Nancy Pelosi Reacts To Vindman’s Firing, And It’s Just As Hysterical As You’d Expect

(Liberty Bell) – On Friday, Army Lt. Col Alexander Vindman was escorted off the White House grounds after being dismissed from the National Security Council Friday afternoon, according to reports.

His twin brother, Army Lt. Col. Yevgeny Vindman, who had served as a lawyer on the NSC, was also fired and left with his brother.


On Thursday night, it had been rumored that the two would be fired, and on Friday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi flipped her lid over the news, saying she was “stunned” and that the Trump administration had gone “too far” just hours before the sacking was official.

Recall, as The Gateway Pundit explains,

Lt. Col Vindman testified against President Trump during the House impeachment hearings. He showed up in full military uniform, drawing criticism from military officials and veterans.

Vindman was reportedly involved with Eric Ciaramella and Schiff aide Sean Misko to “take down” President Trump.

GOP Senator Ron Johnson, among other Congressional members of the GOP, have suggested that Vindman was behind the leaks “outside his chain of command.”

During his trip to Ukraine Vindman told Ukrainians to ignore President Trump — Vindman actually thinks he is superior to Trump even though he is an inferior official in the intel department.

Vindman, during his closed-door testimony also flatly denied he knew the identity of the whistleblower (Eric Ciaramella); however, it is believed he was the primary source for Eric Ciaramella.

Chad Pergram reported: Pelosi on WH removing Vindman from NSC:

I’m stunned by it. I’ll talk to my colleagues. They have concerns about (President Trump’s) interventions with the military.

Pelosi on Vindman:

What a patriotic person. This goes too far.

CNN also reported on Pelosi’s reaction.

“I’m stunned by it. I’ll talk to my colleagues about this because I know they have some concern about some of the interventions that the president has with our military. That’s such a shame.

What a patriotic person,” Pelosi said.


  1. Old prune-face Pelosi needs to go have one more face job then go home to her district and help solve the homeless conditions that she and Obama caused. So Nancy, how about helping Pres. Trump and all of the rest of the us deplorables to vote him in for 4, 8, 12 more years. What say you “ye olde has-been”?

  2. htrump has the right to fire who he wants. he needs people around him he can trust. why should he have bath house barry, bush and clinton hold overs anywhere in his administration. vindman was a spineless little snake in the grass and a liar along with the rest of those morons. good riddance to bad rubbish. trump needs to fire a few more of bath house barry’s hold overs.

  3. neither of the Vindmens should have held the positions they help with the NCS because of their security risk. Both have close relatives living in the Ukraine. When I was inn the National Guard, a fellow Guardsman was denied a secret clearance because he had a son living in France.

  4. Peloser is certifiable! Ever ask herself WWHD (what would Hussein do) or what SHE would do if in the same situation as our great President? Ha! Hussein would have fired him long ago, especially a holdover from previous admin and the same applies to Nasty San Fran Nan!

  5. Pelosi is just mad because she just lost 2 of her insiders. They rolled the dice with the democrats and lost.Now we will see who among the democrats will hire them or will they be thrown under the bus.When you have an organization you have to have people you can work with and trust and you fire the rest. You notice I didn’t agree with but you still have to be able to work together.

    • The president does not ask congress who he can fire . If I were the president or a general in the army here’s how it would go. Fired from the president and returned to the army. Security clearance pulled and sent to the most god awful place on this planet. Next promotion around passed over and retired.

  6. Nasty Nancy knows this;” What this moron piglosi doesn’t get is, Trump is the President and he can hire or fire anyone he wants! He should of got rid of these brothers long ago”! She is just playing it up for the fake news MSM thinking it will hurt President Trump. We the people on are onto her idiotic games! DRAIN the SWAMP!

  7. President Trump interfering with the military? I Pelosi forgot, he is The Commander in Chief.
    The Democrats new they could not impeach the president, it was all about laying the groundwork to try and take the Senate. This insanity will continue until November.

  8. Sorry Nancy, what about the more than 150 military officers dismissed by the Obama administration, mostly for disagreeing with him???

  9. Pelosi acts like a jealous school girl with dementia. She has let her power go to her head. She should have retired years ago. But she most likely wants to stay in office because the position is a real cash cow. Not unlike her with her utters hanging down to her waist. There should definitely be a two term limit for congress and the senate just like there is for the presidency. She and Schiff (old lying bug eyes) Have done nothing in their political appointments except go after President Trump. He should never have said he was going to drain the swamp while campaigning because it scared the hell out of the dems. He should have waited until he was elected and then drained it. But then again maybe he had to promise it to the people who are so fed up with politicians who are on the take and trying to take away the 2nd amendment not to mention the 1 st amendment. GO TRUMP!

    • That’s great. Will it happen No. Passed over for promotion …yes..then out the door. That’s the way it’s always done.

  10. What this moron piglosi doesn’t get is, Trump is the President and he can hire or fire anyone he wants! He should of got rid of these brothers long ago!

  11. The senate should call Vindman and flat out ask him who he told ?? Without Shift blocking his testimony or keeping it hidden.
    If it’s what we think it is, give him a dishonorable discharge and some time .

  12. Pelosi, Will lose another leaker, who do the bidding of Adam Schiff, in his corrupt closed door Coaching and witness tampering. Nancy, forgets Democrats had witnesses and failed to call more, due to the rush to impeach Trump during the election year, as to use it against him during the election process. Pelosi, who pushed Obamacare through the House says its good for the “Middle Class” but not her!! Thus breaking the 28th amendment for her exemption from it! Hum, she wanted to keep her CADILLAC HEALTH CARE while destroying Employer based health care! Yes, Sir *we the people pay for health care* while Democrats give free health care to illegals?? Does this make sense, Nancy keeps her free health care while deplorables pay for her health care and illegals!!! Is this what the Democrats have in store for us, is to make slaves of the Middle Class!

  13. Does speaker Pelosi not realize that the President is Commander in Chief? Lt. Col. Vindmans boss? Who serves on the NSC at the President’s pleasure? If I remember right, insubordination is still a court marshal offense. So if he is still in the Army and just re-assigned, he has not actually been fired. Nasty Nancy needs to stand down and keep her nose out of things outside her jurisdiction.

    • For Chip, I do not believe that the current crop of democrats were ever taught what patriotism is. They wander around in their make-believe world with no clue what the real world is all about. I was listening to the Rush Limbaugh show this morning and the guest host addressed it. You made i short and sweet.

      Haugen, I wanted to say the same thing but you already said it, probably better than I could have. Again, I wonder if they have any idea what insubordination is. They have wandered around in their la-la land for so long, as I say above, they have no idea what the real world is about.

      Trump has brought the real world to Washington and these fools are incapable of comprehending it!


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