New Jersey Police Chief Hits Back Against Governor’s “Draconian” Restrictions On Holiday Gatherings

(Liberty Bell) – Police Chief Andrew Kudrick Jr. of Howell Township, New Jersey has decided to take a stand against the far-reaching mandates imposed on his state’s citizenry by Democrat Governor Phil Murphy.

He is simply not going to enforce them.

Ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday, several of our nation’s most lockdown-eager Democrat Governors slammed down the hammer on families wanting to get together with their loved ones for Thanksgiving.

In New Jersey, Governor Phil Murphy’s restrictions are “draconian,” as Kudrick recently told “Fox & Friends Weekend,” according to Fox News.

In person gatherings in the Garden State have been restricted to just 10 or less, leaving many at odds with cherished holiday traditions of big family gatherings, no doubt.

“Our community is hurting,” Kudrick explained.

“I live here. I grew up here. I shop here. I go out to dinner here. And I talk one-on-one with our business owners… and I see how much they’re hurting.”

He explained that he felt duty-bound to push back against this far-reaching measures.

“So as a police chief, in charge of 100-plus police officers, I felt it was just incumbent upon me just to let them know, and let my community know, that we’re not going to enforce some of these executive orders which I feel are basically draconian,” he added.

He said that his officers will not be “used” to enforce these restrictions door-to-door as our nation continues to buckle under the weight of a very difficult year.

“When we’re hurting in society nowadays, our friends and families are the ones that provide us support and lift us up,” he said.

“And I wasn’t going to have my police officers going knocking on doors and ruining somebody’s holiday just to check how many people are inside their house. It’s not happening.”

On Thursday, Kudrick issued a public memo stating that his department will not be responding to complaints made about gathering limit compliance, social distancing, or the wearing of face masks.

The only exception would be in the case of an “egregious violation” occurs.

Otherwise, he is trusting members of the community to govern themselves and behave responsibly.

What a concept, right?

Trusting the American people to determine for themselves the safest way to stay healthy and celebrate the holiday?

“We the police will not be used to carry out orders I feel are detrimental to our relationship with our community. Or, will put officers in a no-win predicament such as being called for a social distancing or mask complaint,” he explained in the memo.

“Although justified in our enforcement, the perception will be the opposite and majority support will be lacking.”

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  1. Yeah, I told my daddy not to do this shit. But, hey, he’s a dumbass old fart so who knows. I will be having Thanksgiving with about 34 people and we’ll be drinking lots of booze. Woohoo!!!

  2. One of the founders is quoted as saying when a law is unjust it shouldn’t be followed, or words to that effect. More power to the free thinkers.

  3. Passive disobedience to unjust decrees is a tried, tested and proven method of getting the attention of alleged “elites” to the negative effects of said decrees upon the “proletariat.” A word to the wise is or should be sufficient in most cases.

  4. I highly commend this Police Chief for his sense of honor to the American People. We the American People appreciate this type of diplomacy in fighting a wrong draconian-style Governor. Please remember that we will support the Police Officers who know how to respond to such ignorance. Keep up the good work and know we appreciate you.


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