Pay-Per-Vote In Nevada? Check Out The Troubling Scheme One Reporter Uncovered

(Liberty Bell) – Nevada has been revealed to be a cesspool of voter fraud and corruption. There have been a myriad of scandals to come out of the state since Election Day and they just keep coming.

We’ve all heard about the massive spike in absentee ballots sent in this year as opposed to 2016 and the widespread voting irregularities that have resulted across the state, not to mention the outdated voter rolls which have resulted in dead people and other ineligible persons voting.

A lesser known scandal, however, involves Native Americans and “voter advocacy groups.” According to John Davidson at The Federalist these advocacy groups are guilty of handing out gift cards, electronics, clothing, and other items of “value” to voters in tribal areas.

Offering anything of value in exchange for an individual’s vote violates federal election law and is punishable by up to two years in prison and up to $10,000 in fines. Things of value include a variety of items including things like raffle tickets and free food.

The effort was done under the guise of “non-partisan get-out-the-vote campaigns,” according to Davidson. He reports that the Nevada Native Vote Project was brazen and in obvious and open violation of federal election law.

The Nevada Native Vote Project’s Facebook page contains dozens of posts featuring voters literally receiving something of value in exchange for providing proof that they voted. One post shows two men showing off $25 Visa gift cards that they were given after dropping off their absentee ballots.

In one particularly troubling video post, Reno-Sparks Indian Colony spokeswoman Bethany Sam is shown inside an actual polling place “offering T-shirts, stickers, jewelry, and thousands of dollars in gift cards to voters.”

In the video, Sam says that voters can win some of these items through a raffle that voters could enter in person or by emailing or texting a picture of their absentee ballot. The items not included in the raffle were available to anyone who showed up in person to vote.

Sam is featured in another video in which she is seen wearing a Biden-Harris campaign mask with the Biden campaign bus behind her. In this video she is literally discussing how important Native American voters are to “swing” Washoe County. As of right now, Biden has “won” the county by around 12,000 votes, this includes Reno.

In yet another video, Sam is in a video telling viewers about the “Biden swag” that’s available at a “Get Out the Vote” event. She also told viewers there would be free Biden cookies at the event as well.

Davidson said he contacted Sam to ask her about the illegal giveaways and raffles as depicted in videos posted to the official Reno-Sparks Indian Colony but, as you can expect, she never returned his phone calls.

As Davidson reports, the giveaways seemed to be a widespread occurrence among Native American communities in the state of Nevada. He reports that “The Nevada Native Vote Project’s Facebook page lists dozens of gift card winners by name, all of them rewards simply for their vote.”

He also pointed out that other Native groups in the state also partook in some kind of raffles or giveaways for voters that were all sponsored by the Nevada Native Vote Project.

Simply put, this was a massive criminal operation that totally and completely violates federal election law. Those responsible need to be brought to justice and the web of those involved could be complex.

Who paid for all of the prizes that were handed out to voters and who is really behind the “Get Out the Vote” effort? Davidson dug into these questions and after following the money discovered that the federal government itself is behind a substantial amount of funding for the groups responsible for these schemes.

According to his report, over 6 government “partners” are listed on the National Congress of American Indians’ sponsor page, the NCAI provides funding for the Nevada Native Vote Project.

Among these government agencies are the Department of the Interior, Department of Agriculture, the Small Business Administration, and the Environmental Protection Agency and others. All of these government partners funded more than $3 million to NCAI who then funded the Nevada Native Vote Project who funded the prizes for voters.

Sounds like someone has some explaining to do here. Nevada residents deserve to know that their elections have integrity and are free and clear of fraud and corrupt schemes like this. State and federal officials should be doing everything in their power to make that happen.

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