Oregon Implements 100% Mail-In-Voting And What’s Happening To Republican Voters Will Have You Outraged

(Liberty Bell) – The coronavirus crisis has led to the implementation of mail-in voting for many states, a process many on the right are highly skeptical of and for good reason. Currently in Oregon, an entirely vote-by-mail state, hundreds of voters are speaking out and reporting that their voter registration has been switched without their consent or knowledge. Conveniently, it seems to be a problem only effecting those who were registered as Republican.

Shocked? Neither are we.

Voters who were previously registered as Republican have been switched to non-affiliated and even in some cases to Democrat. In yet other cases, the state didn’t even send out the correct ballots or only sent state ballots leaving out ballots for Oregon residents to vote for US Senate and House positions, which includes two hotly contested races. All ballots in the state are due by today at 8 pm.

We’d say this is quite the debacle except it’s clearly an orchestrated effort to screw over Republicans in the state. Perhaps even a dry run for a bigger election rigging come November. Either way, there is no doubt that this is election tampering.

The Gateway Pundit has more:

The deadline to update your voter registration in Oregon was April 27th, so it’s too late for any of these people to get the right ballot. Some are reporting that they didn’t even get options for local non partisan races or ballot measures on their ballot, only judge seats. Others are reporting that they straight up received the wrong party ballot. Some are saying they’ve switched their registration back to republican, but then they check again and it’s been re-switched back to non affiliated.

The confusion seems to have something to do with the new-ish Motor Voter law, which automatically registers people to vote who visit the DMV. By default, they are registered as non affiliated unless they either opt out or specify that they want to be part of a party. Except many of the people in this group say they haven’t done anything at the DMV in quite some time, and received Republican ballots in the last election.

A select few of these people were able to contact their county elections office in time, and were able to procure a Republican ballot after going down to the office and explaining the situation. Knowing how crooked and backwards Oregon is, I wouldn’t be surprised if these people end up getting charged with some kind of crime because wacked out democrat attorney general Ellen Rosenblum and Secretary of State Bev Clarno will claim that those folks are somehow illegally voting in the republican primary that they originally wanted to vote in.

A Facebook group has been created called My Party Was Changed Oregon. If you believe this has happened to you, join the group as it may result in legal action against the corrupt state. If you believe this has been a violation of your civil rights, which it looks to be, you can file a claim with the FBI’s civil rights division and with the federal Department of Justice’s civil rights department. Oregon cannot be allowed to get away with this.

Below are just a few screenshots from the Facebook group. There are MANY more.


  1. This is exactly why mail in voting should be banned and this fraud should be immediately given to AG Bill Barr for prosecution. This shows the deliberate Democrat tactic to win this election for their candidates because they know that they will lose otherwise. Stand up America and demand voting at the polls. You should be an American citizen and have a registered driver’s license because they cannot be stolen. Write your letters to the Dept. of Justice so they can sue for a registered vote at the polls. This covid is done now and was a complete scam for this very purpose: to put fear into people so they can become sheeple and allow dishonesty and losing our freedoms. I urge you to act quickly now, before your vote never is counted properly ever again!

  2. This will happen here too if they pass the mail in only bill. We need to do everything we can to keep that from happening. The dems will do all they can to keep their power over us.

  3. Except in a few leftist strongholds where the sheeple have been bought off/brainwashed the left can’t win without cheating.

  4. Yep the Democrats are up for cheating and stealing elections again..not surprising. No wonder they want to vote by mail so they can keep on cheating. I say nail them to the wall and DO NOT let anybody vote for mail unless disabled or over 65. Otherwise they can get up and walk over to the voting booth if they really want to vote.

    I don’t know why people think that Democrats aren’t crooked thiefs. They have done the same thing for years.

  5. As a person who was in WA over 25 years, I laugh at the absolute gall of OR to do this kind of switch around. I bet they learned it from WA!

  6. It is a known fact that 70% of criminals identify as democrats. So if we could get rid of democrats, we could eliminate 70% of all crimes!!!

  7. Oregon be prepared for massive voter fraud. I’m sure all mail in voting is against The Constitution of The United States.

  8. Time for Oregonians to exercise their 2nd amendment rights and take back their government. This is EXACTLY why our fore fathers included it.

  9. Of course the democracts love this idea they suck at what they do they need all the help they can get that includes having some fake Republicans who have no back bone helping them. The Republicans are a sad pathetic party they are a disgusting party. Democracts can’t win elections no matter what unless it’s stole some way. The Republicans that help them should be put in jail as traitors. The parties on both sides make me sick pretending they care about the people here, but only care about themselves

  10. Gee, if you read the main stream media, you’d think that only Republicans try to manipulate the voter rolls. But no alleged gerrymandering (also done by Democrats) comes close to this.

  11. And Facebook will likely take down the Group, ” My party was changed Oregon”. They’ll claim it to be cultist or a bunch of conspiracy theorist’s professing violence.

  12. Doesn’t surprise me a bit. Everyone in Conservative Southern Oregon say’s the reason that Libtard garbage is constantly shoved down our throats is because the population is bigger from the Willamette Valley north and they out vote the sane people here. It appears that it may be far more sinister than that. I have never been a big fan of mail voting for the simple fact that it is to easy to commit voter fraud. Ah, only a sane person would think like that.

    • Republicans are helping the democracts win this one wants pelosi to be president. Tired of these so called Republicans preaching they are conservatives when they are not they are a democract in a suit.

  13. That’s the reason they call it the left coast. Can’t be trusted no matter what. Take it to court and all the way to the Supreme Court if needed!!

  14. CA’s Governor Newsom has recently followed OR’s lead in voting by mail, and if WA follows suit the entire Left Coast can be written off in November! How many other States have extended the same open invitation to election fraud?

    • Michael – Washington went totally vote by mail several years ago – don’t know for sure when. I used to live there but after being medically retired I opted to move to better climates – both weather wise and political wise. One of the few good decisions I have ever made.

  15. the Attorney General needs to condemn this voting the Governor r dmv has no right to change their party Affiliation

    • Betty – unfortunately the secretary of state and the attorney general are of the same ‘party’ as the governor. Not likely to see any condemning from either of them……………

    • The attorney general in that state or any blue state don’t have the guts to go after their own.

  16. If even one of these examples of state official tampering in a federal election is proven, federal law has been violated and federal law should invalidate the entire election results. It should apply to anywhere the fraud occurs. That might make the commiecrats think again about messing about with citizens rights to fair and equitable elections


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