New Polls Conducted In Key Battleground States Should Have Biden Shaking In His Boots

(Liberty Bell) – One of the things we’ve been hearing a lot about lately is how former Vice President Joe Biden has been thumping Trump in the polls taken in key battleground states. It seems these individuals have totally forgotten how wrong the polls were when taken back in 2016, failing to indicate that Trump even had a chance of winning, let alone that he would actually pull off the victory.

Well, new polls, including one that is very much left-leaning, are indicating that Trump is catching up to Biden in these states in a very big way. If you listen closely, you can hear Biden mumbling to himself and telling anecdotes about his leg hairs, oblivious to the fact he’s even running for president.

Here’s more on this from the good folks at The Daily Wire:

New polls, at least one of which leans solidly leftward, show President Donald Trump gaining ground on presumptive 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in nearly all “battleground” states and seems to indicate Trump is gaining ground in places like Minnesota, where civil unrest has been the worst.

Change Research, which operates as polling apparatus largely for Democratic candidates and organizations, is out with a new poll Wednesday showing Trump making big gains on Biden in “toss-up” states across the board, from Arizona to Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Florida — states Biden led by a considerable margin just two weeks ago.

The latest Change Research poll shows Trump comfortably within the margin of error in Arizona, Florida, and Pennsylvania, and quickly narrowing the gap in Michigan and Wisconsin, where he’s behind by just 4 and 5 points, respectively.

The new poll, which likely leans favorably toward Biden, tracks along with other individual state-based polls, particularly one out of Minnesota, which, as Hot Air points out, has been moving in Trump’s direction since late May, just after the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police officers and the subsequent protests and unrest.

“Between the explosion of violence in Minnesota since the George Floyd protests began and the traction the ‘defund the police’ movement has gotten there vis-a-vis Minneapolis PD, swing voters may be more receptive to the ‘law and order’ option on the ballot than they are in other states,” Hot Air speculates. “That’s big news for Trump since he’s been hammering his law-and-order message nationally lately, both rhetorically and via actions like building up the federal presence in Portland.”

Now, this doesn’t mean that the message Trump is pushing is what is resonating with the American people. It seems that this indicates that Biden’s message if failing to connect with folks the way his campaign wants it to.

What’s really killing the Democratic Party’s efforts to get folks on board with their message and Biden’s campaign is the civil unrest going on in the country and how those on the left are refusing to take actionable steps to reestablish law and order in many of the country’s biggest cities. Folks are tired of violence and chaos.

And then there’s the overreaction to the coronavirus. Democratic mayors and governors have embraced tyranny as a means of attempting to “save lives,” and it’s not going over well with average Americans who are used to living their lives without so much government interference. Things like mask mandates are extremely unpopular with voters, even those who aren’t diehard conservatives.

This could be pushing people away from Biden and into the arms of Donald Trump. As always, the Democratic Party is its own worst enemy.

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  1. The ONLY reason to vote for Biden is “HATE TRUMP”! This poor man can’t even fight his way out of a paper bag & his handlers are maneuvering to have a THIRD Obama term, run by his VEEP. HOW DUMB do the Dems “think” that the American public is? As for polls, remember that Hilliary was gonna win, so FORGET THAT! It’s the SILENT MAJORITY that’s gonna elect Trump, assuming that the “election” is FAIR & TRUE! The results will take forever & Nancy, Maxine,Schiff, Schumer & a host of “others” will DO EVERYTHING to de-legitiamize 2020 election. AND “they” will blame it ALL on RUSSIA! It really doesn’t matter that China wants Trump gone. So “WHY” are the Dems so concerned about Russia?

  2. Yes! Pray for our President and talk him up with your neighbors, extended family members, and fellow churchgoers. He has done incredible things in his first 3+ years, in spite of non-stop vilification from the Dumbocrats, MSM, and Deep State operatives. Our goals should not only be to re-elect him for 4 more years, but also to swamp the Leftist spawns of Satan in the House and Senate! We need to make the Red Wave so overwhelming that the Dumbos can’t make a peep for the next 20 years!

  3. “This is a sad time in History”, “Mr. Biden should take a knee just like he did for China and bow OUT of this election and go back to the Ukraine, they need a double dose of his corruption”!

  4. Our beloved President DJ Trump (say his name) is so strong, imagine Biden being bashed every time he says something, put through an impeachment, called every derogatory name there is, harassed by the scum in the White House, his family harassed and threatened and so on! I am so thankful for our god fearing president because for at least 8 years we did not hear The words God or prayer or Jesus and our religious symbols taken down off of government buildings and out of schools. Now Biden wants our schools to teach Islam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT as long as I have one breath in my body, I will fight to my death. I would like to remind you that we were told we would be defeated from within! So think about what you’ve been hearing from the Soros paid dummy crats, the squad especially, they are the racists not us!

  5. I believe some people are a not comfortable to voice there opinion for the President and say they support him, because of retaliation. You could lose friends, your job, your family, get beat up, etc.

  6. It will make no difference if they get the vote by mail in. You know that Socialist Marxist counties have election but the Marxist always wins, ALWAYS.

  7. Anyone with only one good eye, one good ear, and a minimum of half sense can readily perceive that the Democrats and their minions in the MSM, BLM, ANTIFA, and Holyweird are slitting their own throats, politically speaking. First they nominate that doddering old derelict Joe Biden as the Democrat candidate for President! Then they insult the intelligence of right-thinking Americans on a variety of issues while trying to convince us that all our problems are Trump’s fault! If sanity prevails, that 💩won’t float come November!

  8. As I was talking with a worker here at my retirement village, he said this, “ I wonder how any Christian could vote for anyone who doesn’t support”right to life” and Biblical marriage? Great question. I can’t, it is why I left the a Democratic Party 60 years ago and totally support Trump today. The idiocy of the Democrats are seen daily when they open their mouths.

  9. Put your faith in God but cover your bases & up talk Trump, make sure you talk the talk to everyone who will listen, vote yourself! KAG 2020

  10. Remember 2016! Hillary was beaten by a fair margin. I have no doubt that even though Biden is a bumbling fool who is being run by the Marxist dummycrat party, he’ll still take about a dozen states, but the rest will be Trump’s. The current polls aren’t worth anything. They are always taken in such a way to always show the dummycrat ahead. The only poll that really matters is the one on November 3. The dummycrats found that out the hard way and 2020 will be a repeat of 2016, but maybe the dummycrats lose will be worse.

  11. Pray for this President. There is so much darkness and deceit in our politicians today. Trust no one, nothing, except for God. He ain’t through with Donald Trump!

  12. It is worrisome that Biden, who is obviously not quite all there, is being micro-managed.

    The man won’t accept interviews that aren’t scripted, and reads from a teleprompter in his basement.

    Even then, he seems confused.

    This country has never seen a candidacy like Bidens.

  13. While this is good news for us Trump supporters, it concerns me that Trump is behind in the polls at all. And to bumbling BIDEN at that!

    It worries me that people would even think about voting for Biden.


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