Pardoned Former K9 Officer Who Received Extremely Harsh Sentence After Her Dog Bit Illegal Alien Has This To Say About President Trump

(Liberty Bell) – Stephanie Mohr is a former K9 officer who served ten years in prison after her dog bit an alleged illegal alien as she and a fellow officer responded to a suspected burglary at a commercial building 1995.

The suspect, as she told Fox & Friends on Christmas Eve, had received a small bite to his calf that resulted in 10 stitches.

One year of her life in prison for every stitch, as she explained.

This week, Mohr was officially pardoned by President Donald Trump, something which she told the hosts means “the whole world” to herself and her family.

Mohr’s conviction in a federal court came when she was the only female canine officer on the Washington, D.C. area police department as a result of an incident she says was conducted entirely by the book and consistent with police procedures on when to release a dog on a suspect.

Five years after the fact, when the statute of limitations was about to run out, she and her training officer were indicted on federal civil rights violations.

In the first trial, she was acquitted on one charge as the jury 11-1 in her favor on a second charge, BizPac Review explains.

“In an unprecedented action with a verdict like that, the government elected to re-try me. They were desperate to convict someone,” she said of the possible political motives behind her convictions.

In the second trial, the case more closely resembled a character assassination than a lawful inquiry, she explained, which is why she was ultimately convicted in 2001.

Her training officer was cleared.

“There was definitely an agenda of the times, and I was made a scapegoat. The Department of Justice’s prosecution of me was overreaching and a bit over zealous,” Mohr assesses.

BPR notes that may be an understatement.

Multiple appeals were fruitless she explained.

Her son was just three years old when she went to jail.

BPR notes that, over at the Washington Post, they give a more negative account of Mohr’s past, making the case that she was, in fact, a racist.

“In her second trial, federal prosecutors convinced a judge to permit them to introduce evidence of other allegations of Mohr’s wrongdoing, use of racial epithets and excessive use of dog bites, particularly on Black people, that the first jury did not hear,” they reported.

“According to past reporting from The Post, Mohr had been accused of brutality in at least four civil lawsuits and was flagged by the department’s early warning system. But she had received minimal discipline. Two of the lawsuits ended with the county agreeing to pay settlements. Mohr was found not liable in at least one that went to trial,” they continued.

What is interesting about this is that Mohr herself said the trial was a character assassination.

If there were other incidents involving use of force or racial slurs, a trial for releasing the dog on the suspects isn’t the place to iron those issues out. They needed to be addressed by the proper channel—and certainly should have been, if anyone’s civil rights were at risk.

Wrong about other things or not, Mohr seems to have been a political prize for agenda-driven prosecutors who wanted to put a cop’s head on a stake.

Featured image credit: Stephanie Mohr

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  1. With the outcome of the 2020 election we are heading into a quagmire of political corruption where events such as this horrendous corruptive political abuse of our Police Department will continue!

  2. Trump is the hero of this injustice. Now we have the socialist California Governor approving the release of thousands of sexual offenders. Let’s all vote to kick his ass out of California asap.


  3. When the open confrontation happens, let’s hope all these law enforcement officers, and the military, remember who had their backs during the open attempt by the Leftist Deep State, the DNC, and their financial backers, the CCP, to destroy the U.S.

  4. Welcome to the new normal. A world of cancel culture, identity politics and social justice warriors gone mad. Good is bad, bad is good. Thanks liberal democrats for all your engineering. NOT!

  5. Interesting that the PG County Police, in Maryland would be the FIRST place any racist would go to. Geez. So shameful. Sorry for her uncalled for imprisonment.

  6. This is hard to believe – that the criminals are the ones who caused this – not the police officer or the dog. Thank God for President Trump. Love you.

  7. DOJ and politicians go after this young lady for what she did in the line of duty to feather their cap
    When in reality those bastards have done things that has always been covered up swept under the rug
    Corruption protects the guilty
    The innocent pays the price so others get off

  8. Yeah I agree this officer and k9 should’ve never got a punishment that’s what k9s are for. She should receive a medal and so should the k9. Thank God president trump pardoned her.
    I’m interested in what they did with the k9.


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