Police Nab Suspect In Stabbing Of Black Trump Supporter In Portland; Here’s What We Know So Far

(Liberty Bell) – Radical leftists constantly make the claim that they are all about freedom of thought and tolerance, but when it comes to practicing what they preach, their actions tell a completely different story.

In fact, if a black person dares to break with the narrative that all people of color are and should be Democrat because conservative Republicans are racist, that individual is labeled an “Uncle Tom” and is told they aren’t “black enough.” To me, that sounds a lot like racism and intolerance.

A great example of this hypocrisy comes to us in the story of a black Trump supporter in Portland who was stabbed recently. The police have finally arrested a suspect in connection with the incident and charged.

Check out the details from Just The News:

Blake Hampe, 43, was charged Monday with felony assault in connection with the weekend stabbing.

The attack took place at about 2:30 a.m Saturday during protests near the federal courthouse in Portland, according to police.

The stabbing victim has been identified as Drew Duncomb, who works as a conservative videographer, was transported to a nearby hospital with a serious injury. Duncomb, a Black male, was released from the hospital on Sunday.

Police were called to the scene where Hampe was being restrained by several protesters. He was booked into the Multnomah County Detention Center and held on a $250,00 bond. He was arraigned in court on Monday.

Duncomb, who uses the handle Black Rebel on social media platforms, posted a video to his twitter page following the incident.

If what Duncomb says on his Twitter post is true, then Antifa is violating their own principles to fight against facism by being fascist themselves. These folks have been labeled a terrorist group for a reason, people.

How much more violence needs to take place before we as Americans say enough is enough and demand that our elected officials do their job and put an end to these violent protests and riots? Enough is enough.

Here’s more from The Washington Times:

The Portland Police Bureau said officers were called to the scene at Southwest 5th Avenue and Salmon Street when they found Mr. Hampe being held down by several protesters and one male victim with a stab wound.

“Police attempted to create a crime scene but were unable to due to the aggressive crowd behavior and lack of community cooperation,” the bureau said in a statement. “The victim was transported to an area hospital with a serious injury, and the suspect was arrested.”

I’m glad people stepped in to drag my attacker to the police he’s currently sitting on a $250,000 bail for felony assault.

Made it back to my hotel. I am really sore. The blade severed through some of my oblique muscle in my lower back through two layers. It may take several weeks to fully recover.

Is this what the left’s idea of “tolerance” looks like? If so, think I’ll have to pass. Seems a little too dangerous for my taste. Hopefully, the individual who did this is punished to the fullest extent of the law so that no one else is put in danger by their psychotic behavior.





  1. All the “Left” needed was an excuse & this dingbat cop gave it to them.THIS was definitely wrong, Mr. Floyd was no saint, the cop is a murderer & now “ALL OF US” have to put up with the Dems & their “whacko” approval of this behavior. I do wish that these anarchists would destroy some Dem homes & businesses. I’d like to hear what “they” say then! Better yet, let them call a Social Worker while their house burns down!

  2. These rioters are paid, professional anarchists. BLM & antifa which should be just FA, are terrorists. Look at them. The burn, kill, tear up stuff hollering black lives matter. Peaceful folk who want to protest need to chuck that BLM thing, it’s like Hands UP, Don’t Shoot, not based on the truth. Few blacks are wrongly killed by Cops, very few. We don’t have “systemic racism”. Hell, this election is just a way for Obama, the Cop hater & race baiting “community organizer” whatever that is, get back in office by proxy. George Floyd don’t mean shit to these white commie antifa thugs. You see BLM, you’ll mayhem & destruction. Chuck that thing, let’s get back to living together. Go look at some statistics about who kills whom & appreciate the great economy we’ve been having. It’ll be back as long as Biden/Obama by proxy don’t steal it. Mail in votes from people who didn’t request an absentee ballot? Kind of obvious why they are hanging on to the shutdown & the muttering basement boy won’t come out so we can see him.

  3. Hearing about this stabbing and everything these thugs, Marxist are doing reaffirmed that these thugs are full of hate for the country they live in and humanity. There isn’t anything real about them, and what they say they are Demonstrating for. They don’t have any brain matter to figure out what they are doing/demonstrating for, they are intoxicated with hate and a lot of groupthink “BS”. Glad he was arrested and I hope this person who was stabbed will get justice.

    • Guy I watch the video of the incident. Duncomb walked up behind Hampe and put his arm around around Hampe’s neck and pulled him toward the street. I would have stabbed him or shot him too. A good attorney will plead self-defence for Hampe. He should be acquitted.

  4. Why was this attacker not shot down immediately by police upon making a life threatening attack on an innocent man? That’s the law.

    • The attacker was not shot down by police because it would have been more criminal charges against the cops. Haven’t you been watching?

  5. While the 1st amendment is a right granted to all citizens by the US Constitution, why is that protesters get a pass on propagating COV-19 and the rest of us have to follow COVID-19 protocols? Citizens also have a right to make a living, attend school, attend religious services, etc. Why is the denial if these constitutional rights given less weight than the right to protest? Are you allowed to let people die of a virus for a cause that is considered politically correct? Why is the media not speaking out about this?

  6. WHAT HAS happened to LAW ENFORCEMENT??? NO ONE should have ‘endure’ loss of property (or life)!!! WHY are NOT the terrorists/protesters ARRESTED for their ILLEGAL action(s)???? Why do we (law-abiding) CITIZENS have to endure this ILLEGAL ACTIVITY???

    • Ask the Democrat Mayor and Governor. They are the ones who are hamstringing the police and forcing them to stand down.

  7. Adds to “They are terrorists” notion.
    They aren’t there for George Floyd. They’re there to dismantle America.


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