Must Read: Legendary NFL Coach Mike Ditka Scorches Folks Who Don’t ‘Respect’ The National Anthem In Epic, Scathing Rebuke

(Liberty Bell) – Over the last several years, we’ve seen the politicization of nearly every single aspect of our lives and culture as the radical left has sought to turn anything and everything into a weapon for the purpose of indoctrinating the American public.

We’ve seen movies with super left-wing agendas become major box office successes, television shows attempt to normalize homosexuality and transgenderism, and then, of course, the use of sports as a means to push for social justice causes like Black Lives Matter.

The latter all started with failed San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick who started taking a knee during the National Anthem to protest against police brutality. This didn’t sit well with many across the nation, but that didn’t stop it from spreading across the league and into other sports, especially in the wake of George Floyd’s death several months ago.

Legendary NFL coach Mike Ditka isn’t a fan of seeing players or anyone else “protest” during the National Anthem and he decided to let his feelings be known in no uncertain terms.

Here’s more on this from The Daily Caller:

National anthem protests are front and center again in the world of sports as players have kneeled in the MLB, and we’re going to see mass protests in the NFL. Ditka isn’t impressed.

“If you can’t respect our national anthem, get the hell out of the country. That’s the way I feel. Of course, I’m old fashioned. So, I’m only going to say what I feel. I think there’s a way you protest and there’s a way you don’t protest,” the former Chicago Bears coach told TMZ during a recent interview.

Watch his full comments below.

How long before Ditka gets canceled for these comments? I have a feeling we can set our watches to him getting canceled.

I’m also not surprised at all that Mike Ditka is keeping things blunt. The dude is notorious for never filtering his thoughts.

He isn’t a fan of national anthem protests, and he wants you to get out of America if you don’t respect the flag.

It truly is a shame that we’ve allowed sports to become so political. I miss the days when we could just enjoy the games and cheer for great competition.

Now everything has to be political and everything has to be about debates. We should return to the days of just playing the game and uniting around something.

What’s really tragic is the fact that even children’s sports have become an outlet for this social justice nonsense. Yes, that’s right, folks. Your kids are being indoctrinated with Marxism and racial division not only in public schools, but now out on the soccer field, the baseball diamond, and the basketball court.

There’s little doubt folks are going to be livid once Ditka’s comments go viral. The usual mob will come out of the woodwork — or their mom’s basement — and demand that Ditka be “cancelled,” whatever that means, and outrage will gush forward.

At the end of the day though, will it really matter? Ditka spoke the truth and stood boldly for pro-American values and principles, most of which still resonate with the average American citizen. Perhaps the movement to “cancel” cancel culture will end up gaining a few more important voices out of this?

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  1. The effort is not to deny the athletes their freedoms. The point is to suggest that their ingratitude might be offensive and inappropriate on the field of play. Many have served and/or died to grant them their right to be rude and ill mannered. Many are repelled by their actions and less likely to enjoy the game. Some would stop watching them earn the “big bucks.” A lot of us would suggest that they play in some other country. We won’t miss them at all.

  2. Amen, but you did forget we are but one language: English and we are one nationality, American.
    Roosevelt had it right so long ago!!! Hmm!

  3. Coach Mike Ditka
    Thank you for standing up for values this Country was built on. People make a lot of money and success in USA , If they don’t like this Country find another and see how long they will stay, and beg to come back to USA, when they lose there freedom and the Government decides how much they will pay you.

  4. Richard Michael, the issue here that Mike Ditka is commenting on is not that athletes should be prohibited from expressing their opinions, they can certainly do this with a personal website. The issue is that the athletic field, when our National Anthem is being played, is not the place to voice your dissatisfaction with the United States and what it stands for; one of those things being is that it provides a venue for free speech, many countries do not give you this freedom. It also honors men and women who have given their service, and in many cases, their lives for us. I wonder: When was the last time you visited a military hospital, spoke to a limbless veteran, or voiced the Pledge of Allegiance. Michael, have you served in the military? You should thank your lucky stars that you do not live in North Korea, China, or Iran. In fact, I am sure many Americans would be happy to fund your one way ticket to any of those countries.

  5. These over paid clowns have a wonderful chance to earn good money by plying their trade. They need to remember they are in the entertainment industry and not really necessary when they stray from their forte.

  6. Agree with Mike I’m on board, these people have betrayed our country and should leave this is not what is meant by free speech.

    • I will speak up as well, you have a right to your opinion and the players have a right to protest by kneeling. Do you want to take their free speech away?


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