Nunes Says That Roger Stone Shake-Up Is Just The Beginning, Mueller Hoax Narrative Will Be “Unpeeled”

(Liberty Bell) – Republican Devin Nunes, one of President Trump’s staunchest allies and the Deep State’s biggest enemies, is warning that the layers of lies have begun to unravel in the Russia-collusion hoax investigation.

Congressman Nunes told Fox Business host Lou Dobbs that Americans will soon be privy to the disturbing degree to which the Mueller gang and the Democrats lied and deceived us during the first few years of Trump’s first term.

“The lawyers that stepped aside today who made the seven-to-nine-year recommendation [against Roger Stone] — we believe that this is not going to be the only example,” Nunes said.

He continued: “There’s other examples of things they did during the Mueller investigation that the American people will be very interested to learn in the coming weeks, as we start to unpeel the onion of what the Mueller team was really doing.”

Nunes pointed to the scandal surrounding the four federal prosecutors who suddenly stepped down from Roger Stone’s case on Tuesday as their excessive sentencing recommendation was slammed by the public.

“Roger Stone should have never been investigated in the first place, because the dirty cops knew [beforehand]…that there was no collusion between the Russians and the Trump campaign,” Nunes said. “So this was a bogus investigation from the beginning.”

He explained that Stone was simply collateral damage in the Democrats’ relentless efforts to destroy President Trump and anyone else they caught in his wake.

“Roger Stone gets dragged through the mud,” Nunes said. “He gets busted for ‘lying to Congress.’ If you remember, the Democrats on that committee were doing everything they could to trip him up.”

“Look at James Wolfe: Here’s a guy who leaked classified information. He was sleeping with a reporter and leaking classified information [to her]. He ends up lying to the FBI and he gets a couple of months in prison.

And then you have Roger Stone who was investigated on what is now a total witch hunt [and prosecutors threw the book at him].”

Nunes explained that no one should lie to Congress, as its illegal. He did say, however, that Obama holdovers at the Department of Justice who had entrapped Stone and then recommended the shockingly excessive nine-year jail sentence over lies he told during a sham investigation.

“What the hell did they do for two years? They set up an obstruction-of-justice trap,” Nunes noted.

He also noted that he’s glad President Trump is successfully draining the swamp in his drastic reduction of the National Security Council from 500 to just 100.

This move was also praised by Trump supporters who pointed to the shocking number of media leaks that came out of the NSC which still contains many anti-Trump Obama holdovers.

BizPacReview notes:

Devin Nunes does not get the credit he deserves for uncovering the shocking FISA abuses of the Obama FBI because he’s not a pompous, chest-thumping grandstander like Adam Schiff.

But Nunes deserves recognition for safeguarding the right of all Americans to not be illegally spied-on by the government for unlawful purposes.

In September 2018, Nunes — who was then the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee — supported President Trump’s decision to declassify the bogus FISA documents that led to the illegal surveillance of former Trump campaign aide Carter Page.

The move exposed the “insurance policy” that anti-Trump Obama holdovers at the FBI were using to undermine President Trump.

In an unprecedented public smackdown, FISA Court chief judge Rosemary Collyer torched the Obama FBI for defrauding the Court to obtain bogus warrants to illegally spy on Carter Page.

At the time these alleged FISA abuses occurred, Obama FBI director James Comey was in charge of the agency. President Trump fired Comey in May 2017.


  1. why is it illegal for us to lie to congress but not illegal for congress to lie to us?

    The same question about cops, if you are being interrogated by cops/fbi/any police agency and you lie to them you can be charged but they lie to us all the time and there is no penalty.

  2. You Ain’t Nothing But A RINO , Crying All The Time , Nothing But A RINO , Crying All The Time , You Ain’t No Republican ,Whining , Crying All The Time !!!

  3. It is known that dirty cop Mueller lied to Congress. So, the question thenis – “Why is

    Mueller not being prosecuted and put through the wringer?” Lt’s been a major problem for quite some time – too much talk and extremely little action being taken. All the investigations going on where the left and Deep State are the “subjects” seem to be busy work and talk with no purpose other than to have an investigation. What good is it if the results of the investigation are never put to use? Nobody is scared of prosecution and it leads to more of what is known as SS DD.

    • ..

  4. Everyone involved in this fraud need to be brought to justice. Because they really were lying to congress and the same sentence they recommended for Stone should be given to them

    • You are absolutely spot on! President Trump will pardon him because of this injustice! I can see if he lied to congress he should do no more than Wolfe did! 9 yrs only because of those dirty leftwing psychos are anti Trump and wants him punished for supporting Trump!

  5. Are we Republicans so weak to allow this to have happened.
    Its time for a revolution.
    This is proof that our country has been under siege since Roosevelt the biggest Socialist.
    It kept on – eating away from our liberty and freedom until now. The tip of the iceberg came with Obama – THE MARXIST – in our government but we did nothing to stop him because he was black and we would be called racists.
    Right under our noses – he was the enemy within and was a partner of SOROS.

    • So very sad to know that the people who are in Congress cared not to be for We The People. I want justice for the Trump family. After awhile we can see the majority of Democrat were being dishonestThis is history in the making. I vote for Time Limits from now on. The impeachment was wrong. Let’s clean the swamp and impeach it. Making America Great .

  6. There was NO Trump-Russia COLLUSION so HOW could Stone have been Convicted of ANYTHING….???? Classic “PERSECUTION” that the first Settlers and ALL others AFTER them ran from and one of the BASES on HOW the U.S. was FOUNDED on…….!!!!!

  7. In any court if evidence comes from a poisoned tree, the whole case is dismissed, seeking warrants from lies is the fruit of the poisoned tree,, this whole this is based on lie after lie, and needs to be all dismissed,, Period,, then the ones that fabricated these lies needs to be arrested and charged, all in a open forum, and put these people in prison,,, and the fisa court must charge these people with contempt of court and what ever else is proper,,,

    • Correct!!
      Amazing how many people do not know this.
      They must all think that the bias lies and dribble of CNN are true.

      Let me encourage people here to research the facts and think critically.

  8. You are right, the media has poisoned so many peoples minds. it is amazing how many people still trust our dishonest media, Hollywood and advertising agencies. It is time to go after the fake news and fine and regulate them till they are bankrupt.

    • This kind of fabricated and manipulated “alleged” news and surreptitiously leaked information is exactly the way Pravda and Izvestia operated in the USSR. Both were controlled by a corrupt government. In the US the MSM is controlled by a corrupt political party that uses misnomers for it’s name. Americas news organizations need to be put under extreme scrutiny since they no longer provide what is meant by “freedom of the press”. Freedom of the press does not mean using editorials as actual news from collected facts. Take note that TV news program hosts all follow the same liberal “talking points” fed to them by the democRAT party because 95% of these hosts are liberal / socialist activists. Much can be learned by researching these “glitterati hosts”; you know who they are and found on all of the alphabet news networks.

    • No news is good news.might be wise to watch instead of listening . Who is doing what for the betterment of we the people.

    • Propaganda is the device to generate distrust and destroy America. Remember the quote America will not be defeated from outside enemies but from within. Author unknown

  9. You are just one of unfortunately possible tens of thousands sycophants licking the “milk” of erstwhile “traditional” Deep State Republicans
    For over 45 years I have watched this country be degraded over and over again by the power hungry and insatiable appetites of most of both political parties who are each just as corrupt as the other. The whole country is burning up and a few select “elites” truly are really only concerned with enriching themselves-Free Exorbitant Pension For Life
    Best Health Care Plan Ever Insider “legal” trading as foreknowledge is available for heavy investing before the “masses” have a chance
    And not the least..a trail of cushy jobs awaiting them in the quote “private” sector when they stop puking on all of the rest of us during their Congressional days
    All of them should be ashamed before God for their dishonoring of the people they were elected to serve!!!

  10. Where have you been for the last three years? Watching CNN and MSDNC? The democrat party has driven over the constitution time and time again for their own political gain. Why is someone who wants to get to the truth, unlike the circus the democratic party put on in the House of Representative bother you. Are you afraid to see what skeletons are behind the crooked top level echelon’s of the CIA, FBI, Schiff, Pelosi, Schumer and all the other democrat power mongrels. At least Devon Nunes has actual facts and documents to prove his investigations

  11. Thank God there are honest congressmen like Devin Nunes to do POTUS’ bidding.
    Whether it is leaking classified papers to Trump to conspiring with a known felon (Lev Parnas) to help Trump get dirt on a political rival (oh wait, I forgot that didn’t actually happen. There are phone logs and a mysterious trip to Austria in 2018. Of course Trump’s most loyal little poodle dog has threatend to sue CNN or Daily Beast for these “outrageous lies.” Funny, there has been no lawsuit or retraction… but we call that “alternative truths! As a life-long Republican it sickens me to see how Trump and all his lies have ruined what it means to be a law and order, conservative with values, Republican. We can only hope for a defeat in November and then maybe have the GOP once again stand for decency {Bushes, McCain, Kasich, Powell, Condee Rice, etc.)


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