Peter Strzok Has Crazy New Defense For His Anti-Trump Texts

(Liberty Bell) – Former FBI agent Peter Strzok, who is suing the government in a bid for reinstatement, argued in a court filing in Washington, D.C., federal district court on Monday that his politically charged anti-Trump messages were protected by the First Amendment — even though he sent them on bureau-issued phones while playing leading roles in the probes into both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

“Firing an employee for the content of his or her non-public communications is unconstitutional, irrespective of any balancing of interests” including damage to the FBI’s reputation and other factors, Strzok argued in his response brief, which also slammed Trump’s “unpresidential tweets.”

Because it was the DOJ that had leaked his anti-Trump text messages, Strzok argued, his texts should be considered private speech, and he should not be held to the tougher legal standard under the 1968 Supreme Court case Pickering v. Board of Education that applies to public statements by government employees.

Strzok, once the FBI’s head of counterintelligence, said he was entitled to “develop a full factual record through discovery,” and that it would be premature to dismiss the case at this early stage. He went on to argue that the DOJ’s position would “leave thousands of career federal government employees without protections from discipline over the content of their political speech.”

Strzok’s filing was a response to the Justice Department’s no-holds-barred motion to dismiss his lawsuit for reinstatement in November. The DOJ told the court that Strzok had even admitted to conducting FBI business on his personal iMessage account and assured them that the materials were secure — even though his wife accessed his phone and determined he was having an affair with Lisa Page, then an FBI lawyer also involved in the Clinton and Russia probes.


  1. This bastard I’d evil and so corrupt he needs serious jail time . He knew exactly what he was doing and so arrogant and self rightist he thought he was above the law and better than all of these Trump voters!

  2. So Peter Strzok said this in his defense, yardi, yardi yardi ya. It is what he should not have said about Donald Trump that got him where he is today.

  3. Trump will be re-elected. We need to work for the house, a red house means things get done. Another thing, Hillary committed numerous treasonous acts why isn’t she hanging from an old oak tree?

  4. Obviously the Obama, Clinton, Dems and FAKE News media “Russian Collusion” narrative was an attempt to overthrow our President! Dem impeachment is just another coup attempt! Why would any American want these people running anything?

  5. Sounds like the leftist argument that they should be exempt from any law, rule, or moral issue that they rabidly persecute conservatives for.

    • While working on the Los Angeles Police Department as a Narcotics Detective Supervisor in the 1980’s, I had the responsibility of training FBI agents in the area of narcotics. The FBI wanted to be involved in field work, but they were so incompetent I wouldn’t do it, in concern of them endangering our Detectives. The FBI was mad, I didn’t care and they left upset. We called them Fan Belt Inspectors.

  6. Hilarious
    Ask strzok how many times he received in-service training about NOT using government issued cell phones and computers for personal business, especially when you’re discussing how you’re going to overthrow a legitimate election with a colleague coworker you also happen to be banging!!!!
    You goof!!!!

  7. All of the people involved in the over through of President Trump & the US government must be charged with Treason, tried and executed. The deep state exists because of the Clinton’s, Obama’s, Comey, Brennan and the rest of the gang

    • And if they aren’t punished accordingly for their seditious and treasonous crimes, the Deep State will continue to exist ! ! !

  8. So great to know that here in America we have a president who is for the people. Everyone leaves a foot print. Sad to think the people in our congress are this crooked and jealous over our elected president. There is much corruption . And I feel that is what scares them. Waiting with many other to vote all red. And I bet we will over come such corruption. Trump 2020 .

  9. The penalty for treason is public HANGING! Why aren’t they already incarcerated awaiting the final demise?????
    All these sick liberals need to be incarcerated awaiting their indictment and eventual elimination for this planet. They are guilty, let them try to prove their innocence, Representative “al-a-Shitt”.If the sentence is a firing squad, count me in. I fired Expert during my military service with every weapon I qualified with. I am not afraid to pull the trigger on these criminals.

    • While I agree they’ve allegedly committed treason and sedition, we’re Americans. In America, we arrest, prosecute, and THEN punish. The accused never has to prove their innocence. The government has to prove guilt. If we start throwing out Constitutional protections for them, we can’t complain that President Trump or any other Conservative didn’t receive them. Either we believe in the Constitution or we don’t. There’s no middle ground here and flailing about in grey areas is what got the Left where it is. I, for one, refuse to follow them into Hell.

  10. Unbelievable lying scum of the earth! The CIA and FBI should be DISBANDED once and for all. What good have these low lives accomplished?

    • The duties of the FBI could easily be turned over to the U.S. Marshal Service. These people have been doing their job successfully and with integrity long before the FBI was created. They do a lot more than escort prisoners from place to place. Just readabout the Marshal Service and you will se why it would be a perfect fit.

  11. He used his position to go after a duly elected president for political purposes. I don’t think that falls under “free speech”.

  12. Strzok, IS A Traitor to the US. should be in jail. What he did is wrong. Crooked cops are one thing but crooked FBI is the bottom of the grease pit. He is the low life, how he made it as a FBI agent is way beyond me.He must of paid somebody off.

    • She deserves the same punishment along with Comey, McCabe, Brennan, Mueller, Rosenstein, Lynch, the Ohr’s, and lets not forget the two masterminds Obama & Clinton.

  13. Not until after the election when Trump appoints a new Attorney General will justice be served to these traitors.
    Bush Boy Barr is one of them, that’s why nothing is done about treason or removing Trump from office.

  14. So, Mr. Sleaze-ball, wants the courts to acknowledge his conflict of interests, his betrayal of the American voters, his treason against a sitting President, to be perceived as ‘free speech’. Only a shyster lawyer would invent a defense that, by it’s very nature, exposes him as the ‘Benedict Arnold’ of his generation. Where do low-life, like this guy, go to finish out their miserable existence?

    • They become analyst for CNN followed by “working for a Soros funded organization or NGO.
      Where he should end up after trial is the federal jail cell until he is old and gray.

  15. And we said the Gestapo was to be feared. We now know many Americans who have their heads on straight have no respect nor trust the FBI. We wonder how many decades the FBI & CIA were doing dirty tricks. Take a good look at Strozk’s face. Would you hire this liar and cheat. We know local & federal governments are full of Strozk’s. Good luck America. This is why this great country is failing, because of people him & his lover.
    I wonder if their spouses are still with them?

    • A very long long time and especially since Mueller was in charge. He has had a reputation for being a rogue prosecutor; one that created evidence when he couldn’t find any, intimidated witnesses to make false testimony to get a phony conviction. That is what he did to Mike Flynn and Roger Stone,

  16. Hey Strzok how is your wife doing? Bet she got you good and that’s why you need your damn job back! How is your lover doing, you know the one you cheated on your wife, uh, ex wife with! YOU ARE NOT ABOVE THE LAW LIKE YOU THINK, LIKE ALL YOU DEMONRATS! YOU ARE JUST A LOUSY PEON! Pray we see you go to PRISON! You would look good in Orange! PS, word of advice ….while showering don’t bend over and grab the soap off the floor, inmates love that!

  17. ALL I want to see is, not his TWEETS but HIM in a PRISON cell for CRIMES against the POTUS and the American People, Treason and SEDITION, with the REST of his DEEP STATE Pals, with a MUCH deserved PRISON sentence. Team Trump and his allies 2020.

  18. Amazing how you entitled jerks act as though everything you do is okay…a real “do as I say not as I do,” Philosophy…you can’t stand the fact that as “head of counter intelligence,” you did such a STUPID thing…and not only to the country, you tried to play the “big shot,” with your BIMBO who was whining about the Trump victory and how he was going to be countered, and in the process of playing the big man to her, you shit on your wife and family in front of the entire nation!
    Yeaah, your really someone we want to have in the FBI, heading counterintelligence! You were openly talking the overthrow of a duly elected President! You want to be reinstated? You should be on trial for TREASON with the punishment being a rope!
    Everything you did was wrong because you thought that “Stinky,” was going to be elected, and it would all be swept under the rug…Happy New Year Traitor, I wouldn’t be looking forward to 2020 if I were you!
    GOD BLESS AMERICA, THE PRESIDENT AND THE DOJ, who are going to nail you and Lisa’s asses to the wall!

  19. Wasnt all this conducted during business hours? He should be fired and put in jail . the FBI has really sunk to an all time low under the direction of Comey and the gaggle of libtards

    • God must have other planes for him and the rest of the traitors. I do not agree with God’s plan if going to prison isn’t part of it though. The system is reluctant to send F.B.I./Police to jail because they are given a hard time. Now that is a joke right? They are sent to jail to have a hard time not go on vacation. Crooked cops are the absolute worst thing in this world in my opinion!!


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