Must Read: Archbishop Vigano Issues Grave Warning Of “Irreparable Disaster” With Biden Presidency

(Liberty Bell) – Former chief strategist for President Trump, Steve Bannon, has just recently an extraordinary interview he did with Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano.

The interview serves as a grave reminder that the Deep State is not just an American threat but a global one and that it has been going on for decades. Vigano also points out that there isn’t just a Deep State but also a Deep Church and it’s currently being headed by Pope Francis I, or, as the Archbishop calls him, Bergoglio.

During the interview, Archbishop Vigano asserts that the Global Deep State serves only the interests of China and that China wishes to do away with all religion except for, of course, the state religion.

He claims that Pope Francis is subservient to the globalist Deep State agenda and that he actively supports the election of Joe Biden.

He says that Pope Francis is betraying the “mission of the Church of Christ” and acting complicit with China as they attempt to root out Catholics and institute Maoist state religion.

The Archbishop says that President Trump is fighting against that with “decisive courage.”

He issued a grave warning that it would be “an irreparable disaster if Joe Biden, who is heavily suspected of being complicit with the Chinese dictatorship, would be designated as President of the United States.”

While President Trump and his administration have fought against China for being major violators of human rights and attempting to overtake foreign economic markets, the Deep State has been working to secure China’s success.

Joe Biden will be the CCP President of the United States.

The Archbishop explained that the fight to protect America’s election is about so much more than what meets the eye. It is truly a battle of good versus evil and in order for people to see that they have to consider exactly who President Trump is up against.

He says people must consider Biden’s “numerous ties to China, the deep state and the advocates of globalist ideology.” He went on to say that he believes it is Biden’s intention to keep us all masked and that Biden is nothing more than a “puppet in the hands of the elite” and will be replaced with Kamala Harris when they see fit.

He also stressed that the winner of the election must be “guaranteed in its absolute legal legitimacy” and that all of the fraud and corruption suspicions and allegations must be either proven or disproven so that there can be trust that whoever is President is rightfully President.

“A President who is simply proclaimed as such by the mainstream media affiliated with the deep state would be deprived of all legitimacy and would expose the nation to dangerous foreign interference, as has already been shown to have happened in the current election.”

He further went on to say that Pope Francis is actively fighting against President Trump as he views Trump to be “his principal adversary” and the main “obstacle that needs to be removed so that the Great Reset can be put in motion.”

He called on American politicians to become “champions of the Truth” in regards to exposing the corruption of the 2020 presidential election.

Indeed, if Joe Biden manages to steal the 2020 election and usurp the White House, we are all going to be that much closer to the Great Reset and the end of life as we know it. This is no joke. This is not a drill.

A Joe Biden presidency would absolutely be an irreparable disaster and one that can only be prevented here and now. Should Congress fail to be champions of the truth and allow this scam to continue, America and the world will be in big trouble.

There are powers at war that we can’t see with our naked eyes. This is very much a battle between good and evil and if men do not stand up for what is good and right now, evil will surely prevail.

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  1. How can any person who believes in abortion be a Catholic? Joe Biden believes strongly in abortion and should be excommunicated from the church. P

  2. I so so agree !!! If Biden takes office I feel the results will be terrible. Sadly, the foolish who believed his promises of FREE will be the least able to survive with the SHTF.. They are so accustomed to being directed and taken care of, they will be lost when the food shortages hit and the free stuff is a thing of the past !!!! It will be tough but us old folks will have a better chance of survival.. I just hope there are enough of us left to try to rebuild to any extent

  3. We are in a very sad state. I’m worried about America. Let’s all pray that the defenders will keep pushing for the right thing for America, and expose what is happening. If you don’t like your freedom, rights, and the wonderful way of American life then MOVE to another country. Thank you

  4. believe it or not, Christians and Patriots, y’all are prospectively looking at the beginning of the “Global Tribulation” if we as people of GOD do NOT wake up, put on “our big boy pants” and fight back literally and SPIRITUALLY… JESUS’ Name…amen…JMJ

  5. I knew back in 2008 that Obama and his administration were Communist deep state operatives. Im wondering when some of the pathetically stupid people in this country are going to figure this out and stop voting for these fools.

    • I think they’ll start in about 4 years. 4 years too late. I’ll continue to rub their noses in it as I have for many years now.

    • trouble is John, there is no cure for stupidity, and they cannot be awakened as they are in a deep leftist coma.

  6. Truer words could not be better stated. The entire world is in grave danger if we fail to return Mr. Trump to the Presidency.


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