Nancy Pelosi Finally Admits What Liberals Really Think Of The Coronavirus Pandemic; It’s Even Worse Than We Thought

(Liberty Bell) – Ever since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic hit the shores of America, there have been a vocal group of individuals who have been giving the clarion call against the draconian measures being instituted as a means of supposedly keeping us all safe from the spread of this horrific virus. These folks have made it clear that while the virus is nothing to take lightly, neither is the opportunity that it provides for those who are deeply involved in the progressive movement to attempt to use this crisis for political gain.

What these watchers on the wall are talking about is a principle that liberals adhere to that sees every crisis situation as an opportunity to justify passage of certain key elements of their agenda into law, laying down bits and pieces of infrastructure that when combined would lead to a total transformation of America into a socialist country. This may sound shady at first, but we have plenty of evidence this is a strategy the left employs.

In fact, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi just openly admitted that the left sees this whole mess as an opportunity.

Here’s more from BizPacReview:

In yesterday’s Trump-bashing, GOP-bashing press conference – during which she somewhat incoherently promoted an additional, hyper-partisan spending bill under the fear-mongering guise of coronavirus relief – the San Francisco Democrat revealed the left’s standard agenda:

“There’s a drumbeat that says we need to do more… My interest is with the message to the American people send the Republicans in the Senate. We cannot take a pause. He have to end the death and dying. We have to open the economy. We have to do so in a way that gives more opportunity for access to care, to credit, to opportunity in our country, because as Mr. Clyburn said, this is an opportunity. Every crisis is.”

As it turns out, Rep. James Clyburn works closely with Pelosi on a lot of different projects, so it is not surprising that he would echo such a sentiment. But there you have it, folks. Straight from the mouth of an actual Democrat. This crisis presents the left with an opportunity to use fear as a means of pushing forward their political agenda with the promise of relief and security from the virus, neither of which they can actually deliver.

This is why Pelosi has been such a, pardon the pun, negative Nancy, about passing stimulus relief bills. She rejects any legislation that does not contain items off of her progressive wishlist. It’s not about the American people for her. It’s all about transforming America.

The opportunity she actually has in mind is to make more Americans dependent on government handouts rather than getting back to work as well as filling the coffers for certain Democrat constituencies. In other words, let the country go to waste rather than wasting a crisis for far-left opportunism.

Pelosi, a multi-millionaire who lives in a big mansion, represents a city where homelessness, drug abuse, and crime run rampant and with no end in sight. Pelosi was first elected to Congress way back in 1987.

In their legislative efforts, Democrats continue to push for vote-fraud-by-mail and ballot harvesting, which — among other things– caused the Republicans to lose House seats in Orange County, Calif. that they were leading on election night in 2018.

Pelosi went on to state in her press conference that she is behind the idea of reopening the economy, however, not wanting to miss a golden opportunity to sling arrows at President Trump, accused the commander-in-chief of being on an ego trip concerning his push for holding an in-person presidential nominating convention.

“We all want the country to open up. But science tells us there is a path, a healthy path, to open up in a healthy way. And that path is testing, tracing, treatment, and isolation, if necessary… The number of people who should be in church, the number of people who should be at any gathering, those are determinations that are made locally, and I respect that as we unfold this opening. I don’t think there is anyone who would say at this point that tens of thousands of people should come together for a political convention, no matter how great an ego trip it is for somebody. It’s dangerous for so many.”

Of course the left is against the idea of Trump holding any sort of in-person event. These kind of rallies and events provide opportunities for the president to connect directly with his base, which is what has kept folks so motivated to be loyal to him over these first few years of his presidency. If he is able to keep his supporters fired up, there’s a good chance the left will lose this upcoming election.

Trump himself has threatened to yank the RNC convention from North Carolina unless Gov. Roy Cooper eases up on lockdown restrictions and works towards being ready for the in-person event in August.



  1. I find it very difficult to comprehend how stable thinking democrats can sit by/under such evil, manipulation, hate, and perverse thinking. The underlining ideas are twisted and more disgusting as they are done in the guise of “For The American People.” It is absolute destruction! One must first take care home, then reach out to others; plain and simple.

  2. Stop the Democratic danger road before they build that Democratic highway to hell. It’s all going down hill for the lies and backstabbing they’ve done. We are smarter than you think . And we the people will stop your plans the sink our dreams and lives….stand up for OUR GREAT NATION. remember when you were young,, I PLEDGED TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

  3. I came to the USA on a special program for refugees from communism. Now it seems to me my flight was useless what with the Democrat Party led by Pelosi has been introducing communist measures in the federal government.

  4. This right wing website spawns as much hate as Trump. Nobody is looking to make an opportunity out of a situation or someone’s pain more than the Mobster-in-Chief Trump.

    • You have been sleeping the past three years? Your buddy Democraps have done almost everything they could to destroy President Trump and the honest Executive Branch. Obama’s “Deep State” has been trying to destroy our country since the last illegal President left the White House.

  5. Ok, I agree with and understand all the points made, but my question is, what are you going to do about it? Please tell me exactly and specifically what we the people are going to do about the ever encroaching Marxism?

  6. A vast majority of America disagrees w/ Pelosi agenda. Biden is Pelosi’s puppet…a vote for Biden is a vote for – open borders, free health care for illegals, socialism, HIGH taxes, gun grabbing, abortion pushing, liberal bull**it

  7. We do need some help, but we DON’T want to pay for Abortion or bale out the Democrat States. It is not our fought that the democrats are not wise enough to control their Stupid spending. We also Don’t need the Illegals in the USA.

    • The whole Democratic Communist party are Treasonous Traitors to the people. Yet we have the idiots in the country that backs this Lawlessness. Can’t fix Stupid.

  8. polosi is a cheat a treator and a lier needs to be put in jail at the least and best hung or shot with a firing squad ….


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