Pope Francis Makes Sick Comparison Between Trump And Murderous Biblical King

(Liberty Bell) – Pope Francis will most certainly go down in history as the world’s first “woke pope.”

When he’s not rambling on about climate change or threatening eternal punishment for “sins against the earth,” he’s railing against open borders.

In his most recent demonstration, the woke pontiff has compared US President Donald Trump to a figure in the Bible who not only tried to kill the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ but massacred innocent children en masse in an attempt to prevent the newborn Messiah from taking his crown.

Because trying to keep one’s nation secure from drugs and stop a raging human trafficking crisis that disproportionately targets women and children is totally the same thing as murdering possibly tens of thousands of babies because you’re intimidated by the Jewish Messiah.

It was revealed in a Jesuit journal on Thursday that, while speaking with some Jesuit brothers during a recent visit to Thailand, Pope Francis was very straight forward in his condemnation of POTUS and his comparison between the leader of the free world and the evil King Herod.

“In other parts there are walls that even separate children from parents. Herod comes to mind,” Francis said. “Yet for drugs, there’s no wall to keep them out.”

“The phenomenon of migration is compounded by war, hunger and a ‘defensive mindset,’ which makes us in a state of fear believe that you can defend yourself only by strengthening borders. At the same time, there is exploitation.”’

In the Q&A session, Francis also proposed that the rise of populism is at the root of the migrants’ problems in Europe.

Right, because masses of welfare-seeking civilization jihadis and military-aged males from wart-torn places who bring higher crime rates with them and refuse to assimilate to the culture don’t cause problems for Europeans at all? Yeah, right.

“I must admit that I am shocked by some of the narratives I hear in Europe about borders,” the pope said. “Populism is gaining strength.”

“The phenomenon of refugees has always existed, but today it is better known because of social differences, hunger, political tensions and especially war. For these reasons, migratory movements are intensifying,” he said.

“What is the answer the world gives? The policy of waste,” he continued. “Refugees are waste material. The Mediterranean has been turned into a cemetery. The notorious cruelty of some detention centers in Libya touches my heart.”

“The Christian tradition has a rich evangelical experience in dealing with the problem of refugees. We also remember the importance of welcoming the foreigner as the Old Testament teaches us,” he said.


  1. Dear Lord, let us not judge, lest we be judged, as thou hast commanded. God will relieve us of those who displease him. We are , if we profess to be Christian, not name callers, hypocrites, exalters of our own opinions, liars, haters, or arbiters of evil intent toward those we do not agree with. God commands that we love one another and our neighbors as ourselves.
    This is not to say that we should be submissive to attempts and efforts to subvert honesty, fairness, kindness, reason, and love. If you disagree with someone, calling them names will not lead to a point well taken. Heated exchanges lead to hardened opinions and hearts. Well thought out and reasoned exchanges can lead to a softened stand, and a collaboration of ideas. Would that our congress would return to this type of governing . Man proposes, God disposes. And be assured, He will.

  2. I know my Catholic brothers and sisters are well-meaning, but Jesus never said there was supposed to be a pope and He didn’t appoint St. Peter as the first pope. Jesus said “Upon this Rock I will build My Church.” If you look at the context of this passage, you’ll soon see that He was referring to faith that Peter had just displayed and not to Peter himself. The history of the Catholic Church is filled with adultery, prostitution, murder and wars. At the time of the Reformation, Pope Leo had decided he wanted to build another basilica in Rome as a monument to himself, but the Church was low on money. So he and his advisor decided to raise money from the poor of Europe by selling made up indulgences which could supposedly cut years off dead relatives time in Purgatory. Martin Luther was a priest, an Augustinian monk and a Doctor of Theology from a Catholic University. He was also priest of the parish in Wittenberg, Germany. The indulgences really bothered him and he posted 95 theses where the Catholic Church had drifted from the True Faith as God had self-revealed in the Bible. He was tried for heresy by the pope’s co-conspiritor and found guilty, but he was protect by the Prince of the German part of the then Holy Roman Empire. He did not want to leave the Church, but the Church left him. Thus started the first Protestant Church – The Lutheran Church. The Catholic Church eventually realized the need for some of Luther’s and Calvin’s reforms and later adopted some of them. As Bible-believing Evangelical Christians we believe we are not saved by our own works, but by the finished work of Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior on the Holy Cross and by His Precious Blood. The Book of Hebrews says we do not need human priests because Jesus is Our Great High Priest who brings all our sins and needs to the Father. He has made atonement for our sins. We don’t have to doubt where we will spend eternity. When we are born-again (Jesus’s term from the Gospel of John, Chapter 3) He gives us the Witness of the Holy Spirit (see I John) so that we know with no shadow of doubt that we are saved. We don’t need Mary (even though she was a devout Jew who the Father decided was worthy to be the mother of His Son.) We don’t need saints. We can boldly go before The Throne and make our requests known to God through Christ Jesus (the Book of Hebrews.)

  3. This Pope will never acknowledge the fact that President Trump’s first obligation is to the American people and their children. It can be said that the problem at the border starts at the very base of the real problem and that is in those countries. These countries are ruled by dictators who are in power not for their people but for their own material gain. Together with the ignorance of the local population and the political climate that never seems to go away, why is blame being placed on a President who asserts the right to protect his people and boundaries

  4. To those who have left the Church on account of what the Pope did or did not do, I urge you to ignore that wrongdoing and mentally, spiritually and physically get involved in what is going on at Mass.

  5. This Pope has turned out to be the 180 % opposite what Pope John Paul ll and is as far as I am concerned the Anit-Christ and needs to be removed.

  6. The Pope saying Trump is Like King Herod….Hmmm
    The Pope is upset that Trump is tryng to stop the slaughter of the unborn….
    Herod was slaughtering the Newly born…
    So by default then the Pope supports child sacrifice and sees Trump as opposed to child sacrifice and therfore doesn’t like Trump.
    So Planned Parent-Hood must be an arm of the Catholic Church?
    Otherwise none of what the Trump hating Pope says makes any sense.

  7. The Pope is dead to God for having this church constantly pay for the continual sin of pedophilia as they drink only the best wines from chalices of Gold while homelessness grows! It is the Christian soldiers that begin to awaken or be reborn once again, for it is time, not to publicly swell into great masses, but to rebuild your strength with others quietly, for God’s enemies are plentiful and have many ears and bear false witness to gather us to our demise! Indeed many of these would end up taking on such a life of their own that the very circumstances of their “Birth” would come to be obscured and on occasion be forgotten completely! This time has just passed for the Magaritai: Then I heard a voice from Heaven say “write this!” Blessed are the Dead who die in the Lord from now on “Yes” says the spirit “They will rest from their labor, for their Deeds will not follow them.” “Do not let your hearts be troubled you believe in God, believe also in me.”

  8. Shame on you Pope Francis. You need to stay out of political business. ESP. the USA! Religion and govt do not mix! Run your church and leave us alone. You are not a true catholic

    • Since WHEN are the church, and government NOT mixed? Anti-choice “Christians” have, for decades, been trying to have womens rights repealled! I have no doubt that, if they thought they could do it, the Christian church would call for the repeal of the 19th amendment!

  9. This pope is a fake, he believes in socialism and communism. He never condemns abortion or Nancy Pelosi and the democrats for this murderous action. To Pope Francis, I distrust you so much for all your lies, condemning of others while you live behind a wall with Swiss Security. You are no John-Paul II.

  10. THIS Pope will go down in HISTORY as a REPROBATE, devoid of any SANE judgment. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  11. He has done do much damage to Catholics and the rest of Christianity …… would not be surprised to see a change in leadership before long… need to rent Who is in charge of the direction in world affairs🙏💕

  12. We must convince the pope that America is the land of separation of church and state. His pronouncements about our country are meaningless. We are a republic, not a church state.
    VOTE RED!!!

    • Perhaps Francis would do well to be reminded, per Genesis 6:1-7, that the devil’s dynasty proliferates greatly during low opposition to evils. The population of the world became so wicked, so evil, that “the Lord was sorry that He made man on the earth, and He [the Lord] was grieved in His heart. So the Lord said, ‘I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth…” Corruption, not strongly challenged, multiplies greatly. People SHOULD OPPOSE CORRUPTION. In any nation, or place, the people should first try to defeat the corruption, BEFORE it becomes overwhelmingly strong, in numbers. Christians are told to “…earnestly contend FOR THE FAITH which was once for all delivered to the saints.” (Jude, Verse 3) Abandonment Of principles and places to corruption both enables and encourages more proliferation of corruption. In Mark 8:35-36 we read that Jesus Christ said, “For whoever desires to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will save it. For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world, but loses his soul ?” Now, this passage refers to a person favoring his physical life over his spiritual eternity, or vice-versa : favoring his eternal soul’s condition over his physical life’s comparatively short-lived conditions. For a nation, place, or person to be restored to good condition requires effort. Refugees are those who have abandoned a place which they feel unable to conquer. Some help may be needed from the outside. However, the effort needs some nucleus inside. Also, “refugees” from a place are a very convenient group among whom others may infiltrate a new location – with the goal to corrupt and possibly to destroy that new location’s inhabitants, OR IT’S GOVERNMENT !!! Remember the story of “the Trojan Horse,” and how infiltrators can stealthily slip past people’s guard !!! The UNVETTED “refugees” into nations recently have included numerous problems, of both behavior and diseases !!!


  14. My wife and I are both converts, former Southern Baptist. With the help of an absolute Angel Irish Priest who told us; “never let anyone or anything come between you and your relationship with Jesus Christ.” When this Pope was elected and confirmed, I began to understand exactly what he meant.

    Instead of letting this Pope harden or break my heart, I started doing research about him and his beliefs, especially his political position. I learned that he has gatekeepers who are very liberal who feed him the information he receives. They wouldn’t allow Scientists who could provide facts about our climate to address the Pope. I learned there is a sect within the College of Cardinals who are very liberal. He has placed them in positions of authority including functioning as gatekeepers. For many years they’ve been working and planning the take over of the Catholic Church. This is exactly what the national socialist democrat party in our country has been doing for as long as the leftist Cardinals.

    Liberal Billionaires helped both the socialist democrats and the Catholic Cardinals achieve their goal. In the United States, “We The People” elected a President who promised to return control of the US Government back to the people. He’s taken the harness off our necks which has allowed our nation to prosper and he’s done this while fighting the socialist democrats 24/7.

    Unfortunately the Vatican command structure doesn’t have the means to overcome this radical left-leaning movement. The College of Cardinals will be strengthened by the appointment of Bishops to Cardinals who have the same belief and agenda as this Pope. Until a new Pope is elected we Catholics must endure. Pray for us.

    We the people are in position to destroy the national socialist democrat party with the next election. We can achieve this by voting in several conservative candidates to the house and senate and re-electing this President. We gain control of congress and the white house, we will also continue to have constitutional judges appointed and confirmed to the Supreme Court not ideologs with liberal agendas.

    If any of you in this response thread feel the same, make a commitment to work hard to accomplish taking back the house, strengthening the Senate and re-electing President Trump. This will unleash the power of the people to not only keep our country great but the possibility exist that our President will promote a “Convention of States” to finish cleaning up the swamp, term-limits on congress and the Supreme Court Justices, a balanced budget, a secure border and ending the murder of developing human beings and set our country on a path of greatness that will last for most of our lifetimes!

    • That was so well written & to the point. All my resources are pledged to defeat the socialists aka Democrats. They are the enemy of Western Culture & this pope is part of the problem.

  15. As a Catholic ( no not PELOSI Variety) i believe that the POPE better stick to cleaning up the Corruption in HIS Domain and Child Abuse by HIS charges ….and STFU

  16. Well, no wonder Nancy Pelosi thinks she cannot be called a hater because she is Catholic and naturally that makes her and the Pope insulated from criticism and beyond reproach.
    Maybe she and the Pope should remember one of the top ten Catholic Rules is:
    Thou shalt not bear false witness!
    Or maybe-
    Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.
    Judge Not lest ye be Judged!

    Humm so we have a pope who bears false witness against Trump, claims apparently he has a window into Trump’s soul and knows what Trump feels, thinks, or wants. Gee, I have a feeling Jesus would not be pleased. Maybe their own arrogance is what causes them to be so full of BS perhaps a little humility is in order!

    Being Pope or a Catholic does not make you perfect, beyond reproach, or able to know what is in another’s heart or soul. This Pope should stick to spiritual matters and let secular issues be dealt with by the People! He is not even an American so he has no place judging our President let alone comparing him to Herod who murdered the innocent, So Francis shows me the baby body count!

    Funny there used to be a time when the Pope defended Christianity, now it seems he constantly judges and condemns it – he seems to be about as Christian as Obama was!

    • Well said, you write and sound like a Catholic. You are dead-center on target about the Pope and Nancy Pelosi, the body count is on their hands. Since Roe vs Wade over 70 million developing human beings slaughtered at the approval of Pelosi. Wish we had more Priest like the one in South Carolina who refused Holy Communion to Joe Biden.

  17. I am not a Catholic but I have friends and family members that have married and converted, me not understanding they talked me through it when I visited their church but for the last several years they have become discouraged and even left the church or gone to other religion. I have changed from Baptist to Pentecost I now go to a nondenominational bible based church. People love the Pope but he confuses me and with his power of persuasion he scares me.

  18. Hey, Pope, maybe one day you will be a Christian. Take car of your fallen Church and stay out of America’s politics. You are by far an insult to all American Catholics and you certainly won’t see ANY DOLLARS FROM ME IN THE FUTURE. I’LL PRAY FOR YOUR SICK SOUL.

  19. Times are changing and I don’t think anything the Pope says has any weight or bearings on anyone anymore for starters…..secondly, he must be getting his information from CNN, because the majority of the US does love what Trump has done for America and will continue to do, which is a very different picture of what CNN reports worldwide.


  21. Sad. There was such hope and then he became a politician forgetting Jesus’ own comments about giving unto Caesar what is Caesar’s, and God what is God’s He
    has taken sides rather than be a peacemaker. He seems to think the if he immed-iately takes the side of the those he determines are “oppressed” without seeing both sides. I long ago stopped going to mass when they decided to go with the local language and then introduced “rock n roll” masses. I grew up and eating meat on Friday was a serious sin – then all of a sudden it was ok. Mostly I got tired about all
    the sermons about how much money they needed, needed this or that, and acted
    like the people “sinned” if they didn’t give. Ask your priest – or any minister – where it was shown that Christ EVER BUILT A CHURCH ? Seems like the only time he lost his cool was in a church. Pope wants to do all these things – then start selling off all the treasures the Church has, sell off local properties to help those he wants others to help – but the “Church” rarely does much for ! Sorry, but he has been a disap-

  22. I am a practicing Roman Catholic who disagrees with our POPE! Having been to Vatican City, I can attest that the authorities would not allow thousands of refugees to remain within the confines of the WALLED CITY! The Vatican would be overrun and impossible to take care of every day concerns which include feeding, housing, medical assistance, etc. for thousands of refugees. Our POPE needs to rise above his personal history and be careful about his public pronouncements!

  23. This pope has demoralized me that since he became the pope I stopped going to church. He needs to stop being politician and more of a spiritual leader. Its none of his business, it’s hard to take anything he has to say when he promotes the democrats when the democrats promote everything that the Catholic Church is against. He must think he is still in the communist government of Argentina pushing their agenda. Back off, Pope Francis!

  24. I am a practicing Catholic who goes to mass daily. I do not agree with this Pope and do not contribute to any collections for him and his special causes. I am a TRUMP supporter all the way. I had my protestant mother praying the rosary ( yes to MARY our Mother) for the election of Trump. But no matter what this Pope or president or anyone else does No one will ever stop me from receiving the BODY and BLOOD of our LORD JESUS. All the people that claim to be Christian’s including the pope spew an awful lot of Hate. Have Joy in your life. Merry Christmas

    • I feel exactly the same. But unlike you, I have not gone to church since Pope Francis unstable preaching and how he has changed our church. I don’t like him. He does not represent the teaching of the Catholic Church that I’ve known since I was a child. I was taught by nuns and went to a catholic school taught by nuns and priests. I don’t recognized this Pope and his vision. I resent him.

    • Deborh,
      I couldn’t have said it better.
      In the new testament Jesus was asked who should the Jews believe Caesar’s law or the law of God: Jesus answered “Give unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and to God the things that are God’s”.
      Pope Francis should be proclaiming the words of Jesus, not ponificating personal feelings.
      I support Trump and want to see him prevail in the next election.

    • For the grace of God, you and I were born in the US with parents and a Country that provided us an education, direction and much more. We have created a World that disrespects our maker by not protecting it from Global Warming. God created this world not for us to destroy it as President Trump thinks by his actions is okay. Instead of pulling out of the Paris Peace Accord we should have made it stronger. Instead of disavowing the 97% of Scientists that have told us we have global warming and what is causing it he should be taking action( since when do we ever have 97% agree on anything). You may not know the US creates the most carbon dioxide per capita in the world.

      I hope your children and grandchildren will call you out for your ignoring our World for short term gain. Our parents and those that made the ultimate sacrifice during World War II should be examples to all of us.

    • Doug, 97% of scientists do not believe in global warming. It was a misreading of the survey. Of those who participated in the survey, who were not all climate scientists and did not include scientists who didn’t agree, 97% of them believe in global warming. Most rational climate scientists know that climate change has always occurred on the earth from it’s beginning. NASA scientists just released the fact that the earth is entering a cooling period, maybe even a little ice age like during colonial times and the American Revolution. This is caused by decreased solar activity which usually cause sun spots and solar flares which radiate towards earth and cause global warming. Contrary to globalist climate proponents, CO2 is not a pollutant or even a measurable green house effect gas. It is actually good for the planet and greens the planet. It is necessary for plant growth and photosynthesis which produces food and oxygen.

  25. the pope is so ready to condemn the President of the United States why is he not condemning the Catholic Church or change the churches policy’s or condemning Pelois for allowing abortions and the Democrats for the abortion policy they are pushing. The Head of the Catholic Church is more like Herod than the President of the United States. He goes to Turkey and urges the Christians to love and tolerate the Muslims but does not urge the Muslims to love and tolerate the Christians. The Catholic Church in the World should recall the Pope. As for the wall that are being build around the world, what about the wall around the Vatican? And where is the immigration into Vatican City? this Pope is to far to the Left.

  26. The killing of the children in the so called camps is on Trump’s head alone! This POS of a leader is leading us to destruction big time. The only right move is to impeach this clown who has no morals what so ever!

    • My point exactly. This Pope must remember what the demoncRats represents: the opposite of what the church stands for. This is why I can’t stand this Pope. Like the demoncRats this Pope is a hypocrite and is running his personal agenda.

    • Killing the children in the camps? are you kidding, he is saving their lives. They come in sick, being raped, and misused, and he has them being protected from fake families, the cartels, giving them food and medical care and toys, and tv. You need to research your comments. Clinton started the cages, Obama, encaged thousands, and Trumps to blame. Right, tell us another one. This is to Jack

    • What kind of drugs are you on ? You need to try some thing different. What ever you are using has really screwed your mind up. No children has been killed in a camp in the USA.You need to quit listening to the Democrat idiots. They will mess your brain up.

    • Jack: President Trump has repeatedly stated that slaughtering children either developing human beings or post birth is wrong, it’s murder. Remember one of the ten Commandments from God was “Thou shalt not kill.” You, like most national socialist democrats are blaming President Trump for you actions and your sins. You need to take a good long look in the mirror and compromise with yourself that maybe, possible, you’re wrong!!

  27. Why Pope Benedict resigned had always been a mystery to me. It’s becoming clearer, however, that the Church is bowing to its enemies in promoting socialism. I have to believe liberal big money is behind this “wokeness.” The Catholic Church in Rome needs to clean it’s own house rather than sling mud at ours.

  28. If the Pope truly said this then he is very misguided. I am a born-again Christian and I put my faith and trust only in my risen Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. All popes are mere mortals just like the rest of us. Only God should make such judgements. However, HE did say that “by their fruits you will know them.” So apparently we are commissioned or allowed to judge the fruits or works that we see. We all need prayer so I hope we will all pray that the Pope will see the light too.

    • President Trump always says he loves People, Pope Francis copies Hillary’s comments on Trump being who she claims to know, nothing.

  29. This so called Pope is a Marxst Ahole. As a now fallen away Catholic since this scumbag was belched from hell, I know why Catholics are leaving the church. He needs to take all these rabble “po children to the Vatican.” All the billions is jewels, art treasures, property the church has , let this PIG take care of the “refugees. Oh, thats right they only allow 2 refugees per year.He bleeds the member s of the faith to death, while our money goes to pay lawyers for the pedophiles hiding behind the robes of the church. How much money had to change hands to get the “white smoke” to appear to get this no good scum elected as POPE. Remember Pope Benedict was a Conservative , they made short work out of him.

    • Trump is not God but he is doing the best he can under constant attack, 24/7 by the demoncRats, And fight for the American people. It’s a wonder Trump is able to achieve all that he is able to.
      You should wake up and be grateful to God that we have a president that live and love this country and unborn babies to fight for both.

  30. You people are so disrespectful and unintelligent!! The Pope is not the anti-christ, Trump is! His ranting and crying about someone talking about him! Well get over it, you people are talking behind someone’s back to!!!

    • Sam, I hope you’re a critical thinker and more intelligent than to believe what you’ve posted here. Your comments are illogical and speak of one with a low IQ.

    • This is not talking behind his back, this is a public forum. Pope Francis is welcome to read how we feel. Like he is such a loud mouth to talk about the President of the United States, we can share how disappointed we are of him as the anti Christ and the pope.

    • How did you come up with the stupid idea that Trump is the anti-christ ? You would come nearer to being the anti-christ than Trump.

    • You need some serious help. This Pope is nothing but a brainless individual who needs to practice what he preaches. Why are there beggars right at the gates of the Vatican. He should welcome them all into the Vatican for free food and housing. Remove THAT wall before commenting on walls.


    • I Am at a crossroads concerning this (Our Pope}.He Calls Our President Every Name
      Under The Sun–And I Resent It.I Love President And What He Has To Put Up With In
      Our Country With “Just Living Each Day,Trying To Improve Our State Of Being Under The Constitution.This Pope And His Cardinals And Bishops Are Surrounded By Gold And Riches.He Really Can’t Care About “The Little Guy And The Poor”.If He Sits Among Rich Trappings And Condemms Our President Trump .Come Down Out Of Your Castles,Give Up Your Gold Head-Dresses And Ivory Altars.Go Minister To Our
      Poor.Teach Them To Care For Themselves And Have Pride.Stop Tribalism.Stop Talking And Do The Walk !!

  32. This from a man who lives behind high walls with guards… I don’t see any refugees living in Vatican City (an independent country)….

  33. Give the Pope a chance… He was tricked into drinking from a bottle of “Clinton Kool Ade, and turn him into a little boy panty sniffer.

  34. that is the popes opinion for what ever reason. he has a right to his opinion. I am just worried that being in the position of being the pope his opinion could result in political ramifications.

    • How many wars have been started by religion or have religious undertones? This Pope’s mouth along with that of other so-called religious leaders can have disastrous consequences.

    • Because of his “opinions” he has lost a lot of followers. Church attendance are low. I’m one of those that because I’m disillusioned of this Pope I stopped attending mass. He needs to shut up.

  35. This man should not be Pope and actually should not be in religion at all.
    He is a disgrace and an embarrassment to the Catholic Church. He should
    be removed from his position as Pope and put under psychiatric observation.

  36. Current pope is a joke, which is another reason that, though I grew up as a strict Catholic, I can no longer support anything (which has had many flaws for centuries) which can ever call this joke of a leader a person representing Jesus. If that is true, I totally give up Christianity.

    • Don’t turn away from Christ, this pope doesn’t represent the Bible or it’s teachings. Look to Revelations and you’ll find the answer to what is going on…

    • Please don’t give up your Christian belief! He is but a man with his opinions. Continue to follow Jesus. This is coming from a converted Catholic. I, too, have had my doubts about him. But I believe in the Trinity and that Satan continues to try to lure us away!

    • Gerry. I still my faith and still devout Catholic but will not attend mass until he is no longer the pope. He is embarrassing anti christ. I will not give him that. My belief will be with me, I will not let this anti Christ take that away from me. I will not let the devil win.

  37. That “woke” Pope needs to wake up to REALITY! . . . I can’t BELIEVE this pope hasn’t been removed yet from the Catholic church yet. Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  38. You mentioned the slaughter of the innocents. The number of male children age from 0-3 years. But if you read more in-depth reading likely there was no more than 50 male babies. His army may have slaughtered some. . Many centurions could not kill a baby.
    The King that Crucified Jesus was supposed to do that. Christ had to die for our sins. And then rise from the dead. The ascend to Heaven to prepare rooms for us the talking monkeys.

    A pope the biggest insult to God. Some Cathoes claim they are taught the Pope is God on earth, farce and insults.
    Have no graven statues. Mr Poop oops Pope why do you have statues of some saints when GOD said no?
    Pray only to Me (God) Mr Pope why do you tell people to pray to the Saints. Even worse praying Mary. Why would anyone pray to a mortal?
    Confessing sins to a priest in matching phone booths. You are lying again. First only God can forgive sins. Second please tell where rosery is said in the Bible. Third

    • As a Catholic and member of the only Church founded by Jesus and his first Pope Saint Peter I don’t like or agree with this Pope, but to say that we Catholic are taught
      he is God on Earth and the other stupidities you are saying are the same crap or “fake news” repeated by the Protestan heathens thru the centuries.


  40. this pope is as lost as anyone can be. he a disgrace and needs to saved and repent. good chance he could be the false prophet. your not a christian because the church you go to. your a christian when you accept Jesus as your Lord and Savior and repent. repentance means you change and start acting more like Jesus and less like satan. sin is sin there’s no little sin nor big sin. a lie is a lie and will get you to hell just as quick as murder.

  41. The Pope is about loving your neighbor and treating people the way you yourself would want to be treated.
    That is the Christian way.

    You guys seem to be about hating everyone with whom you disagree and vicious name calling.

    Glad we don’t have many like you at my Christian Church

    Try reading the Bible and rediscover our Lord’s good message .

    You guys are an American version of Sharia Law, the American Taliban .

    Grow up!

    • I was raised Catholic and my great uncle has been beatified. This Pope is not in the proper perspective of rhe Catholic church. He is not suppose to be speaking his political views especially since it is against the beliefs of the church. In way too many Catholics today they feel he could be the path to the anti Christ.

    • It would be nice if the Pope believed in loving all his neighbors, instead of picking out the ones he likes and the ones he does not like. Trump is his neighbor, and a Christian. The Pope represents the religous leaders of old, with their control over different nations. This Pope seems to think he is head of the nations. He is not. Just another imperfect man, making imperfect mistakes. The problem is, he has control over so many of peoples minds. And like lemmens go over the cliff with him, while he spews his hate on people he does not like.

  42. Pope Francis should pay attention to the words of Christ–“Judge not, lest ye be judged.” It seems all he does is point out the grain of sand in the eyes of others while he ignores the 2×4 in his own eye. Instead of consistently denigrating the president of the USA or any other country, he should be spending more time in his private chapel, on his knees, reciting multi mea culpas for his judgmental behavior. If he is so concerned in regard to refugees, illegal immigrants and global climate change, let him put the church’s money where his mouth is. Divest the church/Vatican of its store of wealth and use the money to finance the improvements he only talks about. Then, perhaps, we might look on him as one Christ’s representatives on earth, instead of just a religious anarchist.

  43. I was raised catholic and educated in catholic schools from 5th grade to the 8th grade .I started reading the bible on my own not just the parts cherrypicked by priest/ nuns it is full of contradictions . It was translated into English at the behest of King James the First It was originally written in several languages the Vatican had them ,so for all we know it could be a book of fairytales

    • I was brought up Catholic (parochial school, Catholic Prep school) and the best thing I learned was how hypocritical the priest and nuns with whom I had contact were. Most of them preach charity while they themselves were incredibly sadistic.
      As I stated elsewhere, if this pope is so concerned about refugees why doesn’t he dissolve the Church’s incredible wealth and help the refugees? He’s a hypocrite, that’s why!

  44. I thing the whole catholic faith should denounce this uneducated, self centered Pope. This is the most hatred Pope we ever had, yet, he preaches to love everyone. What a Two Face Holy Man. Why is our Pope calling our American President the Evil King Herod in the first place . Doesn’t he know that Obama was call the Messiah ?? So the Pope is in second place according to Obama. Why doesn’t the Pope go into the homeless world and feed them, give them Shelter, and open the Walls of the Vatican for them. No I guess not, he like the comfort of being safe, well feed and nice handmade clothes on him. What a hypocrite !!!!

    • I, a catholic, denounce this pseudo Pope. He is a SOCIALIST and should be removed for the idiocies he says. This pope thinks he is omnipotent aand his words can not be questioned? Bunch of hog wash. FRANCIS; stay away from politics because you are CLUELESS! Its NOT CHRISTIAN to compare anybody, much less the President of the United States to a murderer like Harrod. You should be ashamed of yourself! The Vatican is VERY VERY VERY RICH, why dont you share some of the wealth with who you so much want the rest of the wold to take into our countries? Truly Pathetic. But, then, what can you expect from a communist?
      I know I will get the legend awaiting our approval and then censor my comment.

  45. As an immigrant and by choice an American citizen, I am appalled by the tone and disrespect shown above particularly to the Pope. I thought that there was freedom of religion in America, where you may not agree with people’s views but you respect their right to hold them.

    Interesting to read the comments about Islam. Islam traces it’s history back to Abraham along with Christianity and Judaism. Surely that demands respect and understanding, not uninformed fear.

    • Mike Fenwick – Islam is purely a DEATH CULT. That is their history. That is the long & short of the Koran. Except the muslims are right about women.
      The History of Jihad from Mohammed to Isis, by Robert Spencer.
      Acts17Apologetics. YouTube
      The Apostate Prophet. YouTube

    • Mike, you got it right about there being no call to disrespect the Pope (especially this Pope), but as for the Muslims, they forgot about Abraham a long time ago. Now they are bent on destruction and have no moral sense. They knock down our buildings, shoot our pilots at Pensacola while they are in class, and they pollute our most sacred institutions. They are cursed by God and deserve no respect. They are malicious bums – that’s why the Negros like Cassius Clay find them desirable. They work for the devil just like all Negros. They are dirty.

    • Mike; I share your view partially; however in the case of this pope, in his pathetic way he is guiding the Catholics in a path that will lead them to hell…sorry, but I am serious!! One cannot place so much power in a human being that they can determine their eternally destination but the false teachings they espouse! Eternal life is something I take very seriously. There is a heaven, and yes, by all means, there is a hell. My faith is based on the words left to me by men of God who, by inspiration from God, wrote the words we find in the Holy Bible. These words are words to live by and as Christians we should study this book as our daily bread…we feed on His word and are filled with words of God’ love and forgiveness if we stay true to Him…not to some politically elected human who is housed on the other side of the world from us, and who dictates to those who choose to believe his words rather than God’s words. Mike, the only fear I experience is a reverent fear of God Almighty, creator of the universe, because I KNOW God is in control of all that happens. I want to have this God guide my days, not being afraid, but knowing the might and power of the one who causes the sun to rise in the morning and set in the evening…the one who literally gives us the very breath that we breath. I cannot understand why any clear thinking human being would choose the words from a sinful human being rather than and omnipitant God!

  46. Pope: what about the Lord’s word: Give to Lord what belongs to Lord and to Caesar what belongs to Caesar. It looks like you haven’t heard His words, or you are denying them. Too bad Pope! Also what about your church’s abuse pf thousands/millions of children by priests; it is your main responsibility, unless you are part of it. Too bad again. Best thing to do is to shut up; we have heard enough bad things from and you aren’t doing your main duties.

    • You got a name like a dirty Muslim. You don’t deserve to talk or be heard. You don’t know beans about this Pope or the Christian Church because you are cursed. Go back to the hot desert where you belong. Americans don’t want you here.

  47. I was a Catholic for most of my childhood till ” I Woke “. I am a Christian who reads, worships, and follows the Holy Word, not a mortal man. This pope is deranged. He walks and talks in the way of the ” Anti-Christ”. No God wants His people to allow sinful ideals to invade their concience as what this pope is suggesting. “Love your neighbor” does not mean go out of your way and let criminals into your life. Death, destruction and condemnation awaits all left, liberal thinking idiots. To think liberal-like is not what our Creator invisioned. To intentionally cause pain, suffering, and duress to citizens for your own personal gain (the liberal goal) is as far away from doing what is right as the East is from the West. Can popes B impeached? I think that would be best left to their boss, GOD.

    • Ron. This Pope is a real Reptile, but the churches have been deliberately infiltrated & sabotaged by dedicated leftist-socialist marxists, enabled by so many good people who excused themselves from their traditions over the normal hypocrisy & corrupion found in any human organization. Go back to your church!
      The public-government “schools” & agencies are 100x worse than even Francis’ rotten assbackwards rear.

  48. I am NOT catholic but from day one I have contended that he is evil. Nothing about him reflects Christ and if he is the best they can do with their smoke screens and those over the top clown suits GOD help us. The catholic church sure won’t.

  49. The Pope is just a man with an opinion. The Catholic Church needs to deal harshly and their own child molesters they continued to protect for decades before what any Pope says can carry any weight with the general public

    • The nazi-commie public schools & mass media news demonizes churches to cover their own rears, which are 100x more corrupt & pedophiliac than even Francis, as bad as he is!

    • Mike – Francis is far worse than just pedophile, but the public-government “schools” are 100x worse than anyone’s local church, even when abandoned by good people – as they have been

  50. With so many against Trump, he must be doing the right thing. Many were against Abraham and Moses and Noah and Matthew and Mark and John, Paul hated Christians and became the founder of Christianity, etc., many from the “religious leaders” hated these men. I mean, religious leaders hated Jesus, what does that tell you? Most people that God has used were by no means perfect men.

    • He compared Trump to HEROD! Holy smokes! There is nothing, NOTHING HE CAN DO, that you papaloters will won’t rationalize, excuse, swallow!

    • However bad some priests & preachers may be, the public-government “schools” are 100x worse than that. The churches are getting worse daily because so many good people have left them over churches’ hypocrisy or pedophilia, then it just got worse! Hang in there with your church & family & community.

    • Perhaps the Pope should open the doors of the Vatican and support all the people he wants the usa take in and stop putting him mouth out there in politics. I am catholic but I do not respect this Pope and wish they would replace him.

  51. it,s pretty bad when the head of the cath0lic church puts ihis two cents in he should know better that,s not what
    god thaught ukeep that up and ypu will loose mor catholic.

  52. Y’all hate the Pope because he’s a true Christian and you aren’t,

    As a Catholic we do not condone abortion but we do understand our Constitution requires separation of Church and State , so everyone can worship as they please.

    Our President is an atheist who cheated on all three of his Wives.

    Now he is using misguided fake Christians for cheap votes.

    • President Trump is and always be better than the “PERVERT Bill and the WITCH Hillary “and the ” FAKE Barrack and the PIG Michelle “

    • God has never used perfect men. Abraham slept with his wife’s servant. Did God not stick by him? Trump has done more for freedom of religion and allowing church leaders from being able to speak freely without retribution from the IRS and help more of them escape bondage in places like Turkey and Iraq, etc., and done more for Israel and the Jews than all previous presidents combined. You’re throwing out liberal talking points and headlines and missing the facts.

    • Mary Magdellan was a prostitute. Did God not stick by her? The person on the crucifix next to Jesus was a thief. Did he not promise him heaven? Was Saul (later Paul) not trying to wipe out Christians? Yet he established Christianity. Did not all the apostles deny Jesus? Did he not stand by them? The list goes on and on.

    • You my friend are sick in your head.at mass do you ever have Jesus included in your service??? No because you claim to love God but denied his son but yet you pray to his mother

    • Bruce Nelson, You, my friend are not a practicing Catholic. Who are you to judge? I for one believe God had a hand in putting this President into the White House because of the way this country was heading. God knew where this country would have ended up if Hillary were to become president. God is going to put him into office in 2020 because the ones running for president is worse than Hillary. No matter what they throw at this president God will keep him strong and safe and HE will not be removed from office. You are not a perfect man and should God hold you accountable for your wrongdoings as you are trying to hold this President too. ONLY God will judge, not you my friend.

    • Bruce; What is this about the Catholic church believing in separation of church and state? Are you not aware that many if not all Catholic schools get government funding. One of the biggest problems with Catholics is that they bow and scrape to a human being, who is politically elected and at the present time is gathering a group of notable people from all categories of life for a meeting to help move along the New World Order!! I was saved from my sins when I gave my life to a Living Lord. He abides in my body constantly and guides my life. I answer to God Almighty and the Holy Spirit who dwells within me, and not some politically motivated human who is no different from the man on the street, except he dresses nicer and has a large group of UNINFORMED acting if he is God! If I were a Catholic now, I would run as far and fast as I could to a church that teaches the Word of God, not one who waits for the next edit from the head of the cult called the Catholic church.

  53. What does he compare the priests that abuse children? He should stay out of politics and clean up his own house. I was an alter boy in grade school. I stopped being a Catholic in seventh grade when I walked in on the pastor and principal making out in the sacristy. I got my butt chewed out for being where i was supposed be. I’m 68 and an honorable agnostic.

    • The Catholic Church has always had satan at it’s foremost they have never worshiped Jesus.they will tell you to pray to Mary for forgiveness.jesus said pray to the Father using my name he did not say Mary’s

    • President Trump is 100% against abortion. He’s NOT a politician so where do you think that idea came from? It is HIS belief that it is wrong. Every time legislation has been brought up to oppose abortion he has always fought for the unborn child. It is the democrats that are for abortion and planned Parenthood. They also are for teen girls NOT notifying their parents and just going out and getting an abortion.
      With strong border protection America can better serve its citizens and legal residents. Illegals are a taxation on the resources that schools, universities, healthcare, and every other avenue that is provided for citizens and legal residents.

  54. CHRISTIAN and CATHOLIC are not synonymous. Christian’s believe that GOD sent JESUS CHRIST to earth to save man by sacrificing his life for the SINS of MAN. A human soul can only be saved by accepting the BLOOD of JESUS as a means to unite the SOUL of a human to GOD … AND … allowing JESUS to be LORD and SAVIOR of life til death.

    • Mike, Catholics are a subset of Christianity. Protestants are Christians and so are Lutherans and so are Methodists and so are Baptist’s, etc. So too are Catholics. If you are Catholic, you are a Christian. If your are Christian, as shown above, you aren’t necessarily Catholic. It is a religion based on Christ.

    • Mike Tiiley doesn’t know that the Apostles Creed Is the foundation of Catholic & of Protestant beliefs, so he disqualifies himself from any credible judgement of Catholics.
      This POS Pipe Francis does not represent traditional Catholics- he represents his S. American Liberation Satanists.

    • Mike, in addressing some of RR’s issues, I personally have difficulty classifying Catholics as Christians. From time to time I have lived in heavily Catholic populated towns, and believe me, I have met very few of them who could quote ANY Scripture, and their daily lives reflect nothing Christ like. I even have some issues with RR as to his list of denominations he called Christian. The only true Christians are those who have given their lives to a living Lord, studies our book of instructions called the Holy Bible, pray to God, not to Mary. For as the Bible says in John 14:6 in response to Thomas’s concern in not knowing how we would know the way when Jesus left to go to heaven, Jesus replied in verse 6: “Jesus told him, ‘I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Father except through Me.'” A true Christian follows our Lord and not some politically mixed up human with a fancy title. I have also known a few Catholics who left the cult because of its communist views. And even a friend who became a nun and in 3 years she was released because they had driven her crazy…true!!!

    • He should worry more about speaking bad against all the child molesting preachers. Than the best President in decades nobody cares about his political views.

  55. I believe the Pope is part of the Dems plan for One World Order and was put in the job on purpose. He is one cog in the wheel of taking over the world and turning it into a cesspool controlled solely by government. What a horrible world they are creating!

    • That is why they hate this president so much. He is a wrench in the sprocket that is stopping them from making this a one-world order.

  56. This Pope is all part of the NEW WORLD ORDER. THE Fabian society from the 1900’s. He was raised a commie. He doesn’t said anything about 2500 baby’s everyday

  57. The pop poop Pope or what ever you call him is a babbling idiot that probably has a little boy in his bedroom closet. Stay out of politics asswipe.

  58. Grow up our Pope is still our Pope and not a monster get real!!! Ever think fake news is attributed to him too!!

    The ignorance above is insane!!!

    We are all life long strict Catholics and will always follow our Pope in matters of dogma and our religions but I do think our Pope must keep far out of politics!!

    Please dear Pope stay away and out of all Politics!!

    Just pray for all refugees dear Pope Francis much better!!!
    The President is doing his best!!!

    • Your Pope is a Satanist pedophile & cannibal. That does not mean you desert your tradition like he has. Just because churches are full of hypocrites & socialist reptiles does not make it an excuse to desert your tradition – it means all the more that you must remain to be a sane voice in your place & refuse to vacate your place to some satanist who would replace you!

    • Oh! Shirley, you just mentioned one of the biggest reason to abandon Catholicism…you say you will always follow your pope. Sorry
      Shirley, but that certainly will not get you to heaven, because the Holy Bible tells us that the only one we are to follow is our Lord and Savior Jesus
      Christ. The pope is just as big a sinner as you or me. The Bible also tells us the only way to God is through Jesus Christ, yet the Catholics continue to pray to Mary. I would never deny that Mary, the mother of my Lord, was not a very special human being, but she, too, was a mere human who was given an exceptionally wonderful role in our Christian world

  59. This is not a Pope, He should worry about his pedophiles and rapist , instead of being another Democratic stooge. Stick to your religion mister know -it-all.

    • I think if the pope feels so strongly about helping refugees, why doesn’t he dissolve the Church’s wealth and aid the refugees? Put your money where your mouth is!

  60. He favors Communists, abortionists– anyone opposed to Christ— do not trust him, he thinks he is above he Lord.

  61. Pope has no room to talk about any one.. Pope thinks the only way to heaven is through Him.. He thinks himself above God .. He is a Pagan with an evil heart

  62. Woke pope??? How about assinine Pope who has no idea about what he is talking about. To say what he did about trump tells me he is nasty and hateful, has no knowledge of the man. As a catholic in am intensely offended.

  63. Here is a Pope that cannot run his own church and he is telling others how to live!\

    Perhaps he has been isolated from reality for far too long and believes himself to be far more important than he really is!!!!

    Like some politicians who claim to be staunch Catholics yet fully support abortion, (how about it NANCY?)

    Pot calling the kettle black?

    • At least the Pope has a church. Trump(King of the Liars) says he’s a Christian. When was the last time he was even near a church? Trump, like Herod, only thinks of himself. Jesus loved the little children. Trump hates them….or else he wouldn’t have separated them from their parents like he did.
      There is not a more self-possessed person in this country than DJ Trump.
      You baggers may dislike the Pope’s comparison, but it’s spot on.

  64. Pope Francis is a long-time political Leftist; instead of a spiritual leader of all Catholics, he is the protector of pervert priests. He has provided little, or no, leadership within the Church. As for the insane comment about President Trump, it should be “burn-baby-burn” in hell for Francis. He stupidly and unnecessarily insulted a man who has done more for anti-abortionists and Christians in America than anyone else.

  65. This “Faux Pope” is a Jesuit . He also worships Satan AND SACRIFICES CHILDREN…deep in the lower vaults of
    the Vatican, HAVE HEARD HE IS THE LAST POPE…..LET US PRAY THIS IS SO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Its interesting to note that he advocates FOR those closest to baby-killing Herod, and their lust for abortion, while naming those against abortion as “Herod”. Is there any plainer evidence that he is not “chosen by God” to lead the Church, but by hacking the papal vote ?

    • Not much of a Pope. Talking about our President. I know we have freedom of speech, but to call himself a Pope, a man of God. He is a joke.

  67. This is another “fake news” printed by an interested group…lets be fair, do not print stories out of ” context” to impress people who take narrative without really analyzing them but just believe anything printed by a political group… God will judge you and Pope Francis !!

  68. Isn’t the Vatican surrounded by a wall??
    Plus armed security?? Only the chosen ones should be protected?? Once again the elite “do as I say not as I do”

  69. Of course, he will condemn the President. He is a PROTESTANT and not a CHRISTIAN. Only Catholics are considered Christians. At least that’s what a dear longtime Catholic friend told me when he invited me to go to Mass with him. I could watch, but not participate as a Protestant.

  70. He is absolutely delusional!
    Most of the world’s turmoil is due to Islam and second in line is communism. The ideology behind each one is similar and diabolical. We need a pope who will confront the evil empires with truth and expose all their moral evils. Instead, Pope Franke is blaming the good, truth, true followers of Jesus for the sinister evil which is actually the true light of Christ. Pp. is possessed and has been most of his life.


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