New Poll: Only Half Of Voters Believe Congress Gave “Fair Hearing” To Election Fraud Allegations

(Liberty Bell) – Millions of Americans still believe there was massive, widespread voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election and that Joe Biden was not the rightful winner. Millions of Americans believe that Joe Biden is a fraudulent usurper president and while he may have been officially sworn in Wednesday, they don’t believe he’s a legitimate president.

This is the reality in America right now and while the left pushes forward, these concerns need to be addressed. Joe Biden made several calls for “unity” during his inauguration speech yet neither he or the Democratic Party has done a single thing to ensure Americans that the 2020 election was not stolen.

One would think if anyone would want to prove the 2020 election was fair, free, and secure it would be Joe Biden. What better way to actually create unity and bring Americans together than to prove that there was no fraud or corruption in the election?

Of course, he isn’t calling for any investigations and neither is Congress and you have to wonder why that is.

The Democrats were the minority in Congress back in 2017 and yet they still managed to push the Russia collusion election hoax for years. They still haven’t let it go, as a matter of fact, despite the fact that there was no actual evidence of Trump colluding with Russia.

The point is, the Russian collusion hoax was just that, a hoax, and yet it was investigated endlessly. Now, tens of millions of Americans have legitimate concerns about voter fraud and a stolen election and Congress isn’t lifting a finger.

This is a problem and half of all Americans see it as such.

A new Just the News Daily poll with Scott Rasmussen found that only 49% of voters believe election fraud allegations were given a “fair hearing” by Congress. Even that number seems a bit high but nonetheless, that means half the country believes the opposite.

The poll showed that nearly 4 out of 10 voters, or 38%, said they believe the fraud allegations were just “swept under the rug.”

Some of the issues from the 2020 election that voters want answers for include why Georgia poll watchers were sent home followed by hidden suitcases being pulled out from underneath a table?

Why was vote counting abruptly stopped in multiple states in the middle of the night? Then, why were there surges of votes for Joe Biden, and seemingly only Joe Biden, after counting resumed?

And lastly, why have courts declined to intervene when it was clear state officials violated state laws in regards to elections, procedures, and the verification of mail-in ballots?

These are real, legitimate questions that Americans deserve to have answers to. Just the News’ poll found that 45% of voters 45-54 and half of those 55-64 said the problems were “swept under the rug.” Also 47% of those over 65.

Forty-three percent of whites and one-third of Hispanics agreed. The stark division in the country remains, with 70% of Republicans, 74% of those who are very conservative and 51% of rural residents agreeing.

Even 10% of Democrats agree that Congress should have done more.

With the country totally divided and Trump supporters understandably upset, how can Joe Biden possibly expect to bring unity when he refuses to lift a finger to investigate the integrity of the 2020 election for better or worse?

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  1. Out of all the people I know, only 3 voted for Biden, I personally have no evidence of voter fraud, but I can’t see how over 50 percent of people could have possibly voted for Biden, knowing what I know from just hearing the news.

  2. Who pencil whipped this poll? More like 80% of Americans thinks this group of misfits rolled over and pee’d in the air on their duty to uphold the constitution.

  3. Trump should use a Senate impeachment trial to read the over 200 affidavits from citizens who saw fraud and reported it! So many glitches of the machines, so many dead people voting, so many ballots for Joe with fake addresses and forged signatures. Joe Biden is illegitimate and Everone knows it in their hearts!!

  4. See book by Kamala Harris, the Truths We Hold, starting on page 237, she explains what she learned about voting machine hacking. She was a member of the cybersecurity committee as a US Senator and she attended a presentation that showed how easily votes could be changed by a hacker.
    Would she now deny what is clearly stated in her own book?
    Sadly the courts wanted nothing to do with the issue.
    Seems they just wanted a third term for Obama.
    If congress does not address the issue of election fraud and stop it from happening there won’t be any reason to vote and no Republican could ever be elected again.

  5. And yet, here we sit, Biden reversing President Trump’s good works, killing jobs, opening borders and spending money the USA doesn’t have on something the USA doesn’t need. What can we do about it???? I hear how we can start to recover our nation in the elections of 2022. On what……rigged voting machines, another instance of massive mail in votes??? By then, will it be too late?? We will once again be dependent on foreign oil, unemployment will rise exponentially, value of the dollar will go over the cliff and we will have had our 1st and 2nd amendment rights taken away…….Dear God, help this nation get back to what the founding fathers intended it to be.

  6. I find it amazing that the liberals can maintain a straight face when they allege that there is no evidence of voter fraud and that “over 60 judges threw out cases” challenging voter results. To the best of my knowledge not a single one of these voter fraud court cases resulted in any judge conducting a hearing or making any inquiry into matters of evidence. All of the cases were dismissed on procedural and process grounds including, “lack of standing,” “lack of jurisdiction,” “untimely filed,” and similar excuses for the court abandoning its responsibilities. There is little wonder that nearly half the country believes the election was stolen. When the opposition refuses to conduct or allow any inquiry into the truth of the contentions, that alone seems to be some proof that the contentions are true.

  7. Just look at the number of people that watched Biden’s inauguration, it was pathetic. You can’t possibly believe that millions more voted for him that they did for Trump. There is zero enthusiasm for Biden.

  8. People believe that the election was stolen because you continue, knowing better, to spread such nonsense. Barr, Trumps Attorney General, his election tsar, all the states election officials, the courts etc. etc. believe the election was fair and properly conducted. If you, and people seem to listen to you, stopped encouraging the falsehoods about the election then perhaps the less informed people would change their views. I don’t expect you will however because lies seem to be the foundation of all your beliefs.

    • Even a casual look at the evidence will turn you around on your belief that the election wasn’t stolen, but you would have to be honest with yourself.

  9. The elimination of our police departments, citizens guns, and the military are obviously being done for the overthrow of the US government. How can people be too stupid to see that.

  10. If they don’t fix the massive election fraud that occurred in 2020 including millions of votes changed by foreign countries, we will never again have a legal election. It is part of China’s plan to overthrow our country. Then they will take out all the politicians, including the liberals that think China is under their thumb. It is hard for me to believe our government can be that stupid, but apparently they are.

    • You are soooo right! America has been taken over by the Communist enemy and too many are blind as a bat and can’t see it!! President Trump worked hard to free us from their hold but they blindsided him with election fraud!
      Too many Americans are burying their head in the sand and can’t see what is going on around them!! I fear it is too late!


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