Oops… It Happened Again! You’ll Never Believe What Was Found Outside Of Pittsburgh Postal Worker’s House

(Liberty Bell) – Yet another case of discarded, undelivered mail has been reported. This time out of crucial swing state Pennsylvania.

Who knew US Postal Service workers were so bad at delivering mail? Surely, none of us knew that because it has never been highlighted like it has been recently with the election coming up and questions of the integrity of mail-in voting circulating.

Joe Biden has emphatically declared that there is no risk involved with mail-in voting and that fraud and tampering is just not happening so we have no choice but to believe that Postal workers are just that incompetent and that this has been a problem for decades.

The only problem, of course, is that this hasn’t been a problem, ever, and its timing leads us to one conclusion and one conclusion only: election tampering.

US Postal Service agents recovered undelivered mail last weekend from trash bags outside of a postal employee’s home in a suburb near Pittsburgh. The agents, along with the Postal Service’s Office of Inspector General, were responding to complaints of undelivered mail in the area when they made the discovery.

If you’ve been following along you know that this isn’t the first incident of its kind. Mail has been being chucked all across the United States from California, to New Jersey, to Texas. It would appear by all accounts that either Joe Biden has not been following along and is completely unaware and out of touch with what’s really going on or he’s brazenly lying in the faces of American people about the integrity of mail-in voting.

We’re putting our money on the latter.

While the left constantly rips into the President over his vocal concerns about the potential for fraud and tampering in the mail-in voting process, many voters of both parties around the nation appear to have legitimate concerns over casting their ballots via the mail.

Many Democratic political organizations have flipped the script on mail-in voting and are now encouraging voters to get out on November 3rd and vote in person. That is, of course, the best and safest way to vote and the will result in the best case scenario for President Trump who will likely win the election in a landslide.

Some states require certain steps to be taken should voters decide to vote in person after already requesting a mail-in ballot and Democrats have been requesting far more mail-in ballots than Republicans. With growing concern about the mail-in voting process, voters might find themselves stuck on Election Day if they decide to make a last minute change.

Despite the fact that voters are actually concerned and that they have evidence and good reason to be, top Democratic leaders are sticking by the narrative that mail-in voting is totally safe and Trump is a liar. You know, orange man bad.

Pennsylvania’s Democratic lieutenant governor, John Fetterman, expressed worry over voters switching from mail-in to in-person, especially because in PA mail-in ballots have been requested by three times as many Democrats as Republicans. Fetterman also took the opportunity to push the leftist narrative, saying, “All of this is predicated on absolute propaganda that they know has no basis in reality.”

Huh? Say what? “No basis in reality?” What would Fetterman call what just happened outside of Pittsburgh with the undelivered mail then? What about all the other incidents of discarded mail across the US and cases of illegal ballot harvesting and the registration of deceased voters? Is it all just a bad dream that we’re collectively having?

It sounds like it is the Democrats who are not based in reality.

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  1. And we thought the 2000 election fiasco was screwed up. Sadly. Some folks in the US are too immature to deal with election results even if there was no voter fraud. Some are even too immature to accept the election outcomes when their guy or gal loses. The other day I had to deal with someone trying to lecture me on voting. Folks seem to have a problem whether you vote or not. If you don’t vote which is your choice and right. There is a problem. If you choose to vote differently by voting against socialism or communism there is a problem.

    Most of the people who try to preach to me about voting are the ones who always vote for the party of the KKK and slavery. However this year’s presidential election turns out. We have so many unhinged politicians and US citizens that we have no need to worry about other countries destroying the United States. Even prior to the 2020 General Election.

    As far as the sanctity of mail delivery is concerned. Most of us know that fascists and communists have their people planted everywhere. As for those who have problems living under a constitutional Republic. The socialist utopia that they are dreaming of will become their worse nightmare if it prevails in the United States. Folks will miss the waters of freedom after the well runs dry.

  2. The democrats have no trouble with voter fraud, unless it is their ballots, or they get caught committing fraud. The democrats have no other means to win an election. They have no platform or personal to do anything for this country that I fought to defend. Korea 50-52, USMC 50-56.
    This country went to hell when Lyndon Banes Johnson and the democrats did away with the draft.

  3. This election is going to be a humdinger if there ever was one! I can almost hear the Democrats screaming and shrieking and see them jumping off cliffs or out of high-rise windows already when President Trump reprises his stellar victory of 2016 with another stellar victory in 2020! I would almost be willing to pay admission to get an advance take on the reaction of the MSM in case of another Trump victory! I already know how some of the more “unruly” elements (BLM, ANTIFA, etc.) will react!

  4. It figures that Biden’s evil followers would try to sabotage the voting. All voting should be in person except when absentee ballots are requested by the owners. Sending ballots to everyone should be illegal. Time for new laws. Who are these people who think that they should rig the system. They are all evil and should be jailed.

  5. The Post Office has had lazy people working for them for decades. Just the fact of finding the errant mail in TRASH BAGS at the curb, awaiting the garbage collection is evident of that.
    Any good demon knows to be conscientious of the proper ways of destroying evidence. Didn’t Hitler-y teach them that? A good postal demon would have burned the evidence, so there’s no way it could be of any use, even if they were found out.

    So, this demon must be too lazy, and deserves to be culled by the postal service.


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