Must Watch! Masked Biden Struggles To Breathe While Giving Speech About ObamaCare

(Liberty Bell) – President Joe Biden has been widely mocked for his consistently confused and befuddled demeanor.

He’s been carefully shuffled around by handlers since he began his presidential run, more commonly found in his basement than on the campaign trail.

Since taking office, he has yet to give a press conference, long ago setting a 100-year record for a president to fail to do so.

It hasn’t helped matters much that he’s frequently not known or forgotten what’s going on, what someone’s name is, or even what the freakin’ Pentagon is.

He also broke his foot apparently grabbing his dog’s tail, or something.

Last week, he fell up the stairs to Air Force One.

Now, the appearance of “Darth Biden” struggling to breathe while giving a speech on ObamaCare (of all things) in Ohio, netizens are once again in a flurry.

When are we going to talk about the fact that our commander-in-chief seems to be hardly in control of his own faculties?

This is getting absolutely insane.

On Tuesday, Biden gave his remarks at Ohio State University in Columbus on Tuesday.

While speaking, he paused frequently to laboriously wheeze through his ridiculous COVID mask as he promoted his Marxist, economy-killing “American Rescue Plan.”

Comparisons to Darth Vader or the Batman villain Bane were rampant on social media as users commented on the absurd speech and Biden’s overall lack of vitality.

How much longer can Biden even last in office?

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