Obama Official Picked By FISA Court Has Damning Rebuke For FBI Head Chris Wray

(Liberty Bell) – An Obama-appointee tasked by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court to inspect the FBI’s reforms to the court has determined that the reforms made so far by current director Christopher Wray (pictured above) are insufficient to combat the kind of negligence seen in the Trump-Russia days.

Interestingly, the official, David Kris, adamantly defended the FBI’s decision-making during the Trump-Russia investigation, but now says that the changes made by Wray, who has given little hope of any kind of swamp drainage happening at the bureau, are “insufficient.

Kris also told the court that its review “should not obscure the larger issues presented.”

“Standards and procedures, checklists and questionnaires, automated workflows, training modules, and after-the-fact audits are all important, but they cannot be allowed to substitute for a strong FBI culture of individual ownership and responsibility for the accuracy and completeness of FISA applications,” Kris said in a Wednesday filing according to the Washington Examiner. “Without that, even the best procedures will not suffice; indeed, expanded procedures dictating multiple layers of review and approval could backfire, creating a kind of moral hazard in which each layer believes, or assumes, that errors have or will be caught by the others. Organizational culture is paramount to real reform, and the inspector general’s report suggests that the FBI’s culture of accuracy has suffered.”

The Horowitz report, released on December 9th, slammed the DOJ and the FBI for 17 “significant errors and omissions” made in the course of obtaining a warrant to spy on Trump campaign volunteer Carter Page between October 2016 to summer 2017, and criticized the larger counterintelligence investigation into the Trump campaign, which had been dubbed Crossfire Hurricane.

The Examiner explains:

Kris addressed his 15-page letter to presiding Judge James Boasberg, who appointed Kris to serve as the court’s amicus curiae earlier in January, a position that is supposed to provide impartial advice to the court. The former assistant attorney general with the DOJ spent most of President Trump’s term defending the bureau’s actions, including its use of British ex-spy Christopher Steele’s salacious and unverified dossier to obtain surveillance warrants against Page. Kris had also harshly criticized the FISA memo put together by Republican California Rep. Devin Nunes in early 2018, which alleged “abuses related to the FISA process” by the FBI.

Kris responded Monday to Wray, who was in turn responding to then-presiding FISA court Judge Rosemary Collyer’s public order, released on Dec. 17, in which she demanded the bureau explain “what it has done and plans to do” about its problematic FISA process. The FISA court also ordered a review of all FISA filings handled by Kevin Clinesmith, the FBI lawyer who altered a key document about Page and was referred to the DOJ for possible criminal investigation.

While Wray had ordered more than 40 “corrective steps” to address the Horowitz report, among them 12 that related to the FISA process.

To underscore the “importance” of compliance with these changes before being put into place, Wray said that he’d distributed a video to employees, which he followed up with a bureau-wide email on Monday.

He said, “The FBI leadership believes that the repeated messaging to its workforce of the absolute need for accuracy and completeness in all FISA applications” and the implementation of “corrective actions” will “result in a substantially renewed institutional focus on ensuring accuracy, transparency, and completeness in all FISA applications.”

Kris said, however, that “A key method of improving organizational culture is through improved tone at the top” and called Wray’s current efforts a “reasonable beginning, but they are not sufficient and should be expanded and supplemented.”

“Director Wray and other FBI leaders, as well as relevant leaders at the Department of Justice, should include discussions of compliance not only in one or two messages but in virtually every significant communication with the workforce for the foreseeable future,” Kris wrote. “Every time (or almost every time) Director Wray visits a field office in 2020, for example, his remarks should include appropriate references to the paramount and urgent need for accuracy and rigor in FISA applications. He should also require his subordinates to deliver similar remarks.”

Kris said, “The message, and seriousness of purpose, should cascade” from the top of the FBI all the way down, adding that “repeated and relentless communication is often required to convey a corrective message to an organization as large, dispersed, complex, and proud as the FBI.”

“This court has rightly questioned whether it can continue to trust FBI affidavits and demanded assurances of accuracy and completeness. The government has proposed 12 corrective actions which point in the right direction but do not go far enough,” Kris concluded. “Above all, however, the FBI must restore — and the court should insist that it restore — a strong organizational culture of accuracy and completeness.”

The Examiner notes:

The Page FISA applications were approved by a number of high-ranking officials, including FBI Director James Comey, FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, and Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, all of whom have since left the government. In testimony about his report, Horowitz later faulted the FBI’s “entire chain of command” in seeking the warrants. Dana Boente is the only signatory still remaining in active government service, working as the Trump administration’s top lawyer at the FBI beginning in January 2018.


  1. So the CRIMINALS that purported this FISA crime are now the ones to correct it.LoL.Is the DEEP STATE so entrenched that they will put a goat to watch the carrots?The Muslim Fraud has to be most EVIL Muslim walking around.

  2. Will someone PLEASE!! inform Barr.Obviousely the REST OF THE WHOLE COUNTRY KNOWS!!!Is there an actual functioning Justice Dept ,or are they all playing where’s waldo?The entire NWO/democrat/marxist party are all STILL walking around doing as much damage as they can,and laughing all the way,enjoying all the money they have stolen.Someone tell him about R.I.C.O. and assure him that this is not some Peorto Rican band leader.

  3. I’d like to revisit reducing the size of government for a moment… simply do away with the Department of Education and allow the states to keep their money and use it to create school districts of quality, with adequate funding regionally. The carrot to spend properly is the need to create an educated work force that will help attract industry, etc. Some what complicated but currently we send money to Washington and they return only a portion. The remainder goes to pay all the federal workers who believe they know more about what school districts across the country should look like than do the locals that live with the results.

    • All the educational system should be returned to the states and required to teach “GOD”, our CONSTITUTION, BILL OF RIGHTS, READING, WRITING, ARITHMETIC,
      Students are graduating from school today not having any idea what they want to pursue as an occupation.

    • People get ready for a socialist country if we don’t do something in our schools they have already started when our kids start to think other country are better than ours. Stop and think about it they have taken God out of just about every thing they tell our children what they can and can’t wear. They tell our children how to wear their hair also our American family’s rather adopt foreign children than our own children we need for our school to get back on tract and teach our children American.

  4. I should have written down all of the names of the eight people who were indicted for funneling money from the Ukraine and two other countries to the H.R.C. campaign fund bake in 2016. I believe Panars was one of them. If so, now he is running his crooked mouth about Trump. So many crooks/ traitors in our government and not talking about the rank and file people either.

  5. For those who want to cut the size of government… i’m for cutting it in “half” … it’s never going to happen… too many votes among federal employees, which ever party cuts will lose those votes in the following elections for years to come. it’s sad but true, so we’re left with massive government that could be and should be much smaller. As for those who flunk the honest test regarding the providing of information to the courts… jail time. Until some go to jail nothings going to change in that regard. Slaps on the wrists aren’t enough.

  6. Does anyone actually believe anything that comes from the mouth of anyone appointed by, or associated with, good ‘ol number 44’s o’bunghole?

  7. Even though it is illegal to give welfare to illegals, states and the federal government still do. No one even checks for illegals attending public schools. Many billions are spent each year for illegals by federal, state and local. I like your idea of halting votes from states in federal elections if they allow illegals to vote, and do nothing to stop this (i.e. California). All these illegal votes negate our legal votes by actual U.S. citizens. Ridiculous that the only thing that’s happened to those corrupt FBI officials (Comey, McCabe, Lisa Page, Peter Strzok) is that they were fired or forced to resign. Rod Rosenstein should also be prosecuted. These were all involved in sedition which is a felony. The FISA court should be discontinued because it cannot be controlled. Or at least ACTUAL proof must be presented, not just allegations and FBI agent who signs warrant must acknowlege they will be prosecuted and imprisoned if found to lie. THERE IS NO ACCOUNTABILITY!!! Unbelievable.

    • “will be prosecuted and imprisoned if found to lie.”
      or if EVEN found INCORRECT!
      Make them fully and personally responsible for any documentation submitted to any superior, at ANY level. Maybe THEN they will make damn sure everything they do is 100% clear, accurate, and legally defensible under current laws, including any unauthoirized ‘leaks’. I am sooo tired of seeing “anonymous because they had no authority to discuss”. Ya THINK there is a reason for that?! Persecute and Prosecute the Press, too, make THEM personally and financially responsible for reporting ANYTHING false or inaccurate.
      The Crap has GOT to STOP!!!!

    • You didn’t mention NYC who is giving illegals and unqualified the right to a drivers license and registering them to vote at the same time.
      Giving them the right to vote not only affects the city of new york, it affects all the U.S.
      We are all bound by the elections they vote in and the effect they have on ALL THE AMERICAN PEOPLE. The responsibility of our government is to protect the American people and the Sovereignty of the U.S. ACCORDING TO THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.
      It’s time to demand our tyrannical government abides by OUR CONSTITUTION and we have the right and should remove those that don’t, as spelled out in the CONSTITUTION,

  8. This idiot Kris is just another person excusing the FBI for what they did and are still doing. Wray should be tossed out by Trump who put him in that position. End of story.

  9. If the left wants to spy on someone they should at least do it legally – though a normal court with a warrant like any other investigation about an alleged crime. FISA was created so the the government could circumvent the checks and balannces and protections of normal law so they could look into anyone’s private life without them knowing it for any reason they wished, it a huge abuse if our freedom and needs to be abolished. Call your reps and tell them to get rid if it or you will vote them out of office and not give them dime until they do.

  10. Clyde, I agree, we especially need to hold judges accountable. If they over reach, they need to be removed. They don’t get to make law.

  11. Speaking of cutting back on government (Shelley), if we gave the states back the responsibility for themselves, we could cut at least half of our federal budget. These states want all these perks, let them pay for them. Why do we pay for entertainment? Even welfare – let each state take care of their own. That would encourage them to create jobs so no welfare was needed (or for sure, less needed) or get rid of the illegal population that was using that system (or at least discourage them from staying in that state). Same for education. If our government would go back to the original constitution and stay within the framework, far less government jobs, less debt and an even stronger economy. Let the states refuse to give welfare to non citizens and watch them self deport. When you have an illegal in court for another criminal action, add on the illegal entry to the other criminal action and get that person on a 2nd count and then that person gets out, deport. Or, if that state is a super liberal state and wants them, let all benefits come from their state’s taxes. Oh yeah, and if they allow non citizens to vote, and do nothing to stop it, then don’t allow that state any votes in a federal election – count them all as invalid. Just as we cannot permit another country to interfere with our elections, those who vote in our elections that are not citizens are foreigners interfering with our election and also cannot be tolerated. Non citizens who commit crimes that land them in prison should be kicked out of the country when their sentence is served. Why on earth would we want to import criminals or allow them to stay. We have enough citizens that are criminals, we don’t need more. Not against immigration, just let’s make sure they have a skill we want or need and they are honest and will assimilate into our culture and not try to change our culture to what they want to leave.


  12. Well this is a pickle! I believe Obamer and Beamer, Con-artist Coomy, Rice-puddinghead, Clinton the gangster, and most of all the rats in the dept.s in our goverment are very corrupt and will do or say anything to save their on hide no matter who or what it destorys. Our great nation and some of our great history and heros are at stake while the people we elected only worry about themself and who or what will get them the most money. CLEAN OUT WASHINGTON vote them out in 2020. Made America Clean and Wholesome.! VOTE DONALD J. TRUMP 4 more years!

    • Before you commit, I know how to spell but these rats don’t deserve to have their names spelt correctly. Also I must correct made. it should be MAKE.

  13. This was all done by the top corrupt officials running the show and mistakes were not made, they did it on purpose and got caught. What needs to happen is checks and balances need to be made on checking on the top people so this kind of corruption never happens again and every one of these people need to go to prison. It is not the cars fault when the person driving the car steers it into the wall. Get rid of this driver and the car will never go into the wall.

  14. Come ON America, lets be SMART about this and ABOLISH this SECRET court with SECRET judges, and SECRET cases because it can ALL go very WRONG, PERIOD!


  15. Comey, McCabe, Rosenstein, and Yates are clearly traitors of the worst kind. After an appropriate trial to define their criminal acts they need to be shot dead or hung as traitors to our country. That might get the attention of the other criminals still in the FBI.

  16. I do not respect the court with democrat appointees nor do I respect the FBI today no matter how many are on tv! They all have women who are so much smarter than the male employee! It is really disgusting! By the way I am a natural born female and still am and proud to be so! There is definitely a two tiered system in this country and all the useful idiot democrats don’t think the elite democrats give a rat’s rear for you other than your vote!

    • Please, can you name even ONE useful democrat, idiot OR otherwise?
      Gonna have to dig REAL deep on this one……..

    • Sorry , But , There Are NOT , A Lot Of Smarter Women Out There Then Men !!! WHO Was It That Took The Apple From The Forbidden Tree ???!!! Was NOT Adam !!!

  17. A friend of mine now retired from the FBI stated he become dissolute with FBI when he realized there were two FBIs. The one he was part of and the black ops. When the Black ops arrive on the scene, they took over and the regular FBI had to stand aside.All the misinformation came from the black ops side and it also showed they were subject to political manipulation.The FBI needs to be cleaned up and become apolitical.

  18. The fact that

    Now when some can find anything wrong with anything that they disagree with, when the first thing is why would anyone even start to say that the Dossier is phony when the facts in evidence, never prove that the dossier was phony in any respect, now when Trump will not let the Dossier be investigated, and Mueller was prohibited from investigating the Dossier because the rules for Mueller was that he could not investigate anything that could bring charges against a siting President, Trump.
    Now if the Dossier had been about a Democratic President, I would bet your opinion would be that the FBI should have investigated it. Now under the laws of this USA, iof anyone suspects a crime has been commited theya re suppose to report it to the appropiate law enforcement agency, exactly what happened with the Dossier, but then law enforcement was prohibited from investigating, it could not be investigated before the election because the USA also has laws that prohibit any investigation of any candidate which might effect the election.

    • This is the kind of BS that empty heads are full of simply because they fail to do their own thinking and just believe the MS LSD propaganda.

    • Too bad your opinion has no reality base to it. Mueller went over and above his original instruction of investigation. The dossier was investigated and even it’s author stated that he was paid by the Clinton’s to create a phony dossier to frame Trump. In fact, he went to trial over in the UK – didn’t follow his trial, but he might even be in prison at this point. Try engaging your brain before this prattle next time.

    • Frank W Brown
      I agree with you 200%, not only delusional but apparently mentally and educationally challenged………in other words, very obviously someone with severe TDS……(A Lib?).

    • Robert,supposing that this long winded story of yours in any way factual, may I ask why you haven’t tried to apply the same ‘logic’ to President Trump’s supposedly’ illegal request’ for Ukrain’s Prosecuting Investigators to investigate, SEEMING corruption of Joe Biden’s activities in and in connection with USA Public Monies.? By your account, if a Citizen feels that Corruption is present, or, indeed, a possibility, then they are guilty of a crime, if they don’t report such to Law Enforcement, In USA or, I presume, any other Country. They do this even with Dictator Countries if they wish to, did you know this? Well before the call to President Zelensky, it was quite well inferred, if not any where near, possible, Prosecution stage, that Joe Biden, His Son and other Obama associated people, had questionable links, Company associations, like the pic of Joe Biden playing Golf, with somebody ‘he has never met’, Whilst I’m not clear of actual ‘knowledge’ of Pelosi’s Son and others, connected with Members of Congress, there seems to be much for civil minded Citizens to report to the Law Investigative arms of Government, thus doing at the least, service for their Country and Countrymen. This being the very thing which President Trump is being pilloried and/or Impeached over.

  19. No amount of training will change FBI/DoJ. etc., liars or coup-like minds. That FISA Court needs to be shut down or provided with an ombudsman to look out for the target’s rights. If the court is lied to the perp (s) must be found and charged.

  20. How many “pro” FBI shows are on T.V.? Is this another “coverup”, to hide incompetence and/or collusion?? You knooooow, PROPAGANDA!!

    • Just like the shows about the NCIS, NYPD Blue, and other police entities, these shows are a combination of mere entertainment and propaganda about the “police work” done at the top of the organization when the reality is that the top is so, so often political. As Robert Ratto noted above there are two structures – the good guys at the middle and the bottom and the politically corrupt operations of Comey, Rosenstein, Ohr, McCabe, Yates, etc. Unfortunately, with the FBI and most police organizations this is not really new – for you older folks just think back to the Untouchables of Eliot Ness and the corrupt real J. Edgar Hoover (same for many Police Departments).

    • Remember, these are all shows originating on the FAKE News Networks. And, is there anything more laughable than Madam Secretary? Maybe she takes notes for the men who partake of her house of ill repute, like hil-LIAR-y did to get where SHE was at?

  21. How about charging FBI agents with perjury if they submit lies to the court? Regular people get charged with perjury if they lie to FBI officials. It’s only fair that the same rules and laws be applied to them for lying to the courts!

    • Me too. We deserve a good FBI. Not a rogue, crazy, political one. I am all for cutting the federal government in half, as per the original intent of the founders! LIMITED GOVERNMENT!!

    • Shelley J
      Maybe start by elimination of the freebie programs created by the left to keep illegals and lazy people happy and voting DIM?
      Eventually the ones with at least some education will find work, and the educationally challenged and lazy will still be litter on Piglosi’s streets, or better yet, on hers and the gollywood elites lawns…..
      I can just see it now, scruffy Little bobby DeNada, A-lick Balless, Schift For Brains, Nancy-pantsy, and Gather A Noose-um whining and crying like babies in their safety rooms and screaming at the sky.


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