Owner Of Destroyed Cleveland Cupcake Shop Is Now Being Targeted For This Chilling Reason

(Liberty Bell) – Anti-police sentiment is spreading far and wide, and, in just a few short weeks, we’ve watched our nation seemingly turn into some sort of post-police dystopia.

Police officers are being targeted like never before and are calling in sick en masse. And who can blame them? Democrats and the radical protest movements they support have put a giant target on the back of every man and woman in law enforcement.

That’s not all…

Now, it appears that even those who seek help from law enforcement will find themselves targeted, as is the case with a woman who owns a small cupcake business in Cleveland that was destroyed and looted by rioters last month.

Now, she’s being threatened further harm and destruction for cooperating with the police, BizPac Review reports.

Kelly Kandah, the owner of Colossal Cupcakes, a family business, told “Fox & Friends” in an interview on Monday that the threats she is now facing include being told that if she rebuilds her destroyed business, “it’s going to get hit again.”

Kandah explained that she’s been getting complaints that it’s “unfair” to cooperate with police investigators and that she should not be working with the FBI as it is “against the cause, which I’m actually absolutely for the cause, but it’s upsetting people that I would involve the police of something such as property.”

One might think it’s rather unfair to completely destroy a small business in Cleveland over an incident of police brutality in Minneapolis, but welcome to 2020.

Kandah also told Fox & Friends that she and four of her employees were forced to lock themselves in a bathroom on May 30 as rioters looted her business.

She thanked the police who intervened on that day and saved her life.

Earlier this month, BPR notes, she told the morning show that she’s owned the shop for almost ten years.

“My family built it up, [I] listened to it get absolutely destroyed,” she explained during an appearance on June 2. “That whole time we were locked in there … I just listened to everything getting shattered and crushed.”

On Monday, she explained that she and her employees “had to lock ourselves in the bathroom while my store was completely destroyed and ransacked” with the rioters just on the other side of the door.

Fox & Friends co-host Ainsley Earhardt asked “And you didn’t know if they were trying to trick you and saying, ‘We’re police,’ that you would come out, right?”

Kandah replied that this was the case, explaining that rioters were “pounding on the door” after they’d broken into the store, “so I was actually skeptical that it was Cleveland police or not, but it was.”

What a terrifying ordeal! Can you imagine what would have happened to her had the police not been there? Is this really what liberals want, innocent business owners and employees to be dragged out of their destroyed establishments?

About a week after the incident, Kandah went on to explain, “I was showing some of the damage and I was leaving, a friend and myself, and someone walking by approached us and said, ‘When the store rebuilds, when you rebuild this, I’m going to come back and destroy it again and you.’ He kept walking and was gone.”

When Earhardt asked Kandah if she was scared to reopen, she replied, “Yes.”

“What do you say to the critics that say because you called the police because you are thanking them now for saving your life that you are racist and you don’t support black lives?” Earhardt asked.

“It’s just really sad,” Kandah replied. “Unfortunately my store is not open right now and I’m so involved with the community and I’m so involved with our inner-city schools and I’m so for the cause that I do a lot of community service. Right now, I can’t. I don’t have anything being brought in to be able to donate as much as I usually do.”


  1. They loot we shoot. They want to take the 2nd off the books. OK, but it has no effect on that 12 gage. Come get it. Saving America 9 pellets at a time. No Prisoners, period. Don’t care what color or how young, you riot, your die.

    • P.O.A.
      The real people to go after are the mayor, governor, city council members & police chief who will not stop these rioters, if you cut the Socialist democrat’s leaders heads off the rest will die because the next one will not want to die.

    • It used to be that people caught looting were shot immediately. Unfortunately some mistakes were made and a few innocent people shot.

  2. The Second Revolution is not that far off. Arm up now, the Left is armed already. The Left has neutered the police, your safety is now in your own hands. Make sure you can defend yourself. That’s why the Left is trying to cancel the Second Amendment. Forewarned is forearmed.

    • the knees would stop most people that are not high on drugs. a shot to the knee will slow them down long enough to determine that they are on drugs and then shoot them in the head. the final benefit would be the verification that your final shot was self defense. if it stops them the first time the cops cant charge you with any murder count. presenting evident that you are a good shot and you hit what you shoot at is also good to have. the need to be one step ahead of the leftist prosecutors is part of preparation for t.s.h.t.f. plus when you shoot them in the head it only gives the small minded a reason for revenge. the knee cripples them and requires three other liberals to care for them. it is tempting to rid us of them all but makes us no better than they are. ——————–Grampa

  3. The BLM narrative is based on a gigantic LIE. According to the National Crime Victim Survey Blacks kill Whites at a ratio of 25 to 1, most it done by Black males who constitute 6% of the population. Practically every unarmed Black killed by police was resisting arrest, some with the likelihood of lethal intent (gun in the car). The WaPo survey since 2015 has even included Michael Brown as “unarmed,” even though he punched officer Wilson and tried to take his gun, then charged him.

  4. The idiots that run these cities should be tied to a chair and left in the streets to
    Face the “ peace mobs”
    I like the sniper comment. I just missed
    Making the grad for shooting in the service, but I’ve been practicing.
    Any towns need a few Vets to help with target practice? These people are criminals, like their Democrats leaders are traitors. Let’s get our MAGA people out and clean up the scum

  5. No Black Lives Matter so long as Black Lives Matter doesn’t include all black lives. They’re nothing more than anarchists and they will be destroyed in the end.

  6. We are new to gun ownership. Fortunately in the state we live, we can purchase weapons and get training.

    CZ makes excellent guns, many of which are “comfortable” for females to use because they don’t have a severe kick when fired.

    I recommend the 9mm size. You can purchase hollow core ammunition which is as effective as a 45 caliber.

    Mostly, I recommend that people leave Democrat states. DO NOT BRING YOUR DEMOCRAT VOTING TO YOUR NEW STATE. WE DO NOT WANT YOU TO RUIN OUR STATES TOO.

    Sanjosemike (no longer in CA)

  7. Rebuild, and Arm yourself. Shoot to Kill. After you kill a few, the rest of the Cowards will Run. But always keep your Gun Close to yourself.

  8. Cupcake cutie still fighting for the cause that will guarantee her business is wrecked and her life as a white woman denigrated.
    She is doomed for failure and misery.

    • Any person who breaks in or tries to destroy her business should be shot in the knees and thrown in jail.

    • KK is a sorry excuse for a human, must be either a paid violent anarchist or employed in government iconoclast hypnotically working for perks & high retirement benefits.

  9. Sorry – Kelly Kandah needs to re-think her position & statement “I am so for the cause”. The cause is Marxism & the destruction of America. BLM Founders are self-proclaimed “Trained Marxists”. Most countries learned their lessons in the 1900’s when over 100 Million people were killed or starved to death under Socialism. The Democrats call this 1900’s style anarchy “Progressive”.

  10. The shops in Koreatown LA 1992 that were not looted were protected by their heavily armed owners. This was even shown in a PBS special on those riots. The owners are going to have to deliberately take out some of the rioters to get the message across. Unclear whether the LA owners did the same. May well have. Many had AR’s and had been in the ROK Army. Meanwhile in Charlotte NC there was a Chicago style drive by shooting at a “block party” in the ‘hood on Sunday night. Over 100 rounds fired, at least 3 killed and 11 injured. From the way the news articles were written, it appears the police were nowhere to be found. A message to those who want to defund the police?

  11. Do you think all this destruction would have happened if the mayors of these cities gave an order to shoot to kill looters in the beginning? Why do the looters keep going?because they know nothing is happening to them when they loot. Like President trump said if you burn an American flag you get one year in jail! What do you think would happen if all violent crimes were punishable by the death penalty? The destruction won’t end until violence is met with violence which means some rioters and looters need to be shot as an example to what will happen to the next looter! Tell me I’m wrong and all the destruction is going to just go away by love.

    • Cleveland is another Democrat run city within a Democrat run county. I lived on the west side for 2 yrs then on the east side in Cleve Hts, University Hts area for 11 years. When my wife announced she needed her space & was confused it was as though she was announcing my emancipation proclamation.
      Leaving the area in 2007 for more Conservstive Summit &Stark counties allowed me to appreciate the sanity of conservatism. We have had protests without any of the looting & destruction.
      As ANTIFA & BLM have promised to pay us in Stark County I’m here to tell them their reception will be far from friendly & i and my neighbors freely exercise our 2nd Amendment rights to ensure our own safety. This unlike the corrupt socialist Dem bastions of Cuyahoga & Cleveland.
      BTW, I voted Dem for 41 years until Obama cured me of my foolishness in 2009. Now there is no possibility i would vote other than Conservative. My heart goes out to those who have lost so much, but the one sure cure for the problems in Cleveland is to run the Dem party machine out on a rail. Vote Conservatives into office for a change you can count on.

  12. Guys, I agree with all of you. We have one major problem. Leftist politics is neutralizing the police. Until something is done to return law and order by the police, nothing will change. It’s very sad that this is where the politicians have taken us. They have allowed these terrorists, murderers, arsonists and rioters to run rampant in the streets. These are the “fine” people we voted for who don’t give a you know what about our safety. :All they care about is the glue on the chair and the money in their pockets.
    All I can say is, if the US states and gov’t continue to allow these maniacs to run rampant in our streets, gun purchases are going to go up in the millions and many more people will be killed, in order to protect themselves. Let’s pray and hope for the best.

  13. We need to take a stand against these TERRORISTS…..unfortunately the answer is gun power…..they are
    worthless thugs who do not belong in a CIVIL SOCIETY
    Send them ALL to SNAKE ISLAND

    • Just start rounding up the cowardly rats who are sliming their way through our streets (people need to remember, this is the city); you won’t see this out in the burbs…

      That punk who told this lady he’d tear it down again if she worked to rebuild…

      I ask her to let me know and I’ll handle it!

  14. These rioters have one cause and that is to destroy America. If you’re for their cause your name should go on the terrorist list.

  15. Enough of this terrorists crap! Round them all up drop them off at Soros mansion where they can pickup their checks. Then arrest them all for terrorism!

  16. They are TERRORISTS. They are TERRORIZING YOU and all the others. Our entire country has to get tough on these TERRORISTS. They cannot be rehabilitated. They have to be removed from society permanently.
    A life sentence with no parole at Gitmo is the answer.

    Arsonists in this situation are not just arsonists, as bad as that would be. They are using ARSON to TERRORIZE, and it is very effective.

    They must be removed from normal society. They have a mental illness and it is not curable.

  17. Lock and load with the intent of protecting yourself and others from these socialist animals that escaped from the zoo.

  18. Typical old-school Gestapo and KGB tactics employed by the modern-era Left through terror and intimidation in the furtherance of their godless cause! It kinda makes one want to KILL in the name of self-preservation!


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