Pentagon Refuses To Give Security Briefings To Biden Team. Here’s What It Likely Means…

(Liberty Bell) – Joe Biden did not win the 2020 presidential election. It didn’t happen and anyone who suggests that he did is a downright liar.

The mountain of evidence proving voter fraud and corruption continues to grow and grow.

Every single American should be outraged by the obvious and blatant theft of the election yet there are many who prefer to have stolen and compromised elections rather than freedom.

Leftists only care about their agenda and President Trump being in office has been a real hindrance to enacting it. The will of the people be damned.

If Joe Biden didn’t legitimately win the 2020 election that means he is, at the very least, compromised on one level or another.

Surely, even he doesn’t believe he actually won. He and Kamala Harris know they only won because of massive voter fraud and foreign election interference, the only question is how much did they know?

The Pentagon appears to think there’s a good chance they knew quite a bit as they are now refusing to give Biden and his team national security briefings.

And why would they? If Biden was, in fact, an active participant in the stealing of the election he is a major national security threat and should be treated as such. He absolutely should not be getting briefed on national security matters.

At the very least, the Pentagon doesn’t believe Biden is the legitimate winner of the election and that too is enough to keep him from receiving information vital to the security of the US.

It has been previously reported that the Pentagon had agreed to a two-week break from briefings for the holidays but the Biden team alleges they never agreed to the break.

Biden’s team hasn’t been granted a meeting since Dec. 18th by Trump’s acting defense secretary Christopher Miller, as Biden’s supposed “national security adviser” Jake Sullivan claimed as he complained on NPR.

“Literally dozens of written requests for information are outstanding as we speak,” Sullivan lamented.

Why should Biden’s team of unelected individuals be granted access to this information when Biden has not yet been declared the actual winner of the election. Furthermore, as evidence continues to be revealed it looks like there’s a good chance he won’t be.

What’s most interesting and impossible to ignore is the fact that December 18 was the date by which Miller was to have a report on potential election interference by a foreign government handed to President Trump.

If Miller delivered the report, it’s likely no coincidence that the Biden team began being froze out of briefings on that very same day.

If the Pentagon believes that there was foreign interference, even if Biden was involved or not, it only makes sense to stop allowing them access to highly sensitive information regarding the security of the country.

It’s good to see that at least one government agency is not fully corrupt and loyal to the Deep State.

If President Trump has evidence that there was foreign interference he will hopefully make it known by Jan. 6 so that Congress has the full and complete picture of what really went down on Nov. 3.

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  1. Godspeed, President Trump; we are all with you; the patriotic American and the Constitution. I pray daily for her perpetual existence. Centanni, M.

  2. May God and the Constitution Prevail!
    All Lives Matter everyone’s blood is Red!
    Patriots are United We Stand for Truth and
    Justice. I and my Fellow Military Veterans, We took an oath to defend our Country Let’s Goto DC on the 6th and take care of business!
    God Bless America

  3. Flush with cash and owning over a trillion dollars of U.S, debt, communist China – among many other disturbing things – routinely drops millions into various U.S. environmentalist groups, with the sole provision that these groups do nothing that makes China look bad. This enables these environmentalist groups to do everything in their power to hinder and disrupt U.S. energy production, our agricultural and military sectors and so on, with endless protest and expensive lawfare, and all without any ChiCom fingerprints to be easily seen, unless you know to follow the money….

    Here is the simplest example I can think of: Do a DuckDuckGo dot com search for “90% of ocean plastic comes from” :

    Now try to remember the last time – if ever – that you heard anything from the many and various U.S. based environmentalist groups about how INDIA and CHINA are responsible for 90% of all that plastic garbage floating around our planet’s oceans? That leaves the rest of the entire planet, including the U.S., only responsible for the remaining 10%, combined. As you might expect as a condition of all that easy treacherous ChiCom money, which makes it very profitable to be anti-American these days, we only ever seem to hear about how horrible America supposedly is, and never a negative word about China, whether it be about pollution or anything else. Occasionally some individual environmentalists may mention something but mostly they only fight against American interests, and this is not accidental.

    Now apply the same logic for the same reasons (follow the money) and you begin to see WHY the democrat party and so many RINO republicans will likewise criticize America all day long, with never a bad word about China. They’ll hammer Russia, which doesn’t make it so profitable to be anti-American, but are virtually never critical of communist China. A lot of powerful corporations who own a lot of powerful politicians, would stand to lose an awful lot of money if the ChiComs were to get angry with them. so they do NOTHING which could upset that easy ChiCom cash flow. (This includes Hollywood which would lose millions if China decided to cut off their access to Chinese markets – a lot of American movies only really do well over there, thus giving the ChiComs a disturbing amount of censorial power over our entertainment industry.)

    “The definition of fascism is the marriage of corporation and state.” – Benito Mussolini.

    The marriage of corporation and state, between leftists throughout all levels of government with leftists throughout U.S. corporate media and the big social media corporations online, is FASCISM, by definition. And the fascists being so enriched by our nation’s enemies are not about to lose a bunch of money by going against the communist Chinese. There is a tremendous amount of easy money to be made by being anti-American, and we are seeing the results of this each and every day.

    The more you know… 🙂

  4. As we have seen, the Democrats have a penchant for accepting and excusing Chinese, Russian, and Muslim spies. Witness the episodes involving Swalwell, Feinstein, and Wasserman Schultz.

    Could it be that someone in the Pentagon with some real courage and love of country fears that Beijing Joe might have Chinese spies in his transition team? Could it be that some on his staff could not pass a basic FBI EBI or SBI security check as like happened on the Bill Clinton transition team?

  5. I keep getting email stating the large amount of fraud, needing surveys, and support. When trying to read there’s no story to go to.only looking for donations, surveys when filled out can’t be complete until a donation is made. I support President Trump and am a very dedicated Republican. I can not afford to donate as much as asked. I am a disabled Vietnam veteran.

  6. I have been reading too much leftist propaganda that accompanies my email service. It is filled with denigration of President Trump and his supporters in the most vile terms imaginable. I believe that fraud was the only possible way Biden could have won the election. Trump’s mission to save America and life’s freedoms is not yet complete. As others have said, God knows the truth. Do not let the evil ones steal our country and award it to thieves.

  7. I agree with all of you…God doesn’t start something and then walk away…Trump started a work that God has initiated and God will finish the work. God is still in control and He hasn’t forsaken us. Amen!

  8. I don’t believe there is enough room for the great massive crowd I anticipate January 6. With God’s victory in the Georgia run off it will be the largest group ever gathered in our District of Columbia to celebrate our country and its elected officials. President Trump will be victorious because we are RIGHT! The TRUTH is still the WAY.

  9. If they know the truth, get Biden & his cronies arrested and end this farce. Let’s get on with life as usual with trump at the helm!!!!

  10. In my heart I believe President Donald Trump won the election. There has been too much evidence for fraud. However, the media has given the people a false understanding that it is fake news, really?? God is in control and He is the only one that knows the truth. I hope the people that instigated all this fraud are found and punished and that our country can go back to a similar situation before the Covid outbreak.

  11. TRUMP 2020….MAGA…..biden told us himself that he has a big, extensive and inclusive Voter FRAUD Organization…..AND he said: “I will be President – DON’T NEED your Votes”….And then boom we were told he is president-elect, were told he won Arizona with a MIILION Votes still out, and ALL of the reports of other ways of CHEATING in the election…..!!!!! NO, there will be NO, CAN’T be a biden inauguration…..PERIOD….!!

  12. The truth shall prevail and the pentagon already knows what the truth is ,Thank God.Now the Senate and Congress must do their part and God help them if they choose to do the wrong thing .DC will be surrounded by patriots this very day and most importantly God will be there witnessing the greatest uncovering in our history as a country.What is in the dark shall come into the light .A judgement day comes when you lie upon a lie to cover all of your misdeeds.For the truth shall set us all Free .Not only here in the USA ,but rather the entire world over. My eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. All those who continue to believe this fraudulent election wasn’t stolen should ask themselves what else are they willing to give up? A free, unfettered, choice of our
    leaders is tantamount to the liberty of our country. Letting these Marxist thugs chose
    our leaders will result in loss of any other of our freedoms they choose to take away !
    It is mathematically impossible for Trump to win 2,497 counties (84%), to Biden’s
    477 counties (16%), get over 74 million votes of the 140 million cast and lose !
    More than a Trump Presidency is at stake. The moral character of our country is at stake. There can only be one answer as to why these liberals refused any inspection, or transparency of the ballots. There is something there to hide. Something they don’t want known. Can you say, ‘massive fraud and theft’?

  14. Thank God for someone with enough sense and love of country and constitution to stop,look, and listen-I learned as a child.I have prayed every day for someone with guts to speak the truth,The truth will set you free.Why would Dems.SOROS SPEND SO MUCH money if they knew they already won?THEY are afraid the truth will come out.No republican is burning cities.Our families need to get back to up your immune system eat healthy and use common sense.God Bless us all and forgive our many sins


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