Poll: What Americans Really Think About Black Lives Matter…Leftist Narrative Fail

(Liberty Bell) – While corporate America and the radical left has fully embraced the Black Lives Matter agenda in the wake of the death of George Floyd, it appears that regular, everyday Americans are starting to feel differently.

America has a long history of racial injustice, but it also has a long history of triumph over injustice in the form of both the Civil War and the Civil Rights Movement.

Of Americans living today of all stripes and ideological bends, the vast, vast majority believe that racism is wrong and that everyone is equal.

So when Floyd’s death went viral, the outcry was near-unanimous.

Everyone, right or left, black or white, rich or poor, all agreed that the death was horrific.

Police brutality, no matter the victim, is generally frowned upon by members of any civil society, especially our great republic where the power of the people is unmatched.

The left, however, wasn’t about to sit back and let a good opportunity go to waste.

They used Floyd’s death, something all Americans agreed upon even in the midst of unprecedented ideological division in our time, to destroy and conquer.

The phrase “black lives matter” is one that, again, the vast majority of Americans agree with.

However, as we learn more about the ideology of the group Black Lives Matter and the “peaceful protesters” who destroy and loot in their name, it appears that attitudes are cooling towards this clearly radical agenda.

According to a recent survey from Civiqs, in early June, 44 percent of Americans supported Black Lives Matter while just 34 percent opposed it.

Now, however, after a harrowing month and a half of entirely unjust violence and hateful rhetoric, just 41 percent of Americans support Black Lives Matter while a much higher 44 percent oppose.

“This is a return to normalcy more than anything,” noted one Twitter user at the news.

Summit News notes:

The flip in support has no doubt been fueled by almost two months of rioting, looting and statues being torn down across America.

Despite the public now turning against the movement, giant corporations continue to virtue signal in support of BLM, although Red Bull bucked that trend by firing two directors who had tried to pressure the company to take a pro-BLM stance.

The founders of BLM openly state that the movement is about overthrowing capitalism, the “patriarchy” and western enlightenment ideals in general.

While many leftists would support that, it seems as though the majority of Americans don’t.


  1. Many good points already made – never forget that the entire blm hoax is built on a LIE.
    BTW, we must all be ignorant – at least according to a certain basketball coach who says that anyone who doesn’t understand them is ignorant.

  2. The BLM movement might not have started if it were not for Obama pardoning it’s founder . . .
    But BLM is not really an organized “group” so much as it is an ideology to destroy America. The saps who are crying in the streets are being used, and don’t care.
    George Floyd’s death should have NEVER occurred, but it is something that can’t be stopped by violence, and dismantling the police.
    You can’t buy a barrel of apples and NOT find at lease one bad apple.
    Same for ANY people-organization, effort, group, ideology, religion or political bent.
    The ONLY thing one can do is correct it when it is found.
    All have failed.
    The demonrats used Floyd’s death to get back at conservatives, the conservative politicians are afraid of losing votes. The “peaceful demonstrators” are using violence to get what they want, and promise to continue even after the election in November.
    Black lives matter is nothing more than another domestic terrorist group, just like antifa; and Trump should add them to the list.
    Trump should enact the insurrection clause and send in the Army with shoot-to-kill orders.

  3. A Plague run by Acidic resent hate-filled Marxist radicals who use their people as chattel.

    The downside IS America’s lazy and ignorant who buy into the hate without researching who runs the organization.

  4. Understand that none of this arson, looting, firebombing, rioting , defacing everything with spray paint & using foul language is a peaceful protest. Why the Dems will not condemn this boggles my mind. Too boot all of this is happening in Dem run cities who. have no desire to stop this insanity & Nancy Pelosi wants the Fed gov’t to pay for it to clean up the mess.These Dems are all crazy & should be committed .

  5. The Democrats have unleashed evil on “We The People” to gain power. I say to citizens who consider themselves Democrats TAKE THE RED PILL and see the truth. This Democrat party is not the party of your parents and grandparents. Democrats today are out to destroy America

  6. The American Association of Law Libraries “leadership” issued a statement in June supporting BLM, the organization. I have dropped my membership of 44 years because I cannot countenance being part of an organization that is so devoid of reason and a factual understanding of its Marxist tenets, and violent behavior. It is, in my view, a wholesale abdication of moral and ethical principles and a betrayal of the rule of law In the pursuit of mindless virtue signaling. I know how many of these people think. They want to be considered kind hearted and sensitive to the plight of blacks and other minorities. But to ally themselves with this revolutionary group, and lend credence to its goal of defunding the police, will only cause greater death and misery to minorities and other residents of our inner cities. The problem lies in the breakdown of the family, which has disproportionately impacted the black family in America, such that young black men commit violent crime widely disproportionate to their percent of the population (6%). BLM seeks to ignore this dynamic and wrongfully blame white society. This is supremely ironic when blacks and Hispanics commit 98% of the murders in both NYC and Chicago and similar percentages in other major cities. To blame white racism or systemic racism of police under these circumstances is simply outrageous. Virtue signaling whites, and minorities, who follow the BLM line are either ignorant, blinded ideologically, or so filled with anti-Trump rage that they cannot think straight. One can also blame the brainwashing they receive in schools, from K-12 thru college that are filled with victim studies classes that Are a disgrace to the mission of education.

  7. Why do we focus so much of what happen in the 1700-1800 hundreds when today slavery in the Middle East, North Korea, China and Africa Is at the highest in World history. Why is it ignored and that in Africa there are BLACK Slave Owners who beat, Rape and murder their slaves. Is it because there is no political gain for the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party? Sadly, the very Democrat Slave Party is still enslaving minorities today by entitlements. They use Black Lives Only Matter and Antifa ( Anti Free America ) to keep and promote Racism, Hate and Violence. Today, Blacks are more Racist than the Whites they blame for where they are today. In reality entitlements have kept us down because we rely on the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party to survive. They keep us down so we will depend on them. Dependency on them means we will support them no matter how bad it is for the country and us. They do not want us to grow and develop like other nationalities. This party doesn’t care if the whole country burns down so long as it gives them the power, money and votes they want. They even use Hollowwood to distort and make untrue stories of the past and slavery. Even today they distort what is true. We can’t even trust the News and Social media. We are heading for bad times and better unit as one people. A united America is what the Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party cannot allow because they would loose power and support. This is why they promote Racism, Hate, Violence and support crime to keep us separate. They are the Greatest Danger to America and Freedom. The Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat Party will succeed, where Hitler-Fascism and Stalin-Communism Failed. They already succeeded first thing they must do, remove God from our society.

  8. blm should all be arrested along with antifa.. all lives matter and there is no reason to be violent and destroy

  9. At this point, anyone who thinks BLM is an honorable organization is just as stupid as a pile of crap lying in the gutter. But then, that’s wear the crap is in California. Sure ain’t in the toilet. Now the entire west coast is becoming as dumb as California. How about all BLM/Antifa move to the west coast states and run their communist utopia and drop out of the U.S.A. They already have the support of the local politicians from those areas. And they’ll also be closer to their sweethearts Water and Pelosi. Neither one will be in Washington DC after their state leaves the union.

  10. Just for the record at this point BLM has nothing to do with George Floyd they have their own agenda and mission.

    We need to stop referencing George Floyd, what happened to him by the bad cop should and will be addressed.

    The issue with BLM and their agenda is to overthrow our government and way of life.

    We need to stand up to them and their violence against those that disagree with their agenda.

    We call that democracy

  11. BLM is populated with brainwashed, propaganda driven, wrong headed, sheeple lemmings who have been taught nothing but HATE from their Communist Handlers! All these terrorists want to to do is tear down the government of the United States of America and rebuild it in the Marxist image. They have chosen to pick a fight with white people in this matter. They had better damn well watch out what they wish for because they might have their wish fulfilled! White American Patriots are just about FED UP with all of the Bovine Scatology being put out and on with these Communist A******S!!! BRING IT ON, YOU COMMUNIST B******S!!! WE GOT SOMETHIN’ FOR YOU!!!

  12. These MARXIST COMMUNIST NAZIS are an abomination to humanity decency and morality! They have hijacked a decent honest slogan such as “Black Lives Matter” and have corrupted and warped it into a disgusting and dispicable representation! These TRAITORS need to be rounded up and charged with TREASON AND SHIPPED OFF TO LEAVENWORTH OR GITMO. FOR THEIR CRIMES! GRORGE SOROS SHOULD BE THE FIRST ONE ARRESTED AND CHARGED AS HE IS BEHIND THEIR FUNDING! THIS TWISTED WARPED MONSTER DESERVES TO BE DETAINED AND HIS ACCOUNTS CONFISCATED FOR HIS CRIME OF TREASON AGAINST AMERICA! PERSONALLY I’M FOR HANGING THIS BASTARD! HE’S DAMN LUCKEY I’M NOT IN CHARGE!

  13. I think the message of hate from the BLM organization is directly from satan. What this country needs is a return to Godly values. The love of Jesus can heal this country, not the hate of the BLM movement. God loves all people and freely offers His gift of salvation to all.

  14. These looney liberals, Hollywood elite, corporate giants have all made their $$ us ing the capitalist economic system. Now, this bunch is out to destroy our country.

  15. Marxist and socialism do not belong in the USA. If people want those things they should find a country that will provide it, and go live there, but don’t change our country. God Bliss America

  16. From my point of view, capitolism is what this country was founded on. The boffo’s who oppose it are just too darn lazy to work for a living. BLM, now, is nothing but a crazed bunch of criminals and ruining things that other ppl built. Personally, I think they are like a bunch of mean little kids who have NEVER been told NO and had it stick. GROW UP, kiddies.


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