Must-See: BET Founder Makes Compelling Pro-Trump Argument, Slams Do-Nothing Democrats

(Liberty Bell) – President Trump has caused an awakening among many minority communities in the United States. He has spent the last four years illustrating just how badly Democrats have let down these communities with lip service and empty promises and exposing the Democrats for the corrupt establishment politicians that they are.

What have the Democrats really done for black communities in the US over the last 60-70 years? They claim to be the champions of black people and they also insist that the GOP is full of racists and white supremacists but the reality is, black people are no better off for faithfully voting for Democrats for decades.

Chicago, Baltimore, Philadelphia and other cities around the country have all been run by Democrats for decades and black communities are plagued with unemployment, broken homes, crime, poverty, violence, and rampant drug use. There doesn’t even seem to be a glimmer of hope amongst some of these poor, rundown cities.

President Trump has done more for black Americans in four years than Joe Biden has done in 47 years and Joe Biden has a history of saying actually racist stuff. His record also shows that he has done more to hurt black Americans than anything else. Even as he served as the Vice President under the country’s first black president, nothing good was accomplished for black Americans.

The awakening has begun, however, and President Trump pulled in record breaking numbers among black voters. Prominent members of the black community are starting to step out and encourage others to see the Democratic Party for what it truly is; a corrupt establishment of crooked, do-nothing career politicians.

Black Entertainment Television (BET) founder and business mogul Bob Johnson took President Trump’s side in a recent interview with CNBC in which he said that another four years under President Trump would be good since black people are “seeing minimal return” after all the decades of voting for Democrats.

“I think black Americans are getting a little bit tired of delivering huge votes for the Democrats and seeing minimal return in terms of economic wealth, and closing the wealth gap, job creation, job opportunities,” said Johnson. “And Joe Biden was not an inspiring candidate for many black Americans. Some of them stayed home, some of them voted for Trump.”

When asked if another four years of President Trump would be a “good thing” for black Americans Johnson said that “based on the last four years, the answer would be yes.” He added, “If you take the notion that Trump’s focus is on building the economy, building manufacturing, creating more jobs, then, the answer again, is yes.”

He described how Trump has actually benefited black communities, “For African-Americans, under Trump’s leadership, we have the lowest unemployment rate for black Americans in over 50 years. We also saw investments in black businesses and black communities through the Opportunity Zones.”

“I’m not fearful that a Trump reelection is going to be an assault on the political, cultural, social rights of black Americans,” Johnson continued. “It didn’t show up in the past four years in terms of economic opportunity, and so, today, I don’t see what the black community has gotten over the past eight years of Democratic leadership.”

All Democrats have done is manipulated black Americans into thinking that the GOP is their enemy and have created an extremely toxic and volatile social situation in which black people are forced to be the victims of insurmountable circumstances of which they cannot overcome.

President Trump has been and would continue to be good for the black communities of the US if he manages to sort through this election debacle and maintain the presidency.

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  1. JusticeForTrump, you are brainwashed with lies and corruption. The media you absorb is angry, hate-filled and cult-like in nature. You seem committed to scold anyone who loves America and its values, and those who vote for Constitutional supporting politicians. Get well and try God.

  2. Justice For Trump:
    YOU are the true egomaniac! You have an extremely inflated sense of self worth! Just like the typical liberal, you resort to name calling. The fact that you call Trump supporters White Trash, tells us exactly who the REAL Racist is! You are flat out blind to the truth. There was collusion in 2016 yes, but it’s been proven it was Hillary, NOT Trump who did the colluding! You’ve been completely brainwashed by the Democrats. How does it feel to have such a WEAK mind? 🐑 baa baa baa
    You need psychiatric help, and I’m NOT kidding! You’re wallowing in self pity! You really add NOTHING of importance to this conversation. Get the help you NEED! Become a better person than you are, because right now you are PATHETIC!!!!

  3. Democrats are not “do nothing”. They are however do corruption, do perversion, do pedophilia, do voter fraud, do kickbacks etc, etc.

  4. Who is this (In)justiceforTrump idiot? Nothing but vile poisonous hatred pours out of his posts. The “midnight blue-vote dumps in swing states” is a real thing, covered up by a corrupt media, including facebook, google, Twitter, etc. Trump may be an egomaniac, but he gets it done!

    • I am an American Lars, so go away with your love for the Mobster-in-Chief. Did you hear today about all the criminal charges he is facing when he leaves the Presidency? Financial issues and rapes are on the docket waiting for him. He has done nothing but allowed thousands of negligent homicides, led stupid and illegal maskless rallies which are reckless endangerment charges, he blew the good economy he inherited to fail. He will finish with fewer jobs produced than that were gained, his tariffs were complete a failure, he has broken countless friendships and families with his hatred, he has alienated all of our allies while kissing Putin’s butt. He has allowed N Korea and Iran to get their nuclear arsenal to grow. Are those the accomplishments you are talking about?

  5. Justice for Trump is a great example of how ignorant the democrat voter is….he hasn’t said one true fact in any of his posts….he also must not have much to do because he is posting constantly….he has to get a hobby and stop spreading his bullshit….showing his hatred for Trump proves the Dems are the ones who promote violence….go watch CNN so they can brainwash you some more….

    • Donna, you are white trash, uneducated, brainwashed by the mobster monster, and a disgrace to your family, community and country. You are a traitor like your master Trump.

  6. The idiots that voted to pay more taxes, let China do business with America after killing thousand with their virus, strip your freedoms from you, use the race card because they have no good policies except to fill their pockets, never fulfill their promises and laugh at you because you believed them. Who are the blind fools led my media propaganda just like Benghazi was caused by a video. You just lay back and absorb what ever they say. Left educated fools with no common sense to think as individuals.

  7. NO ONE has heard the last of the 2020 election! When the smoke clears and the dust settles, the final outcome may be one for the history books! If the voting irregularities (uncounted ballots, poll taker secrecy, observer denials, etc.) are thoroughly investigated, all these “woke” progressives may REALLY have something to rant and rave, b*tch and moan, and pull their hair out about! It wouldn’t hurt my feelings to see them jumping off cliffs, out of skyscraper windows, or making mad dashes to airports in frantic attempts to leave the country! The USA 🇺🇸 would be infinitely better off without them!

    • Your violent words won’t save the Trump train as it has gone off the rails and crashed into hell, which his life will be, Wynnie the Poop.

  8. Well we need the Supreme Court to step up and invalidate these paper ballots if not all of president trumps efforts for African Americans will be for nothing but watch out in 2024 if president trump runs it would be a true landslide because the republicans can really show a stark contrast between the two if Biden even makes it till the spring before impeachment because of China or they invoke 25 th amendment either way everything the democrat party has done for decades is a disaster they are horrible leaders liars and out right cheaters and con artist the worst thou is we the American people suffer we should as a nation stop paying taxes on a national scale no taxes no money for government they don’t get paid if they do nothing they should not get the benefits or our votes

    • Things won’t change much John except friendships might be renewed and there will be less chaos, hatred at the top. Trump is an egomaniac, truly as evil a person on the planet as anyone. He is already rated the worst President by far by historians. He especially failed our allies, his Putin butt kissing, his failure in dealing with the rallies, his maskless rallies that killed people, his condemnation of millions of people, good people, unlike many of his supporters. He stole the 2016 election with Russian help, tried again this time, but too many people saw the dictator wannabe constantly out of control, always seeking vengeance, firing people because of his paranoia and inability to be ever decent. He is a mobster egomaniac, I suggest you read his cousin’s book or even ultra conservative Bolton’s book.

  9. Love his comments and for the courage to express them on National TV, too bad our young people have been brainwashed into thinking the way they do. Truly a sad state of affairs that our media and our supposedly higher education establishments have provided. ( I know because when I was in college you kept your mouth shut if the instructor had a different political opinion)

    • Trump represents the sad state of this country, with over 70000 million cult followers like you, almost all white trash racists who believe his birtherism lies, many still do. You shame Christ with your name.

    • 22000 lies and counting as no truth or place in this country, educate yourself, read some of the books about Trump, they aren’t best sellers for nothing. They reveal the selfishness and insanity and evil of the mobster.


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