MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Goes Off The Rails About GOP ‘Radicalizing Against Democracy’ In Insane Rant

(Liberty Bell) – You would think now that Donald Trump is no longer the president and that the new Democratic Party messiah, Joe Biden, is sitting in the White House, having undone the majority of what Trump accomplished during his time in office with executive orders, that the left would be thrilled, absolutely tickled pink, and maybe, just maybe, a lot less hostile.

That’s what you’d think. But you would be wrong. Totally, utterly, absolutely wrong.

In fact, according to BizPacReview, it seems that liberals, forever desperate to stir up fear among the American people, have created a new villain in their “crusade” against injustice. Who have they set their sights on now you ask? The whole Republican Party.

For example, the mainstream media worked very hard last week to craft a narrative to try and link the entire GOP with the QAnon movement. This particular group of individuals are most famous for their belief in a secret cabal of Satan-worshipping cannibal pedophiles who have infiltrated every major part of our society.

Not here to judge whether or not someone believes that, but that’s what they are famous — or infamous — for holding to. And the media has had a field day trying to tie everyone who claims to be a conservative to this movement.

The big thing now, the new boogeyman in the closet for the ever fearful radical left, is that Republicans are working to undermine “our democracy,” which is codespeak for mob rule. We are not a democracy people. We are a democratic republic. Huge difference.

With the entire progressive movement trying to punish former President Donald Trump by impeaching him a second time, while he’s not even an active president, MSNBC host Chris Hayes published an op-ed in The Atlantic, criticizing the GOP for “radicalizing against democracy.”

“The Republican Party is radicalizing against democracy. This is the central political fact of our moment,” Hayes says in his piece. “Instead of organizing its coalition around shared policy goals, the GOP has chosen to emphasize hatred and fear of its political opponents, who — they warn — will destroy their supporters and the country.”

Hayes went on to try and paint a picture of the Republican Party as a fringe group that is the minority in American politics, doing his best to link them with violent extremists who took over the U.S. Capitol on January 6th. He said that the party is willing to “engage in violence” to stay in power.

This coming from a guy who belongs to a political party that has refused to condemn violent rioters and looters in both Black Lives Matter and Antifa. Real rich to hear him saying that conservatives are willing to do violence to stay in power. If that were the case, would Joe Biden be president? Think about it.

“And so the Biden era of American politics is shaping up as a contest between the growing ideological hegemony of liberalism, and the intensifying opposition of a political minority that has proved willing to engage in violence in order to hold on to power,” Hayes wrote. “This fight isn’t ultimately about policy, where the gaps are narrowing. It’s about whether the United States will live up to the promise of democracy — and on that crucial question, we’ve rarely been so divided.”

Hayes then railed against the Electoral College and the Constitution, which isn’t surprising given his progressive ideology, stating that these two things are all that keeps the GOP competitive. Gee, you know, it’s hard to understand why that might be. Could it have something to do with the fact that folks in America still treasure freedom and liberty?

“The Constitution puts a wind at the backs of Republicans and makes them more competitive than they would be otherwise,” the MSNBC host suggested.

He then went on to say that “MAGAism is best understood as being about not any particular agenda so much as the question of who gets to rule.” And went on to conclude, “the fight to democratize political power is precisely what is most necessary.”

Apparently, Hayes has no idea why the Electoral College actually exists. Without this institution, mob rule would prevail, which means that big cities would effectively control the future of the country and those in rural areas, which make up the vast majority of the country, would be left without a voice or a say in who is governing the nation.

The Electoral College, set forth by the Constitution, protects the voices of the regular people in the much neglected “flyover country” part of our nation. These are the people the left wants to pretend don’t exist.

But we do. And The Constitution is there to make sure that our voices count too.

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  1. Isn’t it really the Democrats who are the real threat to democracy?
    Marxist George Soros contributes millions to the Democrat Party through his numerous shell companies so his name isn’t associated with it. It’s the Dems who ban books, movies, change the names of streets and lakes, tear down statues, prevent conservatives from speaking at colleges, and the list goes on and all because someone is , or maybe offended. There is NO Constitutional right to NOT BE OFFENDED ! Dems want full control on the results of any and all ‘free’ elections. Dems want to tell us where to live, what to eat, what vehicles to drive, they want our weapons, and they want us to accept government as the true God. The list of what they want to control or take from us is endless. And they have the guts to say Republicans are the real threat to Democracy!?! Must we all be forced to wear Chairman Mao jackets before their loyal voters see what has happened?

  2. The Patriot Party is turning out to be a good idea! We need a Constitutional Party that Serves Citizens, not imported migration like Biden( O’Bideama)is doing right now. Mr. Biden doesn’t have enough vaccines for its citizens, yet is importing illegals into the Country, where they will receive vaccinations right away. I’m 74 and my healthcare provider (a member since 1970) has stated that they are NOT receiving sufficient vaccinations for the proposed protocol of first responders, the elderly, etc. and isn’t expecting sufficient doses until late April. What happened to vaccinate the elderly first, over illegals and terrorists ? A vote for Biden was a vote for Socialism, you voted Biden, Own it, traitors

  3. Wow. Turning truth into lies, and vice versa…reminds me of – who? The creature who famously asked: “He (meaning G-d) really didn’t say don’t eat of the fruit, did HE?” Coincidentally (!) the Dems are almost exactly mirroring what that creature did – and which my Bible, at least, calls out as evil for saying what is bad is good, what is good is not…more to come.


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