Must See: This Political Ad Featuring Dan Crenshaw Might Be The Greatest Ever Created

(Liberty Bell) – One of the best, most effective methods to get your political message out to the masses during an election year is through the use of advertisements. Yes, we all know it can be annoying to get constantly bombarded by these ads and the mudslinging is at times incredibly draining and taxing on the nerves, especially when you have a healthy distrust of anyone serving in public office.

However, every once in a great while, a political ad comes along that is so awesome, so amazing, so well put together and creative, that it demands you pay attention to it. Well, we have one such ad to discuss right here in this article.

In fact, the ad, starring Rep. Dan Crenshaw, might just be the greatest political ad ever created in human history. Yes, this is hyperbole, but there’s a pretty big grain of truth mixed in too.

The ad itself is done in the style of “Mission Impossible” and features Crenshaw and former Navy SEALS. If that doesn’t pull you in, what will?

Via BizPacReview:

Titled “Texas Reloaded,” the nearly four minute video is arguably better than today’s action films being put out by liberal Hollywood, as the former Navy SEAL who lost his eye while fighting in Afghanistan embarks on a mission to form an exceptional team of congressional candidates to “save Texas.”

Crenshaw takes advantage of his misfortune in combat, portraying an optical scanner under the signature eyepatch he wears, which takes the ad to a whole other level.

The New York Post describes the awesome production here:

The ad opens at 5 a.m. in the “Crenshaw Command Center,” where the former Navy SEAL and first-term congressman tears open an envelope marked “Top Secret.” […]

“Your mission, should you choose to accept it, will be to save Texas,” intones a posh, British voiceover as the music swells and Crenshaw boards a plane, wearing a parachute and fatigues.

“To do so, you must recruit an exceptional team of congressional candidates,” the voiceover continues. “The nation’s future is dependent upon your success.”

Crenshaw is then seen airdropping into Houston to obtain his first recruit, Wesley Hunt.

“I’m putting a team together, Wesley. You in?” Crenshaw asks.

The production value on this ad is absolutely stellar. It’s hard to believe this is a commercial for a political candidate. If you want to reach people with your message, you have to grab their attention. Crenshaw does a killer job of doing just that in the ad. Whoever came up with this is a genius.

In equally dramatic fashion he proceeds to assemble his “exceptional team” — the endeavor is a joint fundraising effort for Crenshaw and fellow Texas congressional candidates Hunt, Genevieve Collins, Tony Gonzales, Beth Van Duyne, and August Pfluger.

Near the end, there is footage of Collins, an accomplished collegiate rower, beating a man in a martial arts match.

“Hey guys. Who’s next?” she then asks, as the other five candidates look on.

All the men decline the offer, only to see Van Duyne confidently steps forward to say, “I got this.”

The spot ends with the six Republicans walking down an airstrip, with the obligatory background explosion.

Here are some reactions to the ad via Twitter:

Republicans have really come a long way in learning how to utilize top notch quality media in order to help get their message of individual liberty and personal responsibility to the masses, while Democrats have been putting together garbage.

Just look at the way they did the Democratic National Convention this year. It looked really poor quality and was totally laughable. Perhaps they need to phone up Crenshaw and ask for a helping hand?



  1. Oh, how I wish I lived in Texas and could vote for all of the ones in the ad right into Congress. Unfortunately, I am a transplanted Oregonian – living in exile from Ohio – and I’m afraid nothing is going to wake up this state although most would actually say they are “woke” already. God is either going to answer millions of prayers and give us DJT for another term or punish us with an unthinkable election outcome.

  2. I am 90 years old, native Texan, and Dan Crenshaw’s ad is the best political output in my lifetime. My grandfather took me to see W. Lee O’Daniel and the Light Crust Doughboys put on a campaign show in Mineral Wells Texas in the late 1930’s when the Democrats were hard working honest people. I have lived through a 180 degree Democratic switch from Conservative to Socialist led by the worst Texan ever serving as our President, Lyndon B Johnson that History will some day acknowledge.

  3. I’m just a average citizen who has voted both parties in the past, but voting for a democrat in this election, is beyond my wildest imagination, Trump had the economy going great guns, if it were not for the virus, which by the way was coming to the U.S. no matter who was president, and no he is not responsible for 200,000 deaths. Please vote for all Republicans in this election, we have to get the Democratic out to the House of Representatives. They are killing the American people.

  4. We have a nazi as President and his nazi flunkies in congress and Senate so we don’t need more Republicans ever elected on city, state of federal level.

    • Do you even know what a nazi is? Have you watched any news outside of CNN? Do you read anything but the propaganda they are feeding you in the MSM? Opinion is not news. Speculation and anonymous sources is not news. And a nazi would not allow the riots happening in the street to continue as they have been. All of those people, protesting and rioting, would have been sitting in a re-education camp. Take a closer look at the people causing all those issues – check out the websites and see who they really are then tell me who the real nazis are. You better open your eyes before you have no freedom to do even that much without permission.

  5. This is the third time I watched this ad, and I know I will watch it again. It is perfect and gives a real American message to anyone. Dan Crenshaw is a really good guy and should think about running for President when Trump finishes his two terms. If that doesn’t help you win, big time, I’ll eat my hat.

    Just a little old lady from PA who is a big fan of Dan.


  6. Republicans can be extremely effective in advertising when it comes to packaging. Of course, it works out even better when you have a message designed to pique the interest of otherwise casual observers. Democrats, unfortunately, have a tendency toward the same drivel, the same bilge, the same bovine excrement that are a fact checker’s delight any and every time they occur!

    • Michael – I don’t know where you live so it is not likely that you are getting bombarded by wendy davis and gina jones (ortiz jones when she is pandering for votes) even though both of their districts are NOT where most of the residents in this metro area live. gina is trying to pass herself off as somewhat of a pro-American ‘conservative’. What wendy ‘stands’ for is the same bilge she peddled when she ran for governor.


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