Police Leaving This Major U.S. City In Droves As Crime Spirals Out Of Control, Residents Forced To Do Their Own Detective Work

(Liberty Bell) – The city of Portland, Oregon is an absolute mess.

This bastion of progressive politics, where Antifa is allowed to run the streets barely molested, provoking local police regularly and violently attacking public and private property alike, is ravaged with crime that make it hard to believe the city’s far-left policies are doing a thing to promote “justice.”

The Gateway Pundit reports that the city saw nearly 900 shootings for the year of 2020—yes, 900 shootings.

Out of those 900 shootings, 225 people were struck and 53 killed.

In other instances, victims were hospitalized yet refused to cooperate with police.

Let that sink in for a minute—victims of shootings in Portland are more afraid of violent criminals than they are of the police.

And yet you want to tell me that it’s the police who pose a threat to civilians? Give me a break.

All this firearm violence, of course, is in spite of the state legislature’s passage of several new anti-gun laws over the last few years.

This included so-called “universal background checks” and “red-flag laws.”

There have also been almost 70 stabbings in the city.

TGP notes that these are the worst crime rates seen in the city since the crime peak of the early 90’s.

KOIN 6 reports that it’s not just gun violence that has been ravaging the city—a 53-year-old man was arrested last week for a series of random baseball bat attacks.

The article points to the significant loss of personnel faced by the Portland Police Bureau, something which anyone who has been paying even the slightest bit of attention to goings on in Rose City over the last year could understand.

“The PPB also faces a wave of retirements and resignations. Since the protests and riots started in June, 74 officers have left the bureau and another 25-32 are expected to leave by the end of January,” the local outlet reported.

By the way, that’s out if 1,001 positions on the force, 100 of which are already vacant—leaving the bureau short-handed by as much as 20%.

In the month of August alone, 48 cops retired.

Cops have been leaving in droves for smaller jurisdictions where they will receive less pay all, it appears, to get the heck out of dodge.

And the loss of personnel is hitting the city hard.

In one sickening story, a group of neighbors had to work together to track down a pervert who had been trying to sneak into little girls’ rooms at night.

Police simply didn’t have the resources to stop this creep. The neighbors were eventually able to ID him and thankfully he was arrested.

Any American should have the means to protect themselves—but in 2020, for the taxes Portland residents are no doubt subject to, they should be able to expect decent law enforcement.

But it’s now en vogue to defund these departments—what do people expect will happen in other cities as personnel is booted from the force or police officers also begin leaving in droves?

During the months-long riots that raged downtown over the summer, the bureau could only spare one detective to investigate robberies.

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  1. “Just wait”! “If Biden completes his goal of massive voter fraud to steal the “High Office”,“The Country will be a Shit House” like the “Obama Transition Organization” promised! GITMO should be full!

  2. This is what I said would happen years ago when this started with all of the additional requirements for Police Officers. People do not understand what these officers go through and just want to get home to their families alive each night! This is the beginning of Socialism with the additional regulations on law enforcement and empowering the criminals. To add to that the regulations and taxes imposed by a government that is not representing the people only their own interest and wealth. This will happen clear across this once great nation if we let it continue. January the 6th may be the day that goes down in history as the next Revolution and possibly the next Independence Day! If we allow all of the PC crap and allow our rights to be removed along with our guns then we will find out what true Socialism will look like. Then it will be too late. A country can not prosper under Socialism and taking from the people working and giving it to everyone who won’t has never worked. Look at the HISTORY that these idiots are trying to destroy and it will happen again!

  3. Rise up.
    Gun up.
    Look up QAnon. You can’t join. It’s not a cult. No dues. It’s us. You probably already believe the same things. QAnon explains what and why things are as they are.

  4. If they reelected a Democrat, then they should be careful what they wish for!!! Looks like they are getting exactly what they asked for, I don’t understand why they are whining!! Wasn’t it the educated people that demonstrated and called for the defunding of the police?? This is what our educators are teaching, Oh wait! Where are they now??? No sympathy for self inflicted wounds, or If they insist on being stupid, they better be tough!! Let that sink in!

    • Let 4 more years of this type of society sink into the minds of the population and come and say how great it was.

  5. Get ready! What is happening in Portland will also be happening in this country if this 2020 presidential election is allowed to stand as it is right now. Your vote and mine will mean nothing ever again and the far left will rule in their dream of a socialistic society.

  6. I lived in Portland for 11 wonderful years before the liberal progressive communists took over. I went to college there, got employment there, built a house there, raised children there, then relocated for employment before the state was taken over by the communists who instituted their socialist, regressive, restrictive policies and regulations. These politicians have destroyed Portland and will turn the entire state into the likes of Chicago. The citizens of Oregon MUST get control of voter fraud, then they Must vote in conservatives for governor, secretary of state, attorney general, house & senate representatives, city mayors, city district attorneys, sheriffs, etc. These elected representatives MUST be conservatives that WILL uphold the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. People of Oregon TAKE BACK YOUR STATE.

  7. What a wonderful third rate cesspool that once beautiful city has become. Keep voting democrat and you too can enjoy the wonderful fruits of socialism. States on either side of Oregon should also be avoided since their governors mirror image each other in thought process.

  8. Portland and cities like it must first reap what the sow. Let BLM, BAMN, and ANTIFA take control. And let corporations and well paid workers leave.


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