ballots need to have a receive by date of November 3rd. Any delivered later than Election Day should not count! At least that way there would be a definitive number of known ballots on November 3rd and not have the election drag on and on to become even more compromised!

  5. Anyone who would vote against voter ID is saying that they have no problem with fraud and/or they are planning to do it. Very obvious and the American citizens are NOT STUPID.

  6. Dems have been cheating for decades, in many forms. The 1960 election was well known to have been fixed with LBJ bringing TX in as he promised & the Daley machine in Illinois. Very close, it made the difference. Are Dems the only people who are too uncapable as to not be able to produce some I.D. nor get to the polls on their own? The I.D. is ridiculous, you have to have I.D. for everything, Food Stamps among them. You have to show I.D. to show it’s you. That’s an easy one. They will always keep finding more & more ballots somehow if given the chance & they will nearly all be Dem ballots, like with the Al Franken thing. The hanging chad thing was a famous attempt to cheat plus calling the FL early before the pan handle was through voting. More people voting than are registered to vote in many places happened several times, always Dems. Now, the threat of more violence if we don’t let them win? Imagine life under people like that? If Dems are so ignorant as to not be able to request an absentee early enough to get it, they have no excuse. Go to the polls & vote. I recommend all Republicans to go vote in person, this could be a big cluster if we don’t. Why wouldn’t you want to make sure your vote is your vote & is counted? We know the answer, Dems can’t cheat if we vote the normal & easy to do way. Coronavirus my butt.

    • Absolutely right on. As a FORMER Dim (back when I was young & stupid), I can verify that is how Dims do things. Thank you.

    • Call it a voter protest, we all know as shown by BLM and the riots that protesting in large crowds makes you immune to COVID19 as those are allowed and encouraged.
      So either allow me to vote in person or prove scientifically why protest are safe, grocery stores are safe, liquor stores are safe but voting dangerous. Oh and ID is required for liquor, cigs and cashing checks, food stamps etc. The ID issue has been disproven for decades let the dead horse lie in peace and quit beating it.

  7. No matter how well the dummycrats claim the postal service is, there are still plenty of flaws. Heard from a retired mail carrier that sometimes postal workers will “take the mail for a ride” which means it goes out on the route but is intentionally not delivered. That mail may stay in the system for days or even weeks before the carrier finally delivers it. And sometimes the mail is thrown away. The politics of the carrier and the customers can have an affect on the frequency of this practice. I know at least once a week my mail is over 2 hours late. Don’t know why it happens but it started a few weeks ago.

    • A very good friend of mine in the church I am a member of is a strong conservative and a long-haul truck driver. His contract is to haul US mail. He says that road conditions often delay the mail but seldom more than a few hours.

  8. In 2012 our daughter requested an absentee ballot. It arrived after the election.Mail sent from my local PO reaches my children across the state and in another state state before it arrives locally. I had a birthday card, a few years ago, mailed locally, sent to distribution center 40 miles away, post marked on the 21st, arrived at my home on the 30th, one week after my birthday.

  9. If you can go to grocery store and to other essential services then you can go to the voting booth. We should also have to show an identification to prevent fraud if you really want an honest election. Honest Americans have a right to know that all voters are legal. Stop the left from killing our democracy. Trump 2020!!!

    • Never been in line more than 15 minutes and I live in a very large city. Had to wait in line at grocery store longer than that at start of pandemic. I could easily get other people’s ballots by paying a very small price to have them vote for my candidate if we go by mail. So very easily corruptible. Vote in person with I’d. Trump 2020!!!

  10. Spin Doctors. Watch a film clip of a Trump speech (or even a short comment) on both MSNBC or CNN and FOX and you’ll think that it was two entirely different occasions.
    As an illustration:
    “I believe that Joe Biden is sincere and I believe what he says that he will do if elected. The problem is that I believe that Joe Biden also believes them. The Democratic ticket should read: HARRIS / BIDEN.”
    How do you think that would be reported?

  11. Both Bill Clinton and Barack Obama urged voters to vote early and vote often. You Lefties never want to research your own history before running your mouths. Which makes you ignorant and hypocrites. And you call us the deplorable and disgusting scum of America. Look in the mirror for a change.

  12. Trump is the only one that encouraged people to actually commit a felony and vote twice. If the election is rigged it’s because he asked people to rig it.

    • What a load of BS. What he said was if you mail in you’re ballot go to the voting place and make certain it was counted. If not then vote. You people will absolutely spin anything you think you can get away with and this article proves it. It’s a disgrace!

    • He actually said that if we were to vote by mail then verify that our vote made it onto the voter roles. If it “got lost” somewhere in transit then go vote in person. The voting machine won’t let you vote if your name is already on the roles and the counting machine won’t accept a mail in ballot if you have already voted in person. Either way the system won’t accept two ballots from the same name. That is why the demonrats have to use names from dead people and illegal people.


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