New Court Documents Reveal What Epstein And Maxwell Did On Their Private Island; Disgusting Acts May Include Girls As Young As 15

(Liberty Bell) – Ever since Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his prison cell, an act which the official narrative labels “suicide,” but those of us who understand the connections that this sick pedophile had with the most powerful people in the world, and the mysterious circumstances surrounding his death, we’ve all wanted answers to who was involved with his twisted sex trafficking ring.

Then Ghislaine Maxwell, his former girlfriend and partner-in-crime has now been arrested and court documents from a 2016 deposition from Virginia Guiffre has been unsealed and released, we have a few answers to that question among others. And they are far more distrubing than what we originally thought.

According to Guiffre, who has accused both Maxwell and Epstein, the two individuals along with former President Bill Clinton, spent time on Epstein’s private island. However, she said she didn’t actually see Clinton engage in any of the alleged sexual activity that occurred at the retreat.

But she did say Maxwell and Epstein regularly engaged in sexual orgies with young girls, some who might have been as young as 15-years-old.

Check out the details from Just The News:

Jeffrey Epstein and longtime associate Ghislaine Maxwell, now facing trial on federal sex-related charges, had “constant” orgies on Epstein’s private Carribbean island and Maxwell had sex with girls possibly as young as 15, according to court documents released late Thursday.

The documents are a 2016 deposition from Virginia Giuffre, who has accused Maxwell and Epstein, who died last year in a New York City jail cell, of abusing her.

Just the News on Friday morning sent an inquiry to Clinton’s office asking for a response to the allegation that he visited the island. His office has yet to respond to the request.

Maxwell, 58, is charged with recruiting and abusing three girls from 1994 to 1997 and committing perjury by denying her involvement. She has pleaded not guilty to the charges. Maxwell was arrested earlier this summer at her secluded, rural New Hampshire residence.

Giuffre also testified that she was trafficked to rich and powerful men, including England’s Prince Andrew and high-powered attorney Alan Dershowitz, according to The Sun newspaper of London. Both men have denied the allegations.

Another individual who is being outed as a possible participant in these activities is famous attorney Alan Dershowitz. How many other important, powerful, influential people are on the list of individuals who have been a part, in some way, of the pedophile ring that was run by Epstein and Maxwell?

How many lives have been ruined by these disgusting pair of human beings? It’s hard to know right now, but it seems as if this is just the tip of the ice berg. Imagine what kind of bombshells we’re going to see emerge as time goes on, especially if they get Maxwell to sing while behind bars?

One thing’s for sure. We know Bill Clinton now has very deep ties to Epstein. It seems highly unlikely that he could be this close and buddy-buddy with the man and not know he was involved in sex trafficking. This leads one to consider the very real possibility that Clinton might have participated in sexual activity with teenage girls.

We don’t have proof that happened, obviously. But it is something that absolutely needs to be investigated. Will that happen? Or will the left try to bury all of this and look the other way?



  1. There is a distiction that should be made in this article and it is sloppy reporting not to make it. Epstein died in a federal jail cell located in NY City he was a federal inmate. Epstein was not in the custody of NYC Department of Correction. Saying he died in a NYC jail cell is inaccurate as it makes it sound like Epstein was in the custody of the NYC Department of Correction, which he was not.

  2. Did your hear that sound? I think it was Hillary throwing Bills luggage out the window. LOL Bill is now heading out of the country, probably Cuba, Venezuela or China anywhere the law can’t arrest him. Clintons foundation is done and so is there outside income except government pensions. LOL

  3. All this is side show nonsense to distract from what the left and democrats are doing to this country. If I wanted this in my face daily I would watch reruns of the Clinton crime wave.


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