Ouch: Big Tech Bans President Trump And Takes Immediate Combined $51.2 Billion Blow

(Liberty Bell) – The saying is, “go woke, go broke” and that seems to be true for Corporate America. While they have unabashedly and consistently sided with radical left causes, it has only been to their financial peril.

No company, that we’re aware of, has financially benefited from their liberal “wokeness” and alienating mass swaths of their consumer bases.

On the other hand, whenever liberals have called for a boycott against a conservative company or one that supports President Trump, sales skyrocket. Just look at Chick-fil-A, Goya, and Hobby Lobby.

You’d think Corporate America would finally take note but apparently promoting the left’s radical agenda is more important than their bottom line. Such seems to be the case for Twitter and Facebook who collectively lost a whopping $51.2 billion in market value since they decided to permanently silence and ban President Trump.

This hasn’t slowed them down, however, and the purge of conservatives on the two sites seem only to be continuing.

While claiming that President Trump and other conservatives present some kind of danger to public safety because they “incite” and “encourage” violence, they have banned the President himself and numerous others associated with him.

This is all, of course, despite the fact that neither Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg or Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey have presented even a shred of evidence to support their claims.

They simply say it and therefore insist it is true. They say it and treat it as though it’s reality and force the rest of us to live in their world. That is totalitarianism, period, and in America it’s tyranny.

As if it wasn’t enough for these leftist platforms to permanently ban and silence the President of the United States, but they also went after Parler, an app started by conservatives with the goal of preserving free speech online.

Google and Apple both declared they would no longer allow the app to be downloaded in their app stores and Amazon Web Services effectively shut it down by removing the app from their servers.

Twitter and Facebook don’t want conservatives to be able to speak freely on their platforms, or even use their platforms, but they also don’t want them to be able to use any other platforms either. Sounds like a monopoly and fortunately there are laws in the US to protect the free market from monopolies.

Currently, Parler is engaged in a lawsuit against Amazon for their violation of antitrust laws. The company does expect to win and be up and running again soon. Of course, Amazon claims Parler has no basis for their lawsuit, a laughable assertion.

Nonetheless, we cannot allow these Big Tech tyrants to get away with stripping Americans of our First Amendment rights. Conservatives have already started ditching Twitter and Facebook but it won’t be enough until we all leave together.

It’s time to hurt these liberal “woke” companies where it hurts. Get rid of Facebook and Twitter and switch to the alternatives where free speech is protected, like GAB, MeWe, and Parler when it returns.

The strongest weapon we have to fight the left is our wallets. We are consumers and whether or not Big Tech or Corporate America care to admit it or even act like it, they need us. Without us, they cannot survive.

We can’t expect to maintain our comfortable American lifestyles and also fight for our freedoms at the same time. This fight is going to require sacrifice and we all have to be willing to give up something if we want to preserve our rights and freedoms in the end.

Featured image credit: Anthony Quintano – flickr.com/photos/quintanomedia/46985049684

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  1. “How about this “Certified Insanity”?! “Every one who voted for President Trump needs to be “ reprogrammed” and ”restructured” from the Trump culture/cult”! “The media is on the clock for “SATAN” and hell bent on “Destroying the GOD given Rights” Of “FREE THOUGHTS and “Expression”! “These Individuals who foster Fraud and Lies are the ones who need medication and extensive Shock Therapy”! Quote me, just tune in to CNN, MSNBC, CBS and NBC and get a real DOSE of “HUMBUG”! Look it up?

  2. I hope you lose every cent you made from those of us who supported your online social media platform for years! We too, have left your biased based unsocial website. Go broke, we will be celebrating the end of your demise soon!

  3. Twitter and Face Book have not yet suffered enough. They need to know real pain to make the point really clear. Everyone should contact their internet service providers and demand that Twitter and Face Book be blocked for violating free speech. They may have lots of money, but there are also a lot people out there. Strength in numbers.

  4. What I can’t understand is how these two bozos can be liberals when the free enterprise capitalistic system allowed them to become rich. It wasn’t a commie government that allowed it. How much do you think they would be worth if they were in North Korea or China? What fools! They hate the most free and creative nation in the world. What fools.

  5. Hope they both go broke, become alcoholics and wallow in a sleazy back alley where they sleep covered in newspapers to stay warm next to the backdoor of a Chinese restaurant where they grovel through the dumpster for leftover moo goo gai pan.


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