More Evidence Of Plot Against Trump Surfaces; Look What FBI Did During First Counterintelligence Briefing

(Liberty Bell) – Ladies and gentlemen, we are living in truly historic times. I’m not just talking about all of the madness with coronavirus or the Black Lives Matter chaos spreading across America. No, I’m referring to the fact that we have actual, tangible proof that there is a shadowy type of organization within our government, the Deep State, actively working to oppose President Trump and his agenda, having plotted against him becoming the president since the beginning of his campaign.

And the more time passes, the more information and evidence we have to verify this is indeed the case. It’s simply stunning. The conspiracy theorists don’t look so wacky now, do they? Perhaps we ought to give more critical thought to some of the things underground individuals purpose about the goings on of our government?

New information has surfaced that shows the FBI was secretly inserted into Donald Trump’s first counterintelligence briefing in August 2016. The reason? To collect evidence that Trump was colluding with Russia. The FBI recorded specific questions that then candidate Trump was asking intelligence officials and keeping an eye on national security adviser Michael Flynn.

Here’s more via Just The News:

“Trump asked the following question, ‘Joe, are the Russians bad? Because they have more numbers are they worse than the Chinese?'” Agent Joseph Pientka wrote in his summary memo of the briefing with then-candidate Trump. “Writer responded by saying both countries are bad. The numbers of IOs present in the U.S. is not an indicator of the severity of the threat. Writer reminded Trump the Chinese asymmetrical presence in the U.S.”

The extraordinary notes confirm information first divulged last December by the Justice Department inspector general that the Comey FBI used the August 2016 briefing as a way of sizing up then-candidate Trump and Flynn in the Russia case and gathering evidence against them.

Memos associated with the meeting show since-fired Agent Peter Strzok and departed FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith were involved in approving the effort by Pientka to use the briefing as an investigative tool instead of just an educational baseline intelligence meeting. Clinesmith was accused in the IG report of altering a key document in the Russia case and has left the bureau, though he has not been charged with wrongdoing.

Pientka’s summary memo of the briefing shows the extent to which the FBI was gathering or seeking evidence against Trump and Flynn and likely will bolster claims by Republicans that the bureau was “spying” on Trump when it should have been giving the future president a defensive briefing about Russians seeking influence in the United States.

Folks, the radical left recognized Trump as a problem for them from the get-go. Why? For starters, Trump is a political outsider. He’s a billionaire with all of the money he could ever want or need. A man like this is dangerous because he likely cannot be bought. Trump is a man that is known for speaking brutal truth and who actually follows through on what he says he’s going to do.

When Trump threatened to destroy Obamacare, which is part of the infrastructure that the left put in place to help switch our nation over to single-payer full government health care and thus usher in a new era of socialism, they knew he’d do it. His being elected president would mean a huge hiccup in their plans.

So they started working toward taking him down, before he even got into the White House.

Some of the observations recorded in the memo seemed to be of little or no investigative value. For instance, after Pientka discussed a matter involving signal intelligence, he recorded verbatim Flynn’s response and Trump’s mention of his youngest son.

“At this time, Flynn interjected, ‘I did SIGINT.’ Writer responded that he could then appreciate what our country can do technically to exploit a Tier 1 target and we must extrapolate a Foreign Intelligence Service could do the same to us. Trump then stated, ‘Yes I understand it’s a dark time. Nothing is safe on computers anymore,'” the memo stated.

“‘My son is ten years old. He has a computer and we put a codeword on it. Within ten minutes he broke the codeword and we needed to put another one on the computer. Kids are genius,'” the memo quoted Trump as saying.

How much more evidence do folks need to see before they begin to realize the true depth of the importance of the 2016 election and by extension this one in 2020?

It’s critical that Trump get reelected. The left is scared to death of him, and that’s a good thing.



  1. There are more but in Our Republican wings also. Our Conservatives are tight with Trump. But Moderates / Rinos are seeing their cash cow being dissolved. You see it when some new sanction goes on China. Republicans along with the Filthy Liberals wince, then speak out against Trump fighting back against China. Keep draining Swamp!! Senator McCain, before his death, let the Cat Out of the Bag! was So upset that Trump going to upset this System that we have built. Why did Romney run for Senate, Harry Reid, Biden, Obama, they all see it and want it and got it, or getting it now. Obama 15 Million house paid for by Solendra. Bidens whole family, Ukraine,China

  2. Investigate all of them as they are doing to or President! Let justice be done. Let the American People see who they were thinking about voting for.

  3. The sad thing about all of this is that those who perpetrated it all somehow think they will be part of the elite society after America falls to Socialism. They have money and power now, and they think it will last. It has never worked anywhere on earth in the past, and there are still good examples around today; but they refuse to believe or acknowledge the failings of Socialism.
    Hitlery-ites and Obumites.
    Now they’re Obidenites.
    “Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish he eats for life.”
    “Socialism is nice, until you run out of everyone else’s money.”
    The AOC and “squad” want socialism, but can’t talk about where they’ll get the money. It ALWAYS comes from confiscation. Raised taxes until you have nothing left, or just steal what’s in the bank outright (like Maduro did in Venezuela).
    Venezuela is a fine example of what a lazy populous can do to a country. They voted for Socialism because it sounded so nice. Now they’re starving. Maduro stole all the state’s money and ran it’s oil business into the ground; living the high-life in Miami, eating steaks and champagne for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He’s too afraid of this own people to actually live in Venezuela. It’s part of why he confiscated all firearms . . .
    We have politicians who resemble Maduro . . .

  4. Biden is the Trojan Horse for Democrat socialism agenda for America! Dems knew they could not accomplish their socialist agenda with well-known radical Bernie so in comes the Trojan Horse!

  5. Mrs. Clinton went to Eastern European countr(ies) on July 4th 1996 to work(give a speech). Hence I went for Trump after receiving a phone call, telling me that Clinton will make abortion, legal!

  6. Dirty F.B.I. Don’t know if I would Trust them ever again ! But I do know their are some good men & women in that Department. SAD

  7. The most important action to be taken is to bring these perpetrators and treason actors to justice and STOP ALL THE FALLOUT that has taken place because of the coup. The media must be instructed to STOP the lies that were proven and to report that this went on. His administration has been horribly harmed. Can you imagine what his ratings would be if the media had been truthful even now? This all sedition/treason which has been set up to destroy this country and take over this country by the socialists/communists.


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