Nevada Whistleblower Claims To Have Witnessed Egregious Election Tampering… This Is Huge

(Liberty Bell) – The battle is far from over, patriots.

Do NOT lose heart.

No matter what the mainstream media tells you, there are allegations of voter fraud and “irregularities” in several key swing states, and the Trump campaign has made it clear they’re committed to getting to the bottom of it.

On Sunday, the campaign described a sworn affidavit from a Nevada whistleblower who claims to have seen people some egregious election tampering.

The unidentified whistleblower claimed to have seen individuals in a Biden-Harris van opening, filling out, and resealing mail ballots.

The individual claims to have seen this on their lunch break, and said that the people in the van were using letter openers to get into the ballot envelopes.

When these people became aware they were being watched, they deliberately arranged people around the van so no one could see what they were doing anymore.

The Biden campaign has yet to comment on this damning allegation.

And they can certainly enjoy the comfort of knowing no major news outlet would touch this story with a ten foot poll without dismissing it outright with no explanation or sound reasoning.

Matt Schlapp, a Trump campaign surrogate, explained the testimony in a Las Vegas press conference on Sunday, also noting other instances of alleged voter fraud, including some 9,000 ballots being cast by people no longer in residence in the state, examples of ballots being cast by deceased voters, and voter registrations that were issued to minors below the legal age to vote (18).

He made clear that the campaign is also working through documenting hundreds of cases in which Republican voters were prevented from casting ballots.

“The way we resolve division, even when you don’t get your way in an election, is to count every legal ballot and to make sure that illegal ballots do not reduce the civil rights and the votes of those who legally,” Schlapp explained.

There is also another whistleblower that the Trump campaign is aware of, Schlapp also said, who claims a polling supervisor repeatedly overruled his concerns about potentially illegitimate ballots.

He said that the Trump campaign lawsuit centers in part around these allegations.

Adam Laxalt, another Trump surrogate in the newly purple state, said the campaign has been unable to see any of the signatures on the 600,000 mail-in ballots that were cast on the state to confirm they matched the signatures on file.

He claimed that around 200,000 signatures were processed by a machine whose settings had reduced its reliability to confirm matching signatures beyond the point that was reasonable to expect it to be reliable.

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  1. I am absolutely astounded that there aren’t “any honest democrats” that care enough about this country, honesty, integrity, and the ‘real’ rights of every ‘citizen’ in the United States of America. The deviousness, dishonestly, aggressiveness, lies, cheaters, being touted by the democrate owned media outlets and newspapers, the so call ‘Hollywood Elite” who are so important to themselves that they think everyone in this country should listen to what they say, the university towns who are run by people who have never actually ‘worked’ (always have been, always will be in college to tout all their ‘crap’), these are the “what’s” of America. When have all the actual working class of the Democrat Party given in to these imbeciles who are so superior to those actually holding down day to day jobs making low to median wages, accepted this group of ‘elites’ to actually give them some sort of validity? Can you know longer speak for yourself and actually define what you as solid working Americans really want in ‘your’ country and what actually works and who is actually run by people that actually care about the working, caring, solid nucleus of people in this country. The Democrats cause one problem after another spurning their ‘hatred’ of anything good, solid and revered, by initiating hatred, fighting, killing, blame on anyone else. Of the two parties, the Democrats are by far the most racist and hateful. This county, The United States of America, is being given away by Dems in power who are will to buy off other countries, give away American jobs and goals, selling out to monopolies like the current news media outlets, who no longer report news, but spend ‘hours’ conjuring up and remaking new shows with their rhetoric of how important they and their opinions are. It’s time you long time Democrats wake up and look around you, and actually see what your Party has become. A few more years of these power hungry, and money making hungry, and there will no be a United States of America as we have know it all our lives. Wake up and get some gumption to actually do something about it. You have all these people from all over the world who want to leave their countries because of oppression, way of living and etc., then when they arrive here, they all of a sudden think they have a right to make changes, and start making changes reverting right back to all the things that were wrong with the countries they came from. Is this what you want? Do you the people of the US really want to start living in conditions (both physically, politically, emotionaly) as those in some of the worst countries and nations in the world. Just keep voting for the Democrats, giving away the middle class way of life, the life that everyone in the world wants, and we will be no longer. I may not particularly like a President personally,. but I’m sure as can be, I want a President who under any and all circumstances, will stand up for our country first, actually care about how we as a people are doing, make every effort to keep us safe, help people find work and therefore make families stronger, and willing and able to put his/her life at risk and not be afraid of putting what he says, thinks, and feels, to work for the people of our country.

  2. It’s not the first time that the Democrats have cheated in the voting system to cheat and lie and still the elections not the first time it won’t be the last they can’t win by their aggressiveness so they have to cheat to get in office

  3. Of course, the demon-rats will dismiss these reports out of hand. But, the only acceptable answer is a through investigation and examination of each ballot, or a new election using the Quantum Voting Computer System.

  4. The unidentified whistleblower claimed to have seen individuals in a Biden-Harris van opening, filling out, and resealing mail ballots. This is a lie and a lie covered in your shit, you must smell disgusting.

    • Can liberals, people who claim to be filled with peace and love, get any more hateful, vulgar, vindictive or narrow minded? I believe, after seeing the democratic party spend four years trying to get rid of Trump, that of course these stories are true. We expected it and we are not blind and ignorant! I hope this goes all the way to the Supreme court. I do not want to live under socialism. And yes, I know what it really is…a stepping stone to world domination under communist rule. Don’t kid yourself.


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