Pierce Brosnan May Have Just Destroyed His Future In Hollywood With His Latest Take On Trump And The Economy

(Liberty Bell) – Everyone knows that if you walk into Hollywood and say anything at all in a positive light about President Donald Trump, you’re basically committing career suicide.

Progressives in the entertainment industry have worked hard to instill groupthink in every possible facet of our culture, using film and television to push a radical left-wing agenda on young people across the country.

It’s an effective strategy and has been paying dividends for the liberal movement, proving that conservatives themselves would probably be better off to focus on changing culture through engagement and the creation of art than on politics.

Actor Pierce Brosnan, most famous for playing the role of James Bond, may have just annihilated his chances of ever working again in film and television by saying something good about what the president has done for the U.S. economy.

Here’s more from Breitbart:

Former James Bond star Pierce Brosnan has conceded President Donald Trump has helped America’s economy, pointing out the nation’s high levels of employment as a positive aspect of his administration.

In an interview with ITK, Brosnan was asked whether he ever planned to make good on his pledge to leave the country over Trump’s leadership.

“I think what he’s done for the economy is very good,” he said. “People are working, and that’s a step in the right direction.”

“This country is part of my life,” he continued. “I’m an American citizen. I love America and America’s been very good to me. And I want to see happiness come back into our society.”

Brosnan’s praise coincides with a CNBC poll released on Wednesday that found 49 percent of people approve of the Trump economy, the highest in 2019.

However, the known environmentalist urged Trump to heed the “rallying call of young people” on the issue of climate change.

“He has to get out of the coal business, the oil business,” he explained. “It’s just devouring the Earth around us. And there are other ways. We’ve seen it from other societies, other cultures.”

In September, the 66-year-old lavished praise on teen environmental activist Greta Thunberg, describing her as a “magnificent young woman,” but warned that she needed to be protected by those around her.

Brosnan took a far less compromising view of Trump in an interview with The Mail on Sunday last year, declaring that he had “torn this country apart” and that time may be running out on his presidency. In his most recent interview, he refused to reveal who he would be supporting in next year’s presidential election.

“I’m biding my time on that one,” he said. “We shall see.”

Guess Brosnan had to throw in the “tearing the country apart” bit in there as a way to balance his opinion and ensure he still gets a paycheck from those big Hollywood studios. Then again, we’ve seen the left devour its own over small bits of deviation from the accepted program before.

You can have 99 percent of your views in line with the liberal worldview and have a differing opinion on one particular matter and that is enough for them to unleash the dogs on you. Just ask J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter books.

Source: breitbart.com/entertainment/2019/12/19/pierce-brosnan-what-trump-has-done-for-the-economy-is-very-good/


  1. Here is someone who is trying to see both sides and the truth, and all you people can do is tear apart him and his movies. Open mindedness is in short supply these days. Stupidity, especially of Trump supporters, is not.

    • The article did not tear apart his movies. It simply identified who he is what role he is most known for that would be “Bond James Bond”. (He was a fine Bond in my opinion. However Roger Moore is my favorite.) So you lied on that point.
      Then you contradicted yourself by insulting Trump supporters, calling them stupid.
      So it is you whom are not only a lair but also a hypocrite and a divider.
      Good work we need more people like you in this world.

  2. Well, it is a really good thing to see that not all of Hollywood is stupid. It looks like Pierce Brosnan is one of the smart ones.

  3. Liberty Bell must be totally screwed up, to present such crap.
    l. Who is currently President ?
    2. Has he accomplished anything?
    3. Couuld you do better ?
    4. Trump will be president unless some absolute nut case kills him in 2020.


  4. Any body really interested in Brosnan’s opinions . He was a flop in the 007 series .Now a flop in his political pontifications . The libturds in Kookiefornia surley love him. However , the rest of the nation isn’t “Hollyweired”

  5. To all the Global warming activists and radical environmentalists I have a question, where does all the poop go ? If there’s 4 billion people and 4 times as many animals and insects pooping every day for 1000’s of years, why aren’t you up to your ears in poop ( except of course Adam Schitt ).

  6. China and India combined but out more pollution in a week than the US puts out in a year. I don’t hear any of these limousine libs mentioning that.

  7. Very disappointed in you Bronson thought you weren’t like the other Hollywood sheep you said you would leave the country under trump question 🤔 why are you still here because trump is good for the economy or because America made you rich as far as coal China has had it for years we lost jobs by closing the coal mines and oil really praising that little liberal troll you changed mind about you I will never look at you the same way could do without your movies 🤬

  8. Brosnan if it wasn’t for the economy there wouldn’t be a Hollywood, who else is paying the salary of all you celebrities, and family members not yourself. Brosnan and the rest have no problem with your economy cause of all that money you got from working class people watching your movies. All celebrities talk a good talk but don’t preach what they say. Sometime having tv is a waste look what what the money has gotten them all, without it none be standing.

  9. The liberals and the Democrats are causing the down fall of our great Country. There is no better society than America, and yes we have had a big set back with having a Liberal Muslim, Obama, as our President for eight years. Obama was the worst President that we every had, and certainly the best for the Muslims of the world.
    The salvation of our society needed President Trump to walk away from his comfortable life, and accepted the challenge to save America. President Trump has done a great job in turning our country and it’s economy around, and he could do so much more if the people would wise up and vote for more conservative Republicans.

    • Democrats and liberals will never wise up and climate change is fake man will never be able to control the climate that’s in GODS hands.

  10. Nah, thats just liberal speak dropping hints to do anything to destabilized our economy. Remember when Bill Maher said, “I hope the economy tanks just to get at Trump.” Anything from. 9/11 2.0 to encouraging and arming mass shooters. Libs will do anything to our country just to attack the greatest President of our time. Hollywood and the media are a worldwide cancer.

  11. Was it Shakespear who said a rose by any other name, would still smell like a rose. Liberals, leftists, socialist, etc. If anybody wants to argue about climate change, should consult the Holy Bible. It just might be interesting for them to find out that GOD, the Supreme Ruler everything in existence, is also the One who controls the WEATHER.

  12. “Let the games begin” (From a Brosnan movie). “….there are other ways. We’ve seen it from other societies, other cultures.” What or where are these “other societies, other cultures” that are ‘cleaner’ than America? We are continually bombarded by all the ‘tree huggers’ demanding that America should do something additional to help preserve this planet. If Sir Brosnan would bother to review the ‘negative’ contributions made by those “other societies, other cultures,” he might discover that America has the cleanest air and water almost anywhere on the planet. Those “others” should be so clean! Without major adjustments in the way those “others” (China) control their contaminants, any further restrictions on America’s contribution to “Climate Change” would result in NO CHANGE! As they say, you can look it up. Or, as Ripley would opine, “Believe It or Not.”

  13. Sportsters and actors are just that; they are not of the real world. They live in their own little world of make believe and rarely make touch with reality. We do best to ignore them.

  14. Maybe as a naturalized U.S. citizen he thought he was supposed to flip flop on what he says!!!!
    Because flip flopping is something that is as American as apple pie.

  15. Why do you all yell at each other? Everyone has an opinion, they will fight for. You will not change. Where ever you live and the weather gets worse each year you will see that something is happening. No matter what you call it, climate change/global warming or I might be under 12 feet of snow. We should be doing something to help now. Look into yourself help change the world or don’t, it is up to you.

    • Ilene of course the climate is changing as it has always changed for centuries and it will continue to change. Our God is in control of the weather. Climate change cannot be controlled by man no matter what the leftists tell you. This entire the sky is falling is a hoax perpetuated by the globalists in order to control the masses. We should all be good stewards of the earth but it is naive to believe there is one thing that can be done about it.

    • Yes the climate changes just like when we went through the “little ice age” that started around 1000 AD and lasted for several centuries. The problem is that mankind had no impact on it then and we will have no impact on it now, good or bad”. It’s only a scheme to control and that’s why they hate Trump. He’s giving some control back to the people and all the power seekers hate that.

  16. Can you understand that this is all planned by our “GREAT CREATOR”. Just “SEEK” to do good with one another and happiness will run after you.

  17. Brosnan could never live up to the James Bond roles he tried to play, so way ask a looser like him his outlook on what is or is not good thing for our country he will talk out of both sides of his mouth everytime. The has been.

  18. Fool. Here’s another street troubadour pretending to espouse a wisdom that he can never claim as his own. He can act – yes, but he cannot, will not ‘Be’.

  19. That’s the irony of liberalism. They are self labelled as the open minded, tolerant and more progressive, free thinking party and yet even their own people must follow the mantras and agendas of the party or they are insulted or even ostracized and they will go so far as to ruin their careers.

    I agree that they are the biggest hypocrites with this crap of banning guns when they live in mountain top mansions or gated communities protected by security guards and they travel with armed bodyguards or secret service teams. These same elitist are flown, driven and piloted in all manner of vehicular transports and eat carefully selected foods, wear clothing and accessories that are simply wasteful and consume products without concern for who made them, where they came from or the effects on the environment.

    They pretend to care, but they feel entitled to get and have and also do whatever they want. And damn the consequences to anybody else. Why is it they can “have it all” and the rest of us have to accept what they deem as necessary or appropriate and then tell us how to think and live our lives? That doesn’t sound very liberal to me, but more like socialistic or communist doctrine imposed upon us by dictators.

    They offer no solutions or a better future. The only futures they give a damn about are their own. And as they stumble over their own feet and bumble their way towards the ruination of America, they become more and more transparent. There is no mistaking a fool or a liar. If you see a liberal talking, you’ve found one.

    • They will say anything to enrich themselves, to have a better career, whatever as long as it serves THEM. These people are all egomaniacs, they view all other people like they are nothing. Also they all are mostly uneducated scumbags, like Deniro.


    • One thing Brosnan was wrong about his comment about President tearing our country apart, it the Demo do nothings that are tearing our country apart. They want our country to become socialist country, and if they succeed, Hollywood is in for a rude awakening, because they won’t be making what they want to film,
      It will be what ever the socialist who are it charge want.And that the biggest deception of all with do nothing Dems.
      Look at what’s going on in Hong Kong, is that really what you want to live like. I don’t think so. Stop listening to CNN, and fake news, really look into what they are really trying to do. Because our county is great place to live, not perfect, but not socialist county we’re you have no right to do anything unless they tell you you can. Wake up, or we will be lime Hong Kong , fighting for our freedom.

  21. I pay zero attention to anyone in the entertainment or sports industry that try to use their celebrity to play politics. Those that do follow those idiots are insanely gullible sheep! As far as global warming and climate change, too little attention is paid to the earth being a gigantic blob of elements and chemicals along with its dynamic character. Don’t forget the sun and galactic influences that create random and cyclical effects on the earth. Human activity while probably having some effect is negligible compared to all these other influences. In my neck of the woods, I have noticed no change when the leaves are fully off the trees in my nearly eight decades of enjoying life on earth. And those that talk about changes in the frequency and severity of hurricanes, i experienced my first while living on Martha’s Vineyard when the Great Atlantic Hurricane hit in 1944.

    • Unicorn 76: I hope you don’t expect to win over any leftists with facts, they only care about “Feelingz,” and ONLY THEIR feelings (never forget they also disregard all the “Little Proletariat’s” feelings, unless it affects their pocketbooks).

  22. Given all that you said, why do you call them “liberals”? They are not as your own words and examples clearly show. Just because someone wants to be labeled liberal or progressive doesn’t mean we all have to call them that, especially when their attitudes and actions prove they are not. Leftists, tyrants, socialists or communists are better descriptors.

    Can we agree to not yield to their word games?

  23. I do not see much change except in their movies. Leading men have been replaced with women. Now they are kicking in their next phase all ethnic actresses. Back to watching 1970 and 80 movies. At least they make sense. Hollywood has even run out of ideas so they remake movies and change the stars. how stupid but that is what liberals do.

    • I almost never watch Hollywood movies (maybe a couple nominated for academy awards). I love foreign films, more interesting, not PC. Ridiculous the pandering to replace leading men with women. Here and there I can see, but it’s become ridiculous. Like Obama pandering to women that they are much better and smarter than men. This wasn’t his opinion when he was running against Hillary.
      Brosnan might want to keep up (and actually check out scientists who disagree that there never has been proof than mankind has caused much of so-called “Global Warming.”) Science is based on facts, not consensus. There is no scientific consensus on the causes of recent (~150 years) global warming amongst scientists. What there is, however, is a continuing distortion of the statistics representing scientific research and opinion.

      LESS THAN HALF of published scientists endorse global warming – Klaus-Martin Schulte examined all papers published from 2004 to February 2007. Of 528 total papers on climate change, only 38 (7%) gave an explicit endorsement of the consensus. While only 32 papers (6%) reject the consensus outright, the largest category (48%) are neutral papers, refusing to either accept or reject the hypothesis. Only a single one makes any reference to climate change leading to catastrophic results.  For one thing, one can’t simply report the views of climatologists only, (who generally have a vested interest), but more importantly, this would leave out the greater fields under which climate science is a subset-e.g. earth history and solar science. If you include earth history (i.e. geology etc) and solar scientists etc etc, the figures for ‘consensus’ always become smaller.

      The Petition Project features over 31,000 scientists signing the petition stating “There is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide will, in the forseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth’s atmosphere …”. 

      Climatologists go and gather lots of data, project models, debate, discuss etc etc, and yet don’t even bother to consult the past geological record. 

  24. Love how so many Hollywood types cry global warming when we can fit 8 everyday peoples’ houses in their one house. How they fly around in their private jets, wear diamond that are mined with plenty of fossil fuels!! Put your money where your mouth is and give up what you want us to give or SHUT UP!!

    • People who jumped on “climate change” wagon (started by All Gore), all are doing it only for self-enrichment, (sounds like such a noble cause, in the meantime we are going to put millions in our pockets). None of them really believe it, just moronic brainwashed poor lost souls do.

    • Actually climate change origins are in the 1970s when “Nuclear Winter” was another leftist hair-brained weather scenario. According to this “intellectual” nonsense after a nuclear war mushroom clouds would cover the earth blotting out the sun creating another ice age. If you live long enough you experience enough of these ivy league morons fantasies to realize they are little more than nuerotics with too much time in the ivory tower.

  25. Hollywood puts me of mind of black women McCarthy and his communist scare in the 30s. They are now trying to control everybody again I’m glad to see the little bit that people will speak up and actually say their own mind

  26. Global warming is a natural phenomenon or we would still be in the ice age. Yes, pollution must be controlled, but yet we have homeless using public streets as toilets. We have come a long way since the horse and buggy and that is only over 100 years. So, be clean people and don’t use the streets for your garbage, or the plague will return us to the dark ages.

    • As you well know, the deficating in the streets and Safeway aisles is happening mainly in California and as you well know California is ruled and governed by the likes of Adam Schitt, Maxine Waters and Nancy Piglosi. Wake up America and rid our nation of this Vermin.

    • David Miksad: A few years ago, my small city (55K) mayor decided “Occupy Wall Street” would be allowed by his, not our, government. We had our own defecating in the Downtown Park, but NY (upstate, not the city) rain and “Global Cooling” after Labor Day chilled their enthusiasm, and the November election chilled him. We seem to be closer than “Only One Generation from Tyranny.”

  27. When we do away with fossil fuels what is doing to power the generators to charge the electric cars? What will replace plastic?
    I have heard all of the Greta-babble fear mongering but haven’t heard any viable solutions.
    If you don’t have a so!union to the problem all your rhetoric is simply hot air.

  28. Hey, Pierce, climate change is a hoax just like global warming. Actually, the climate has been changing since the beginning of time. Change is absolute. No one can stop it. Has nothing at all to do with coal and oil.

  29. Actors are professional LIARS. They get paid to lie for a living. Who cares what any actor says? I don’t. I’d be happy if they all kept their promises and moved out of America. They even lied about leaving if DJT won. LMFAO

  30. This story reveals that the majority in Hollywood, ( make believe ) town, are sheep following what ever the latest lies are laid down by the left. They do not care about the truth, and will violate the law in a heartbeat. If a star says it, it must be true, baaaaa, baaaaaa, baaaa, what ever you say, I am way to busy looking in the mirror to actually research and find the truth, baaaa baaaa baaaa.

  31. When will Hollywood understand we don’t care what they think. They are there to entertain us not influence the no brain youth!

  32. Maybe these actors should wake up to the fact that Poor People cannot go to the movies and pay 50 bucks, for their salaries…Hello??

    You need people to work so they can watch movies to pay their salaries…Do they not understand that?

  33. I admire common sense but hate cowardice. Brosnan seems right now to be somewhere in the middle. I’d like to know what other countries and cultures have shown us a better way. We have led the way in cleaning up the environment, can we do more ? Of course but not by believing in globalist scams like global warming\ climate change or whatever they’ll call it next. That is a scheme to decrease America. And they will use anyone even a teen. Why do liberals so hate MAGA ? Globalist can’t see us remaining a beacon for individual freedom, this is an affront to socialism.


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