More Than 1.1 Million Attended President Trump’s Rallies Since Labor Day – Not a Single Window Broken, Policeman Attacked or Attendee Killed – Clearly Trump Wasn’t Behind Violence at the Capitol

(Liberty Bell) – As soon as the siege on Capitol Hill occurred, liberals in Congress and the mainstream media immediately began to blame the entire incident on President Donald Trump, claiming that his rhetoric over the last few months about how the 2020 presidential election was stolen from him whipped people into an angry frenzy and culminated in this act of violence.

However, as Gateway Pundit notes, the president has held over 80 rallies between Labor Day and the day of the 2020 election. And during these events, which all drew large crowds, there wasn’t a single window broken, cop assaulted, or person killed. The overwhelming majority of events since the very beginning of the Trump administration have been peaceful.

How, then, if every event has been free of incident, can liberals actually justify blaming President Trump for the actions of a few crazed radicals? Can he really be held accountable for the actions of a few? If that’s the case, why aren’t the folks who make super violent movies held responsible for every school shooting?

According to calculations done by the staff of Gateway Pundit, there was a total of 86 rallies held between Labor Day and the presidential election. Trump spoke to over 1.1 million people during this time period.

During these numerous events, with over a million people attending them, there wasn’t a single instance of serious violence. Nothing. You didn’t see any rioting. No looting of local businesses. No burning down of entire neighborhoods.

Nothing. Just patriots showing up to support their president and show the world they value freedom. That’s it.

Now, let’s take a look at what Democrats did last summer concerning the Black Lives Matter protests. Both BLM and Antifa ended up causing billions of dollars in damages to communities across the country. Oh and let’s not forget the people that were murdered at these events too. How did Democrats respond? They raise money to bail these criminals out of jail.

And yes, despite the failure of the mainstream media to report on it, Antifa thugs were indeed in attendance at the U.S. Capitol event. The likelihood that Trump supporters actually carried out this attack is getting slimmer by the day. There’s no doubt that Antifa played some kind of a role in this incident.

The leftist media is once again trying to put the blame on God-fearing American patriots because they are desperate to make them the villains of this story. Let’s not allow that to happen. Share the truth.

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  1. Numerous riots, described as peaceful protests in which BLM participated, lasted days. At what point does it no longer fit the description as spontaneous? Day 2?, 3? week 2? During those events both private and public property were destroyed and the rioting condoned by Democrat leaders, one even suggested there should be more uprisings. Trying to legitimize rioting and destruction of private and public property by calling it spontaneous seems misguided. Attack of Capitol was disgusting. Attack on court houses and police departments during riots in other US cities was disgusting. Assassination of police offices was disgusting. Rioting is rioting, not justifiable by any means if everyone takes off their rose colored glasses and cloak of ideologies. An ace is an ace, a spade is a spade.

  2. Agree that some, like the unfortunate woman, Ashli Babbitt who paid the ultimate price for her participation in the Capitol Bldg. riot may well have gotten “caught up in it,” but the thousands outside, those who marched to the Capitol AFTER the riot had begun along with Pres. Trump, thosee people were not there to riot and destroy. That is the MO of the Left. Am hoping against hope that the MSM will not be able to cover up the fact that this was a LEFTIST, pre-planned riot, instigated to ruin the President and his supporters. After no one seemed to be interested enough in election fraud to do anything about it, am not holding my breath….

  3. Rioting is rioting no matter how someone spins it or justifies it in their mind or to others.

    Merriam-Webster Dictionary definition of insurrection: noun: an act or instance of revolting against civil authority or an established government.

    BLM riots and destruction caused seems to fit same definition that is now routinely used to event in DC. If you actually read what both Republicans and Democrats said prior to event they are all culpable if using same criteria now being applied to what President Trump said. Includes Ms Pelosi’s and Ms Harris concerning uprisings and unrest and the continuation of both.

  4. This article compares legitimate outrage with the planned attempt to undermine the democracy we have built with deliberate lies and violent action. No one condones the fringe violence of a few at BLM events, but it should not be confused with the attempt to steal the legitimate election of Biden by the main stream of the Republican party. The threat that these Senators and Representatives represent to our democratic traditions is horrifying. They are seditious criminals.

    • “Steal the legitimate election of Biden?!?” What the foo have you been ingesting!? Since when is an election “legitimate” with as much funny business as this one – disappearing and re-appearing ballots, switching vote counts, mysterious trucks backing up with boxes and boxes full of ballots – 90% plus for BIDEN, statistically impossible, vote that rises for Mr. Trump, then magically switches – exactly the same count rises for BIDEN, oh, and most of this in Democrat-controlled swing states. IF you think this past election was “legitimate,” you got some ‘splaining to do. Am not buying it. Also, while there may well be SOME BLM members who think they’re fighting racism (and won’t deny that it exists) but the Marxist-controlled mindset of their manifesto cannot be denied. They, along with Antifa, are determined to DESTROY the beautiful democratic Republic America has been, turn it into a Chinese-run gulag instead. And make no mistake, anyone who thinks Biden won “legitimately” is part of the problem…

  5. Because this time, the off-going, one-term President deliberately, consciously, with malice and forethought, incited the crowd!
    What happened with Black Lives Matter was a spontaneous outpouring of rage at the brutal murder of George Floyd. I saw lots of property destruction in the downtown of the city I live near. The attack on the Capitol was clearly cold-blooded and planned, with members of Congress having invited groups into the Capitol to conduct reconnaissance the day before the attack.
    BIG distinction between the two groups!

    • Again, if you see BLM as a “spontaneous outpouring of rage” you are smoking too much crack. BLM is a very organized, Marxist-oriented organization whose goal is to destroy the democratic Republic that is America, make no mistake. The “cold-blooded” destruction should be credited to the right people – BLM, Antifa, any other LEFTIST group. Read the article. Those thugs in the midst of the riot were NOT Trump supporters. Never, ever have any brought the paraphenalia to a “protest” like this one. When/if the truth comes out, that it was pre-planned by LEFTIST who wanted to ruin President Trump, smear his supporters, you and others who are, apparently OK with real destruction of property, lives as with the riots instigated and carried out by the likes of BLM and Antifa – until they come for YOU!

  6. I must agree on this. While I understand that some people may have gotten caught up in the moment, I also believe that the impetus that got things going likely lies with some degree of infiltration by fringe groups. Keep in mind that Trump’s detractors also knew that this rally was in the works. You know, opportunists!
    I’m sure that it won’t take them long to tear down the house that Trump built, and it’ll be up to us to rebuild it!


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