Pete Buttigieg Just Got Stumped. By A High School Teacher.

(Liberty Bell) – Mayor Pete Buttigieg can’t answer one of the most basic questions about his platform, and he just got busted out by a high school teacher.

During a CNN town hall in New Hampshire on Thursday Pete was asked what the most important issue to his campaign was.

To which he….couldn’t answer!

Buttigieg, who has only been elected as mayor to a small town, struggled to find anything to say before falling back on something about “the shape of our democracy,” whatever that means.

He explained that this meant “getting money out of politics” — a pretty odd comment coming from a candidate who has been a prolific fundraiser (remember those “wine caves”?) among the wealthy Silicon Valley elite and can only manage to brag that he’s not a millionaire because he’s only 38 or something so he surely hasn’t been in politics long enough to amass the kind of wealth that Warren, Sanders, and Biden enjoy.

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo busted Buttigieg out for failing to actually answer the question.

“I’ve disappointed a lot of high school teachers in my life, and I know the look on her face right now,” Cuomo joked.

Buttigieg took another stab at it, praising a bill recently passed by House Democrats, H.R. 1, the “For the People Act,” calling it a “pro-democracy, anti-corruption bill … to make sure that voting rights are secure, that districts are fair.”

Conservative critics have sounded the alarm that H.R. 1 would change the rules of voting to impose more elections around the country in the style of California which would ensure more victories in the Democratic Party.

Breitbart News notes, “Some of the reforms Democrats favor were used in the recent Iowa caucuses, which were supposed to kick off ‘the most transparent primary in our history,’ but which merely created chaos, confusion, and claims of vote-rigging.”

Cuomo pressed Buttigieg again, playfully, to answer the question: “You’ve never gotten bad grades. As somebody who has, I’m just saying, look…”.

The Buttigieg campaign decided to celebrate his response anyway:

Cuomo went on to ask Buttigieg how he would “make this one thing happen” if Republicans still controlled the Senate, assuming this “one thing” was the “one thing” that Buttigieg had actually failed to identify, so no one was really talking about anything at this point.

Buttigieg replied that he would campaign in states with Republican Senators and contact their voters directly.

This is something that Breitbart notes President Barack Obama did repeatedly to try to drum up support for his more radical ideas, but “to little avail.”


  1. Say for instance Ol’ Petereat** became president – My question would be – SINCE HE MARRIED ANOTHER MAN – would HE and HIS HUSBAND be listed AS president peterea*** and The FIRST MAN ???? Also is Pete the PITCHER OR the CATCHER ??? Things that make you go hmmm ????

  2. This doesn’t scare me as much as a new law proposed by 44 Democrats including the Squad. It’s called the (NEW WAY FORWARD ACT). Basically we no longer have borders and illegal immigrants can do whatever they want GOOD LUCK AMERICA!

    • Frightening true, but I believe it will be DOA in the senate and for sure by the president. Also frightening is the “Equality Act.”

    • Democrat party had gone completely LOCO and treasonous, with their support of ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION,racist anti-american jihadas, Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, crazy socialists Bernie Sanders and AOC and defamatory propaganda machinery of main stream media.

      I will NEVER AGAIN vote for ANY Democrat or RINO< such ash as back stabber, Mitt Romney who is as phony as DemocRATS.

  3. Omg right u all are he couldn’t even give a simple answer to a high school teacher there were no one on that Democrats party on stage that have any thing to give us (smelly Walmart)people what we want and don’t want pitty all if them

    • Yes!! And, “he’s only 38 and hasn’t been in politics long enough to amass the kind of wealth Warren, Sanders, and Biden enjoy.” WTH is that supposed to mean but we’ve been getting ripped off. Why is it no one asks them how they got so wealthy?

    • I have been asking the same question for DECADES, iluvmyUSA….there is NO WAY on the salaries these idiots in Washington are paid that they can become multi-millionaires!! I’ve said it before and will say it again…FOLLOW THE MONEY…..if left to me, these filthy politicians would be investigated, jailed and put on trial…their trials would be something akin to those in Salem, MA. several hundred years ago!!!!

    • I too have been asking for some brave politician to step up and ask the simple question… “how do they gain wealth on salaries that don’t support the math?” … investigate members of both parties… non political…
      term limits, no retirement package, live under the same health care the general public has available… make congressional jobs what they were meant to be … “a service to the nation” and then go home and live under the laws created.

    • That’s the plan of the puppeteer behind the curtain. None of the candidates (read puppets) will get a majority so the DNC will have to pick a brokered candidate, whom they have already been told to select. All they would have left to do is have antifa take out POTUS Trump.

  4. Over the past three years a huge number of Americans have had their eyes opened wide thanks mostly to what / how the democrat communist party has been acting. It’s been a real circus. Which democrat is the candidate du jour? Just watch to see which one jumps out of the “midget clown car” first each day.

  5. So much like Mayor Pete, Bernie Sanders did a gig as small town mayor, although since has achieved very little beyond getting elected To be a grouchy old Senator.
    But compare Mike Bloomberg as a large city Mayor who is apparently very successful in business. He can match and raise Trump at tossing about NY style insults plus, he’s got more talent in his little finger than all the others combined. We’re lucky he’s at all interested.
    So what about Mike?

    • Mikey is anti 2nd amendment, which means he’s already lost 2/3 of the country. Add the fact that the little twerp is also against people drinking large soft drinks and another 1/4 are lost. All dumbberg has is NY and Kaleefornia.

  6. If Buttgagag chooses a centrist, say a Sherrod Brown of Ohio as running mate, the two kommiecrats kould konvince some voters that they are not communists at all, but just good people trying to help the poor by taxing the evil rich.
    Buttgagag/Brown could peel off enough votes to make it close.

    • Taxing the evil rich is the most famous lying dummycrat line of BS! In reality it’s taxing the evil middleclass out of existence. Because dummycrats themselves are rich, they will always leave a loophole in the tax law that allows them to keep their money but the middleclass won’t qualify for that loophole. Ever wonder why Pukelousy started her career with a 5 figure income to become a multimillionaire, now.

  7. Can someone explain to me where he came from and why? How is he even a candidate? Where does his money come from? Or who? That’s the better question. Who’s propping him up? Mayor to POTUS, ha! Is he the white Obama? Wait, Obama was bi-racial, not black, not white but mixed.

    I see this as a deliberate act of delusion by the dumbocratic party. None of these candidates will be chosen at the DNC. Hillary is poised to swoop in and save the day. This is a strategy that they’re going to use to supposedly catch the GOP off guard and try to steal the 2020 election like they tried in 2016. This time however, their will be more eyes watching to see if the illegal and the dead vote this time. What a great movie title, The Illegal and Dead: Day of the Democrat.

    • George Soros. He was the man behind the curtain for Obozzo the First. How else could all of Barry’s historical information been hidden or deleted. That took a lot of money.

    • I can’t tell you who or where his money is coming from. I can tell you whose propping up Pete, it’s his wife or husband or what ever the hell you call it.

  8. Buttigieg does not have a specific agenda. He’s full of generalized rhetoric & propaganda that manipulates people into favoring him.

    • He can only give the same answer all the democRAT’s “he is not Trump”. That is all they really have to offer. Bloomberg & Steir have lots of money. But neither one has any real approval for what they have done. Bloomberg has nothing to offer in terms of what he did for New York. It is still the same old rat hole is was when he arrived and when he left. Steir has money but nothing of substance to brag about. Oh, maybe Steir can say he is not a politician. But that is about it.

  9. Butthead couldnot answer a simple question even if you gave him the answer. What a joke he is thinking he could lead the greatest nation in the world. Never in my life time have I seen anything or heard of anything so unreal as this silly person thinking he has what it takes to even stand on the same stage with the other stooges.
    Butthead my boy take a hint: look for another type of employment, you are not cut out to be a leader of the USA. Maybe a bonehead island!!! Or a loony tune comedy!!

    • Sounds as qualified as Obama when he was running. Knew nothing, did nothing except pushed the radical socialist agenda he learned from from comrade Uncle Frank

  10. It will be most interesting to observe this politician’s path in years ahead. My sense is that either he will soon be hailed as the next mellifluous messiah who appeared out of nowhere, as a recent past president was, and maybe even end up in the oval office around 2036 or so, or will go the way of so many flash-in-the-pan politicians over the years. At least he can probably go back to management consulting if he needs a job.

  11. Democrats take great pride in doing the impossible – never mind that the results are disastrous. They’ve just tried to nail Trump for impeachment – again. It didn’t work. Again. So what are they going to do? Again? Three years in control of the House with no beneficial results. They’re promising to do that – again. They want to take over health care. Again. It didn’t work last time – and I’ll bet they didn’t learn anything from that or from the Iowa caucus. Or from torpedoing Bernie in 2016, so they’ll do that again, too.

    • They’re trying to push their “A New Way Forward” bill through before the end of this term because they’re afraid this is their last chance. I can’t see the senate passing it or the president signing it, though. It is such a traitorous, anti-American bill I can’t imagine any American congressman signing it although they say 44 members of the house have, so far.

  12. Buttigieg was with Naval Intelligence while in the Navy. When he did his one and only tour overseas he was assigned as a driver for the top brass on base. He must have left his “intelligence” stateside. When his enlistment was over he was not offered the choice to re-up.
    Navy apparently realized that Buttigieg was more bullschiff than intelligent. It’s time for the American people to see the same thing.

    • Doesn’t matter which intelligence branch of the service Pete was with. All of them need jeep drivers for the brass and low ranking enlisted people for guard duty and KP. Pete was perfect for that job.

  13. Just typical communist party BS. Talk for an hour and never answer the question, or say anything that makes since to real Americans.

    • Too bad we have such a blatantly biased media hat no loner fulfills it’s original charter which offered it the “freedom of the press” benefit they work under. It seems the “freedom of the press” benefit needs to be looked at. Freedom of the press is not defined as free to lie, manufacture news, manipulate and omit key details and fall back on their now commonly used term “anonymous sources said”.

  14. Lots of high rhetoric without any substance, love that statement Polack! Have a Dem boss that thinks he is the greatest man to run this small town but like Polack. He has a lot of high rhetoric without any substance. MUST BE A DEM THING!.

  15. Honestly can anyone see Butgig sitting down with world leaders. Un in N Korea would haha funny joke run along son men’s work to do.

  16. To be quite frank, that should be decided on a case by case basis. I know of someone who married their brother to gain citizenship, that should be consider criminal and should be grounds for immediate deportation. On the other hand, I know of hard working, tax paying individuals who are not sucking on the great teat of Democrat “but your vote with handouts” food stamps and green cards, and other bribery offers… the Democrats should be flat out ashamed of what they continue to do since President Clinton and VP Gore offered the thousands upon thousands of Haitians who were given green cards, $3,000 Visa debit cards, and voting registration cards if only they promised to vote for Democratic Party candidates. Don’t believe it? Look it up. Makes you sick, if you are really an American who cares about our country. Jim Williams

    • Jim: For me, the architect of the great hand out that has become the democrat party approach to governing was LBJ. He was a master at buying votes. And here we are many years later, paying the price.

  17. ALL US POLITICIANS….please go and spent a year in a third world country without your passports, wealth, or a chance of coming back to the states before preaching this free for all socialist BS.

    • I couldn’t have said that better, I’ve never seen so many candidates working so hard to turn this country Into a third world country. Way I see it they want total control over our lives.

  18. What exactly does that mean:”Shape of our Democracy”??? Sounds like a ZEN thing. Mayor Alfred E. is talking more and more like Obama-give an hour speech and you’d walk away thinking: “what did he say”??. Lots of high rhetoric without any substance. Mayor Pete complained about looking at the past and the need to look forward. Well, as a boomer, the past I grew up with was much better than today’s present history-better education, no drugs, less crime, played outside (lousy TV), more and better family input,…. But Mayor Pete, who has only be around since the 80’s, knows better.

    • Dan Bongino put it so succinctly when he described Mayor Pete’s responses as “total B.S.” But he also warned that Obama was slick at doing the same thing, as you point out. He dazzled people by his B.S. Brilliance! But you came away asking, “What did he actually say?” Beware of the young, slick, silver-tongued, BSers who say a lot of nothing!! They cannot run our country, but they could run it into the ground!!

  19. Typical B.S. inexperienced politicians can NOT manage a tiny little town (failed missery on policies) yet, promises America free almost every things under the sun & pro ILLEGAL immigration whom broke our LAWS!?????? Just imagine that for a minute, hopefully Americans open their eyes & see it’s a fantasy in the twilight zone of the lunatic democrapt’s party!


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