Must See: Mark Levin Utterly Destroys Hypocritical Democrats In This Epic Rant “What Kind Of Moron Wrote This?!”

(Liberty Bell) – The Democrats’ first impeachment of President Trump was totally bogus but they have truly outdone themselves with their second rush impeachment.

There was no trial. No case was laid out as to what he did that was illegal. No opportunity to defend himself. This was 7 hours of mostly pointless and futile “debate” on the House floor and then a vote that went predictably along party lines with the exception of 10 turncoat Republicans who sided with the Dems.

Sadly, it seems many of the formerly conservative news pundits have also decided to save face and side with the Democrats. It seems those willing to speak the truth and stand up for what is right is a shrinking list.

We can always count on legal scholar and host of Fox News’ “Life, Liberty & Levin,” Mark Levin, however, to tell it exactly like it is.

On Wednesday’s episode of Hannity, Mark Levin made an appearance and went off on the absurdity that is the second impeachment of President Trump and called out the Democrats for making impeachment a political weapon.

He took issue with the fact that the Democrats presented “no evidence whatsoever that the President incited anything.” He insisted that there isn’t even “one sliver of evidence” to suggest that Trump incited an insurrection “of any kind” in the impeachment articles.

He slammed the Democrats and said that one day historians will look at it and say, “what kind of a moron wrote a document like this?”

Levin lambasted Nancy Pelosi for “attacking the Constitution” and said she has “destroyed the separation of powers” by using the process of impeachment in this rushed and completely unfair way.

He pointed out the typical and disgusting Democrat hypocrisy. While they claim that it is President Trump who attacks the Constitution it is really the Democrats who do just that.

As Levin asserted, it’s actually Chuck Schumer who wants to destroy the courts, the Senate, the Electoral College and any other institution or process that impedes the Democrats’ radical agenda.

Levin went on to say that there were actually two tyrannies last week. The one was the attack on the capitol by those “who are armed up” and the other is the “tyranny of the legislature” by those who are well-dressed and “look really good.”

He further stated that officials knew ahead of time that something was going to go down at the Capitol but they failed to call in the National Guard ahead of time, like they should have.

He also noted that it’s become quite clear the attack was perpetrated by “violent militia types” who weren’t MAGA supporters. Levin said “you could smell something was wrong,” and that’s a sentiment that resonates with many Americans.

He segwayed into slamming the Democrats for their obvious double standards when they celebrated and encouraged violent riots that lasted for months. Now they want to lecture all of us about how wrong violence is.

It has been conservatives, Trump supporters and Trump himself who have been denouncing violence from day one. Now they want to lecture us.

“The problem with the left is, they cherry-pick, which means they support nothing that’s principled and righteous.”

As far as the absurd impeachment of President Trump, Mitch McConnell has said that the earliest the Senate will take up the matter is around the same time Joe Biden is set to be sworn-in.

Levin pointed out, as have other constitutional law experts, that the US Senate cannot hold impeachment trials for private citizens, which President Trump will soon be.

The left is the most dangerous mob America has ever seen. If they don’t get what they want, they take it by any means necessary and if anyone dares to stand in their way, they will use whatever tools are at their disposal to utterly destroy them.

If anyone has incited an insurrection it is the Democrats and it’s been going on since President Trump was elected in 2016.

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Copyright 2020.


  1. Quote to wit: “We have put together, I think, one of the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the History of American politics”! “Joseph R. Biden, Jr. 11-24-2020 A.D.”! “I would NOT trust following this Individual to an “OUT HOUSE” let alone the “White House”! “They” (the organization) had to “CHEAT” to have him win the CORRUPT selection/election! Take a good look at the Cabinet choices? Now, that stated, “get a chair, take it to the middle of a large room, sit down, spread your legs far apart, bend over as far as you can, then “KISS YOUR ASS GOODBYE”! “The Country will NEVER be A SAFE PLACE TO LIVE”! Quote me for I AM The Real Deal protected by “THEMIS”!

  2. Pelosi is evil for sure and not a true Catholic. Neither is Biden a true Catholic. Killing babies that are eight months in their mothers womb.? I don’t think so! She has so much hate inside of her that it has made her crazy.!!! She’s nuts👍

    • So, so true Jules! She’s a crazy Left Winged Loon who loves Chinese Communist Party of China so much she distributes the Chinese propaganda Newspaper Daily to Congressional Representatives. Now that’s so obvious about your love for Chinese Communist Party of China! Wonder how much they pay her like they do Biden!!

  3. I absolutely love it when Mark Levin gets fired up like that. Unlike most people, when he is fired up and shouting he is in perfect control of his logic and facts, and he really gets his point across. Why have not the media run the portions of Trump’s speech that they think instigated the riot or insurrection? Normally, they would be running this over and over and over, but what have they shown? Zilch. The reason being, of course, that there is nothing in his speech that fits that bill.

  4. Why did trump chicken out? The people on January 6 stood behind him in invading the Capital to stop the steal and all trump did was play with his pud. 🇺🇸

    • Mr. J, your comment is moronic. What did you expect him to do? The people invading the Capitol were trying to stop Trump not the steal. Instead, they stopped congress from doing what was necessary, because then the Capitol invaders ended up unfairly smearing all of the true, loyal, and most of all peaceful Trump supporters.

  5. CLITlosi is an evil communist C***. For someone who claims to have a strong Christian foundation in their life???? This old C*** is nothing but pure evil. She utters God’s name in vain….as freely as she sucks D***s!!!

    • There is something very, very wrong with your mind. Your comment is crude, gross, and fails in everything except filth. I find it hard to believe such comments would come from a true Christian.

  6. Anything a liberal is accusing a conservative of doing is exactly what the left is actually carrying out themselves! Heard enough of the liberal lies in my lifetime. Nancy Pelosi is a vindictive evil woman!

  7. No evidence needed to be presented, it was there for all to see in both impeachments. The man broke the law and decency in both cases, and did it in full public view. He has shown criminal behavior throughout his life and serial misbehavior. Levin is the moron in this case.

    The baby here is Trump who won’t accept that he lost when he clearly did.

    • no evidence needed says it all for you hopeless stupid people that are to dumb to know when you are being used and lied to. evidence is always needed when someone is accused of a crime. and none is there just like the first time. it was in fact dipstick Biden that is guilty of the crime Trump was accused of and the evidence was Biden bragging about it. evidence is always an inconvenient thing like truth to you dems. evidence of voter fraud is there for you dems to see but refuse. dishonesty is your foundation.

  8. No evidence needed to be presented, it was there for all to see in both impeachments. The man broke the law and decency in both cases, and did it in full public view. He has shown criminal behavior throughout his life and serial misbehavior. Levin is the moron in this case.

    • The “MAN” is PRESIDENT TRUMP! Like it or not! The culprits who are
      guilty of ‘CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR” are Biden & his son, who illegally,
      made billions dealing with China & Ukraine.
      The CIA & FBI under the Obama administration who spied on the TRUMP
      campaign from the onset. You are comparing apples to oranges
      with your ignorant bias!

  9. The democratic’ are like little kids. If they don’t get what they want they claim foul play. The democratic’s running their party should be held accountable for their actions. They keep saying president Trump was going against the constitution. Well maybe these leaders should read the constitution. Our for fathers that wrote the constitution had enough for site to protect us from the power grabbing people like the democratic’s. When are the democratic’s that elected these power hungry leaders going to realize what is happening to our country. Like Mark Levin stated if the riots help the democratic’s they said nothing but when they didn’t help to advance there agendas they were bad. The articles of impeachment against Trump were found to bogus. In the first impeachment trail. The evidence was all here say. No creditable evidence. All the first impeachment was is a distraction so they could further their unconstitutional agenda. The impeachment proceedings this last Wednesday there wasn’t any evidence brought forward. Democratic leaders are only looking for one thing power to control this great country. They think they are above the law. I wrote once that why do we have people leading us that have never held a job in there life. There members of both parties that have been m in office for 20 to 40 years. This is why we need term limits for the house and senate. But that won’t happen because the people who writ the bill to have term limits are the ones it would effect. So let the citizens vote if they want term limits. Also , I’m one, the older we get we lose some of are mental capacity. We don’t need 70 and 80 year old people leading us. They don’t see things in the same way as younger people. We need to get rid of the career politicians.

    • Preferably gotten rid of by guillotine, but a good guillotine is unwieldy to drag around, and while slow, puts on a good show. I’d settle for firing squads. Besides, the we could raise a lot of money to reduce taxes by selling opportunities to be on a firing squad. There would be at least 74 million bidders. I’ll start at $50,000.

  10. Mark, thank you!!!
    Your the sound voice for America. Agree with you100%
    Our Constitution has been & is under act. The Democrat party, is not the party of 1940’s. They morfied into socialist, communist party of Stalin, Hitler
    rolled into one.
    These so called politicians have blood on their hand, deaths of children, moral sexual behavior,
    selling their souls for thirty pieces of silver, crime boss behaviors, selling Americas assets to the highest bidder,for ,
    what? POWER, THATS WHAT POWER to rule you, me, America! Not only have they done grave danger to our democracy, but to sovereignty of this nation.
    There acts has crossed the line of their oaths, to preserve & protect America from all foreign threat @ home & abroad. America we are at war with our fellow citizen who were elected by you, to do the Will of the People, not the will of traitors to their oaths to our Constitution & Americans.
    This is exactly why our founding fathers knew, Power Corrupts. They knew politicians were to serve their country, 1 or 2 terms, then go back to your homes & occupation.
    Ben Franklin was asked, do we have a country? Answer: IF YOU CAN KEEP IT!
    Churchill told England: NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER GIVE UP, NEVER GIVE UP! All the wile Hitler was bombing the heck out of them. You & I, can not allow these evil politicians destroy this nation, our founding fathers died for our liberties & freedoms & every veterans who fought, lost of life & limb for our freedoms from Revolutionary War, Civil War, The Alamo, Spanish America War, WWl, WWll, Korean War, Vietnam, to the Middle East, now the War on our Constitution & your freedoms.
    When We The People win this attack of Treason & We Will. We need to return Congress as our Founding Fathers intended them to govern was as STATEMENS, not a 2 party system.
    Stand up! Fire you Congressmen & Senators, you run for office.
    We must not let what happened in this last election, fraud of stolen ballotts & foreign powers involved as a weapon against your vote.


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