Must Read: Fresno County Sheriff Scorches Gov. Newsom Over Stay-At-Home Order With Scathing Rebuke About Freeing Criminals

(Liberty Bell) – Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims absolutely destroyed California Gov. Gavin Newsom by stating that she wasn’t going to be enforcing his stay-at-home order because she’s too busy re-arresting criminals the state released back on to the street where they can wreak havoc on the citizenry.

The prisoners are being released under Newsom’s new “zero-dollar bail” policy, which is allowing criminals back on the street who clearly have no intention of behaving themselves during this crazy lockdown stuff, thus giving Mims and her deputies plenty of work to do.

An interesting side note to consider is whether or not keeping the prison population safe from the spread of the coronavirus really the motivation for radicals within the California government, or is there something else at play here? Could it be a political scheme? Release these prisoners and eventually grant the ones convicted of felonies the reinstated right to vote, hoping they will jump on board with the Democratic Party?

Who knows, but it wouldn’t surprise me. Would it you?

Here’s more on Mims from Breitbart:

Mims appeared on the Trevor Carey Show, discussing the challenges facing law enforcement during the coronavirus pandemic, as well as the economic hardship. She pointed out that government employees were also vulnerable to the economic damage, because the decline in tax revenues meant that state and local governments would cut services.

Carey asked her: “I’ve heard multiple sheriffs around the nation state they will not enforce their governors’ shelter-in-place orders. Is that your position?

“That is my position. We do not stop the public to find out what they’re doing when they’re not sheltering in place. We don’t ask those questions, we don’t ask if they’re ‘essential’. We’ve got our hands full trying to re-arrest people that are released due to zero-dollar bail. So we’ve got other things that are on our mind that are more important than stopping normally law-abiding citizens.”

You can listen to the show here:

Fresno County is the fifth-largest in the state and is essentially the center piece for the agricultural Central Valley. As of Wednesday of this week, the county has officially recorded 1,014 cases of COVID-19 and 13 deaths from the illness.

The state government adopted the zero-dollar bail bill after advocates of criminal justice reform made the argument that cash bail is “discriminatory.” Say, what exactly isn’t “discriminatory” these days? Every time someone seems to fart and cough the liberals are there to claim that individual is racist over something.

Prisoners shouldn’t be sent back out on the street for any purpose at all. There are better ways to protect those who are in prison from coronavirus than to just let them back out on the streets where they will likely commit more crimes and put the safety of others in danger.

There has to be a political agenda attached to a decision like this. Criminal offenders are usually repeat offenders. And just because someone is in prison for a non-violent crime doesn’t mean they aren’t a violent offender or that they don’t have the potential to be one.

Here’s to hoping Sheriff Mims sticks to her word and ignores the silly stay-at-home order and keeps doing her job to serve and protect.



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