New York Post Editorial Board Utterly Rips Joe Biden’s “Climate Envoy” Selection

(Liberty Bell) – Joe Biden has named former Sen. and failed 2004 presidential candidate John Kerry as his “special presidential envoy for climate.” As it turns out, maybe Joe Biden isn’t as far-left on climate change as we all thought. Why else would he pick someone who has literally accomplished nothing in his entire political career?

Hopefully he ran this decision by Kamala Harris.

The New York Post’s editorial board wrote up a piece pointing out just how absurd of a pick John Kerry truly is. Aside from the fact that he is completely and utterly irrelevant anymore, his track record for getting things done is truly abysmal.

The Post referred to Kerry as “one of the biggest gasbags in American politics” and pointed out that Kerry is a massive hypocrite when it comes to climate change. Kerry flies all around the world on private jets and cruises around in massive yachts to lecture people about the dangers of carbon emissions. He’s a joke.

Kerry has been a joke his entire career, truthfully. The Post points out that everyone has been “laughing at him” since his days at Yale when “Doonesbury” creator Garry Trudeau was “zinging his pretentious, vacuous self-promotion.”

Then there was his pathetic attempt at becoming the president of the United States in 2004 against the incumbent Republican George W. Bush. His running was a gift to Bush as he easily defeated the do-nothing Democrat.

Then there was his tenure as Secretary of State under President Barack Obama which the Post blasted him for being “off on his yacht during Egypt’s 2013 military coup.”

Even Obama must have thought Kerry was a joke. After Kerry promised a “crushing response” when Syria crossed Obama’s infamous “red line,” Obama pulled “the rug out from under him” and as the Post put it “let Russia pretend to take Syria’s chemical weapons away instead.”

Obama ran the show behind Kerry the entire time he served as Secretary of State and it was blatantly obvious. Obama didn’t even try to hide the fact that Kerry was essentially just a face. He repeatedly undercut Kerry and made him look like a downright fool.

Take, for another example, the abysmal Iran Nuclear Deal that Kerry was involved with “negotiating.” The truth is, the real negotiations took place at the White House and the real joke is that Kerry was then forced to applaud the deal that ended up giving away many points that Kerry had said were “non-negotiable,” you know, like that there would be actual tough inspections.

John Kerry seems to be behind all kinds of deals that did not have America’s best interests on the forefront. He was one of the architects behind the Paris Climate Accord, which President Trump withdrew the US from.

Joe Biden has pledged to immediately rejoin the US in this absurd contract that will effectively do nothing to improve the environment and will do plenty to destroy America’s economy.

As if all of that wasn’t enough. Kerry was involved in Israeli-Palestinian peace talks in 2013-14 that went “absolutely nowhere” according to the Post. He then had the audacity to slam President Trump over moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem and insisted that it would result in “an absolute explosion.”

Not only did it not result in an explosion, President Trump was able to accomplish unprecedented peace in the Middle East and Arab-Israeli rapprochement.

John Kerry knows nothing and is useless.

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  1. John Kerry was at best a shameful opportunist during Vietnam who only went there for some five or six months, or just long enough to get his political ticket punched. Then he came back to the USA 🇺🇸 and joined the anti-war movement. He was a traitor then, and as far as I’m concerned he is a traitor now!

  2. Didn’t John Kerry burn his draft card and his Purple Heart which he received for a so called wound that later revealed was nothing more than a scratched and did nothing to earn it according to officers in that company ? John Kerry is nothing never has done a thing but marry into the Heinz family and we know he does nothing there as well because she wears the pants John Kerry reminds me of Lurch on the Adams Family “duh you rang “ he BBC along with the rest of the idiotic democrat party if that’s what you call it should all be in jail for crimes against humanity

    • He was getting shot at and wounded white Trump, Cheney, Romney, Gingrich, Trent Lott, Tom Delay, and countless other Republican chicken hawks were draft dodgers. You are a coward for attacking a guy who earned medals and you have done squat while supporting a serial sexual assaulter, a scam artist and traitor with a malignant personality and Presidency. You should be ashamed but like Trump you are too crazy.

  3. I find it amazing that the MSM simply take the existential threat as a given an never questioned the flawed premises upon which it is based. Like the bearded moron Wolf Blitzer who, at a CNN climate change town hall, pointed to one of the East Coast hurricanes as clear evidence of climate change. Never was the issue addressed with any scientific detail, just unfounded hyperbole to scare voters.

  4. My Dear Family America: “Regarding John Kerry and the Biden choice”! “We have put together, I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the History of American politics”! “This in itself is an open declaration of admission of attack against “OUR” “Individual Rights” of a “Free”and “Honest” “Election Process”! “ GITMO should be and hopefully be welcoming the “LAWFUL OUTCOME” of a “LAWFUL” “EXTENSIVE”” “INVESTIGATION” of this “ORGANIZATION” being “BRAGGED” being about”! Quote me!


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