Obama Runs Cover For Biden, Makes Sick Comment About Trump During Interview

(Liberty Bell) – Without a doubt, one of the best parts of the 2016 election was the fact that former President Barack Obama was going to be leaving office and, hopefully, remaining silent for the rest of his public career.

Or at least taking a minor role in culture so that we wouldn’t have to hear his opinions and the socialist propaganda he likes to push covered nonstop in the news.

And, for a very short while, we didn’t really hear a whole lot from the Obamas. And it was glorious. Totally, utterly, glorious. But alas, as the saying goes, all good things come to an end.

Barack Obama, our former president, has once again written another memoir, somehow believing that we all need to hear more from him about his time in the White House. We don’t, by the way, but hey, here we are.

With the book due to come out soon, Obama has taken to conducting interviews as a means of promotion, and of course, he just can’t help himself when it comes to the topic of President Donald Trump. He has to take opportunities to slam him.

On top of that, many of the media outlets he’s featured in have been pushing the false narrative that somehow, Biden and Harris are going to “heal” the division in this country. Apparently, they have magical powers or something because it was the left that caused the division in the first place.

According to Gateway Pundit, Obama made an appearance on “60 Minutes” in which he compared the president to a dictator.

So let me get this straight. The same man who was the head of an administration that was busted weaponizing the IRS to target conservatives and try silencing their opinions and opposition so that he could win reelection in 2012 has the gall to call Trump a dictator?

That’s rich.

Obama has also been busted spying on Trump’s first presidential campaign. He also violated the Constitution over 70 times during his time in office, many of which should have been impeachable offenses. Do we really need to go on?

Look what the president has managed to accomplish. Rather than violating our sacred principles, he allowed the states to handle the coronavirus pandemic as the Constitution calls for. He’s managed to bring some semblance of peace to the Middle East.

He withdrew troops from Syria and ended the war in Afghanistan. President Trump also had the lowest unemployment rate in the last 50 years, along with massive stock market gains, some of the largest in history.

If anyone was a dictator, clearly it was Obama. And likely his little pal Joe Biden, if he’s allowed to set foot in the White House in January.

Video: Barack Obama: The 2020 60 Minutes interview

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  1. No one wanted to read Obama’s first book so he wrote another. This could be of use if we run out of toilet tissue again. Obama was the first President we can actually say was the Great Divider. His racist actions (and believe it, he was a racist) divided our nation more than anyone before or after his presidency. I see he now is worth millions of dollars while before his two terms was a labor agitator. I wonder if it got in on the millions of dollars that Biden got from the Ukraines or the Chinese.

  2. Can’t ever watch the Lying King on a full stomach, but I resolved to get through 60 Minutes without puking. Two segments of unchallenged whining, accusing, and lying. Arguably, the most blatant, prolific liar to ever occupy the White House accusing our President of lying, without a word to back up his claim and Scot Pelly just sits in silence. This wasn’t an interview, it was a monologue.
    Hey 60 Minutes; I want that wasted 40 minutes of my life back!
    And btw, Trump should concede “for the good of the country”??? NO President Trump must keep fighting for the good of the country. Once and for all put the lie to the democRATS denial of voter fraud and corruption in our elections.

  3. “My dear Family America: With the discovery of the electronics Insurrection of “Hammer”, “Scoreboard” and “ Dominion” owners, investors and a cadre of Individuals, have devised a way to have “OUR VOTES” transferred to Spain and Frankfurt Germany to be “distorted” in such a manner to sway the process of corruption beyond the “Will of Our Family America”! “Betrayal is the murderer of Love and Trust”! “It is clear that the perpetrators, some (Elected
    Officials) have been exposed as major criminals in this elaborate plot to destroy Mr. President Donald John Trump and the American Voting Process”! The entire group of Insurrectionists should be sent to “GITMO” as WAR CRIMINALS” that are still hell bent on destroying America”!

  4. All things considered, Obama AND Biden can both die and go to Hell after all the grief they have caused this country under Obama, and WILL cause the USA under Biden!

  5. This is truly interesting a former president Trump hater who has constantly bashed president Trump at every turn goes on a full liberal news show sixty minutes and gets to talk with ANOTHER Trump hater Scott Pelly about and again bash our president Trump, this hack Obama has as much credence as a pull string doll and his only delight is bashing the best president we’ve had since Ronald Reagan because most Americans know and have let the world know Obama was the WORST president America ever had well that is if biden does become president there may then be a toss of which till be the ALL TIME WORSE PERSIDENT. TRUMP 2020.

  6. OBozo covering for the head of the Biden Crime Family? How can a complete 8 year economic failure. An 8 year nothing accomplished failed administration cover for a 47 year failure of the Dumbacrat seeking the highest job in the land? BTW, how did an illegal immigrant EVEN become president legally? I forgot, Dumbacrats don’t think the Constitution applies to them. Sorry. So Trump has 3 nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize in one term, OBozo/Biden none, other than the freebie handed out to the black guy before he was even settled in yet. Then we’ve got the mathematical problem of the vote count which clearly states that statistically there was massive voter fraud in geographically “Blue” areas. If you believe 73,000,000 million of us are ever going to buy that … you’re even dumber than I thought OBozo!

  7. Anyone believing B Biden will bring peace and unity to our land has to be on some HEAVY DRUGS. It is the left who tor this country apart. They never gave Trump a moments peace beginning BEFORE his inauguration till current. Everyone knows this election was stolen with mail in ballots. Pure and simple. What country was B Biden in bed with? China! What excuse was used for sending out MILLIONS of mail in ballots? Covid-19! Where did covid-19 come from? China! All this and it has been proven that the Russian collusion was perpetrated by the former administration! Is the picture getting any clearer?

  8. I can’t watch him anymore. The biggest liar and scam artist to ever contaminate the White House. The epitome of the elitist Dems – they are above all law and the government is theirs for the taking. Treasonous snake, and that is too good for him.

  9. I hope that some of the Russiagate mess spills over onto the despicable Obummer. Most people with a brain know there’s no way on earth such a narcissist could ever not be in on something to take down his arch nemesis. I’d bet he helped quit a bit. He is the one who suggested and then aligned all the ‘separate’ branches of the alphabet agencies, so they could collude better, by executive order. The lovebird text messages indicate he knew.
    I hope Bill Barr drops the hammer on all of them now that the election is over.

    • Forget Russia. Sleepy Joe sold the White House and America to the Chinese for a mere couple of billion dollars! Of course his family and himself are the only ones that will ever benefit from that sale. So if he makes it in, get your home study programs for learning how to speak and write Chinese now! Oh, and learn how Communism really works. The flunkies in College are teaching your children that it’s “socialism”, which it isn’t. Anybody in Georgia reading this?


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